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Notes for Emily C. "Emma" Kelley Swift

1860 census Boone Township, Greene Co., MO
Household #794
Alfred Kelly, age 49, Blacksmith, b. TN
Milley, age 42, b. SC
Martha J., age 15, b. MO
Manerva A., age 13, b. MO
Amanda L., age 7, b. MO
Emily C., age 6, b. MO
Elizabeth, age 4, b. MO
John Russell, age 23, carpenter, b. IL
D. B. Flint, age 30, carpenter, b. IL

1870 census Boone Township, Greene Co., MO
Household #97/98
Alfred M. Kelly, age 56, b. TN, Farmer
Milla, age 51, b. SC
Manda, age 18, b. MO
Emily C., age 16, b. MO
Elizabeth, age 14, b. MO
Household #98/99
James Swift, age 27, b. TN, Farmer
Martha J., age 26, b. MO, Keeping house
Alice, age 2, b. MO
Robert W., age 9/12, b. Sept. 1869, b. MO
Household #99/100
Leander Swift, age 24. b. TN, Farmer
Minerva, age 24, b. MO, Keeping house
Ida E., age 9/12, b. MO Sept. 1869.

1880 census Boone Twp., Greene Co., MO
Household #249/264
James Swift, age 36, Farmer, TN/SC/SC
Emma C., age 26, wife, keeping house, MO/TN/SC
Iva H., age 12, daughter, MO/TN/MO
Robert W., age 10, son, MO/TN/MO
Alfred T., age 8, son, MO/TN/MO
Emma B., age 6, daughter, MO/TN/MO
James F., age 5, son, MO/TN/MO
Manda F., age 4, daughter, MO/TN/MO
Willie Kelly, age 6, stepson, MO/TN/MO

June 9, 1891 Probate document of Millie Springfield Kelley:
We the undersigned respectfully represent to the ? Probate court that Millie Kelley departed this life on or about May 11, 1891, leaving property worth about $500. Her heirs are:
Levina Delzell, Emma Swift & Bettie Collins of Ash Grove, Missouri
Minerva Swift of Staley, Washington
Manda Tucker, Loco, Indian Territory
The children of Delia Phillips and John Kelley and Jane Swift, deceased
We respectfully ask your honor to appoint George H. Collins, husband of Bettie Collins, to administer upon the effects, waiving our respective claims to administer.

1900 census Township 3 South Range 5 West, Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma Page: 147
James Swift, head, July 1843, age 56, married 32 years, TN/NC/NC, farmer
Emma C., wife, March 1854, age 46, married 32 years, 6 births, 6 surviving children, MO/TN/SC
Delmer G., son, Sept 1880, age 19, MO/TN/MO
Mazie, daughter, Sept 1884, age 15, MO/TN/MO
Pearl M., daughter, May 1887, age 13, MO/TN/MO
Carl H., son, May 1890, age 10, MO/TN/MO
Jay K., son, Sept 1892, age 7, MO/TN/MO
Alma, daughter, Feb 1895, age 5, MO/TN/MO

1910 census Park Twp., Stephens Co., OK page 288B
Household #128/131
James Swift, head, age 66, 2nd marriage, married 30 yrs, TN/TN/TN, Farmer
Emma C. Swift, wