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Notes for Jane Colston Moore
Tennessee's Second Surveyors District
Early Survey Recordings Abstracts, 1808-1809
1118 COLSON, David 100 ___ Waters of Hickory C FS5 08 Jul 1808 CC Thos May, Alexr Pareman. Tract near S5 R9
1209 BRAWLEY, Walter 2950 Warren Co. East Boundary of 2nd District FS5 R9 28 Oct 1808 CC Wm May, David Colson.

Combined information from and
COLSON, William - Montgomery County
COLLESON, James, Grainger County
COLLISON, Jonathan, Grainger County
COLLISON, Jonathan, Sr, Grainger County
COULSON, Elijah, Greene County
COULSON, John, Greene County
COLLISON, James, Grainger County
COULSON, Isaac, White County
COLSTON, Elijah, Greene County
COLSTON, Thomas, Greene County
COLSTON, Thomas, Jr., Greene County
COLESON, David, Warren County
COLESON, David, White County
COULSTON, John, Greene County
COLSTON, Thomas, Greene County
COLISON, Enoch, Warren County
COLESON, Enoch, Washington County
COLSTON, Samuel, Warren County
COLSTON, Samuel, Washington County
COULSON, Isaac, White County

Jane was born about 1814 or 1815 in TN. On 3 later census records her age ends in 5 or 6. Only in 1 does it end in 0, when she was marked in 1880 as being age 60.

1820 - The possible matches that came up on an index search on are a David Colson in Warren Co., TN ,with 3 females under 10 and a John Coalson in White Co. TN with 2 females under age 10.

1820 - 1st column second section is for females under 10
COLSON, David, Warren County, page 08; 330001-30010
COALSON, John, White County, page 358; 200010-20010
COLESTON, David, Wayne County; page 292; 211201-00010
Applicant Entry No. Date Survey Book Page Acres
Colston, David 395 1824 1824 1 22 75

1830 - If later census records are correct, Jane should be age 15 or 16. The 4th column 2nd section is for females age 15-19. has a daughter age 15-19. Colston & Colson (both soundexed) households that come up on the index on www.ancestrycom that have a daughter age 15-19 are J. A. Coulston, Carroll Co; Samuel Collison, Grainger Co; Susannah Colston, Overton Co and Isaac Coulson, White Co. If the census taker mistakenly marked her in column 3 (females age 10-14), additional possible households are John Coulston, Blount Co; Thomas Coleson, Greene Co; Joseph & William Colson, Stewart Co & David Coulson in Warren Co. with additions by Kari Northup from index
COULSTON, John, Blount County, page 253; 1001100100000-1010100100000-0
COULSTON, J. A., Carroll County, page 161; 0000100000000-1001000000000-0
COLLISON, Samuel, Grainger Co., page 393; 0111001000000-2101010000000-0
COLESON, Elijah, Greene County; page 211; 0000010000000-0000100010000-3
COLESON, Thomas, Greene County, page 210; 0000000001000-0110100000000-4
COLSTON, Allen, Overton County, page 174; 1000100000000-1100100000000-0
COLSTON, John, Overton County, page 180; 0000100000000-0000100000000-2
COLSTON, Susanna, Overton County, page 179; 0011100000000-1011101000000-8
COLSON, Joseph, Stewart County, page 233; 0001000010000-0010010010000-5
COLSON, William, Stewart County, page 233; 1101010000000-1010100000000-7
COULSTON, Charles, Warren County, page 337; 0200010000000-0100010000000-0
COULSON, David, Warren County, page 336; 0012100100000-0110000100000-0
COALSON, Henry, Wayne County, page 303; 0011100010000-1000000100000-0
COULSON, Isaac, White County, page 038; 1111300100000-0111001000000-0

Abt 1835 - Jane married William Moore in TN

July 06, 1836 - daughter Lucinda born
February 12, 1838 - son John born
Abt 1839 - daughter Olly Jane born

1840 census for William Moore should be:
William Moore, Grainger Co., TN (this is the only William Moore in 1840 that is exact match for what the numbers in this family should be)
1 male 20-30 (William, age 25)
1 male under 5 (John, age 2)
1 female 20-30 (Jane, age 25 or 26)
2 females under 5 (Lucinda, age 4 & Olly Jane, age 1)

Other possible if there was census error in children's ages:
William Moore, White Co., TN
1 male 20-30 (William, age 25)
1 male under 5 (John, age 2)
1 female 20-30 (Jane, age 25 or 26)
1 female 5-10 (Lucinda, age 4??)
1 female under 5 (Olly Jane, age 1)

COLSON, Allen, Overton County, page 014; 1010010000000-2230010000000-0
COLSON, Nathaniel, Marion County, page 261; 0210101000000-3100010000000-0
COLSON, Susannah, Overton County, page 046; 0000100000000-0001000100000-0
COLSON, William K., Stewart County, page 339; 0111001000000-2110010000000-0
COLSTON, Elijah, Greene County, page 054; 0100000100000-0210001000000-0
COLSTON, James, Blount County, page 076
COLSTON, James, Overton County, page 046; 2000100000000-0000100000000-0
COLSTON, William, Greene County, page 055; 1000100000000-0000200000000-0
COLESON, Jessee, Claiborne County, page 226; 1102000010000-0020001000000-0
COULSON, William, Jefferson County, page 301
COLSIN, Hugh, Marion County, page 258; 2000100000000-1100100000000-0
COLESTON, Enoch, Warren County; 0000000100000-0001001000000-0

January 3, 1840 - VAN BUREN COUNTY was established from the lands of Bledsoe, Warren and White counties, and is located in Middle Tennessee.

August 12, 1841 - son Joseph born in Warren Co., Tennessee (info from signed affadavit Joseph submitted for his military pension file)
October 12, 1844 - daughter Mary Ann born
January 04, 1847 - daughter Rachel born

1850 census 2nd District, VanBuren Co, TN page 370
William Moore, age 35, b. TN
Jane, age 35, b. TN
Lucinda, age 14, b. TN
John, age 12, b. TN
Olly Jane, age 11, b. TN
Joel, age 9, b. TN
Maryann, age 6, b. TN
Rachel, age 4, b. TN

1860 Census, Lawrence Co., Mo., Mt. Vernon Township
Household # 1239
William Moore, 45, farmer, born in Tenn.
Jane, age 46, Tenn
John, age 22, Tenn
Joel, age 19, Tenn
Mary Ann, age 16, Tenn
Rachel, age 13, Tenn
Martha E., age 9, Tenn
Nancy, age 7, Mo
Delia O., age 4, Mo
Thomas Holley, age 22, Tenn (Thomas Hollingsworth, who married Mary Ann Moore)
Samuel Moore, age 29, Tenn.

1870 Mt. Vernon Twp., Lawrence Co., MO, pages 19 & 20
Household #126
Joseph Moore, age 26, b. TN, farmer
Nancy, age 25, b. TN, keeping house
Sarah J., age 7, b. MO
William, age 4, b. MO
Clementine, age 1, b. MO
Household #127
William Moore, age 55, b. TN, retired farmer
Jane, age 55. b. NC, keeping house
Martha, age 18, b. TN
Delia, age 14, b. MO
Jane McKey, age 30, b. TN, keeping house
Mary E. McKey, age 6, b. MO

1880 United States Census Center, Greene, Missouri Page Number 178D
M. M. HOOD Self M Male W 30 KY Farmer TN TN (Marion)
M. HOOD Wife M Female W 28 TN Keeps House TN TN (Martha)
W. T. HOOD Son S Male W 9M MO KY TN (William)
V. MOORE MotherL W Female W 60 TN --- --- (V. Jane Colston Moore)

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Subject: Death of V. (Virginia?) Jane "Jennie" (Colston) Moore

Hi Kari, Joan, Edsel, Suz, Dave, and Sam,

I hope that it is okay that I emailed everyone at once. And I hope that your email addresses are all still valid. I thought I had passed along to some about finding a probable report of the death of Jane / Jennie / Virginia Colston Moore, but perhaps I intended to do so and didn't. Jennie and Jane were both nicknames for Virginia, but her name may also have been Virginia Jane.

Anyway, I have been researching Baptists in southwest Missouri and purchased microfilm of the minutes of the Lawrence County Baptist Association. As I was reading them I noticed the reports of the obituaries committee over the years. I also purchased the minutes of the Dade County and Greene County Baptist Associations because some Lawrence County churches were in those associations sometimes and many men who preached in Lawrence County churches also preached in Dade and Greene. I was also interested in checking the obituary reports for Greene county because since D. D. and Rachel (Moore) Redfearn are buried at Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery, I thought the family, including Jane / Jennie / V. Moore, might have attended there or some other Greene County Baptist church. William and Jane Moore and at least one daughter, whom I believe may have been Mary Ann "Polly" (Moore) Hollingsworth and/or Rachel (Moore) Simmons Redfearn, and maybe others were members of Sycamore Baptist Church in the 1860s. I have photocopies of the early minutes of this church which mentions those above.

The death record which I believe is Jane's is in the obituary list from the churches that were members of the Greene County Baptist Association. For each church, it gives the information which that church provided, which sometimes is only a count, but usually lists the name(s) of the person(s) from that church who died since the last annual meeting of the association, and sometimes the date of death and/or age. The church membership record usually gives an exact date of death because that is one way that a person is removed from the rolls. However, the church was closed many years ago -- at least 50 or 60, I believe -- and I have not been able to locate the church records. I also have to try to confirm that there was not anyone else living in that area with the name "Jennie Moore" at the time who might have been a member of the church.

Anyway, in the report of the Committee on Obituaries of the Associational minutes for 28 Sep 1887, which reports deaths since the last session of the Association (29 Sep 1886) among the members of those member churches who reported deaths, is the following:

Prospect -- S. F. Tyler, Wm. J. Melton, Jennie Moore.

I also checked all of the Moores in the 1880 Census of Greene County for Center Township (where Prospect is located) as well as Boone, Pond Creek, and Brookline, and did not find another Jennie Moore listed other than our V. {Virginia, Jennie, Jane) Moore in the Marion Madison Hood household.

Therefore, I believe that we can safely conclude that the "Jennie Moore" of Prospect Baptist Church listed in the report of the Obituary Committee, is in fact our common ancestor, Viginia (?) "Jennie" Jane (Colston) Moore and that she died sometime after (or on) 29 Sep 1886 and before 28 Sep 1887. It is a record of her death, though the date is not precise. It is a far narrower range of time than between the 1880 and 1900 censuses.

I think that it is likely that she was buried beside her husband William "Billie" Moore. If we only knew where he was buried.

I still don't have any information about when William Moore died except that it was between the 1870 census and the 1880 census. I was hoping that I might find his name in an obituary list of the Lawrence County (orignally James River) Baptist Association, but they didn't report obits the first three years, 1871-1873, and the minutes are missing for 1874 and 1876-80, so that eliminated most of the likely years. He was not listed in 1875. They moved their membership from Sycamore Baptist Church about 1868 as I remember, but I don't know what church they transferred to from there. I still might find them in some othere old Baptist church records in the area.

Incidentally, Prospect Baptist Church was last listed in the Greene County Baptist Association Minutes in 1945. But the last time they file an annual report was 1938 and at that time the Church Clerk was listed as Ethel Thiemer. The only Ethel Thiemer that I find in that area was Dave's grandmother. Though she was only 18 at the time, she may have been more educated than many and able to write the minutes. So, David, do you or any of your family know if any of your relatives might have the old records of Prospect Baptist Church or might know who does. Often the Church Clerk kept the records at home. Of course, someone else in another famiily may have been church clerk after Ethel, in which case someone else may have them. Or they could have been lost or destroyed over the years.

Ross Cameron

April 18, 1919 - Death certificate Lucindy Jeffords (sister of Joseph Moore). Died in North Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO. She was widowed, age 83 years, 9 months, 3 days. Her parents are listed as William Moore, birthplace Don't Know and Lucinda Moore, birthplace Don't Know. Informant was Dave Jeffords, Lucinda's son. Cause of death was bronchial pneumonia. Doctor was S. M. Clark of Mt. Vernon, MO. Burial was April 10, 1919 at Summit Cemetery.

Oct 21, 1928 - Death Certificate of Martha Elizabeth Hood (sister of Joseph Moore). Place of death was Boone Twp., Greene Co., MO. She was age 79, widowed, Lists her parents names as Billie Moore, born in Lawrence Co., MO, and Jennie Colsteen (sp?), born in Lawrence Co., MO. Informant was Mrs. Newt Hood, who was Martha's daughter-in-law Mrs. Newt Hood. (Her maiden name was Eva Moore - I'm not sure if or how she is related to Martha & Joseph's Moore line.) Martha's cause of death was Bronchial Pneumonia. Certificate issued by J. G. Morrison of Ash Grove, MO. Burial was Oct 22, 1928 at John's Chapel.

Jan 26 1929 - Death Certificate of Mary Ann "Polly" Hollingsworth (sister of Joseph Moore). She was age 84 years, 3 months, 6 days. Died Jan 26, 1929 in 2nd Center, Greene Co., MO. Married, husband Thomas Hollingsworth (She actually was widowed -Thomas died in 1925.) Polly's parents are listed as Billie Moore, born Tenn, and Jennie Coston, born Tenn. Informant was Mrs. C.P. Hollingsworth. Cause of death was acute congestion of lungs and pulmonary edema, with contributory cause of chronic bronchitis. Doctor was Charles H. McHaffie of Ash Grove, MO. Burial 1-19-29 at John's Chapel.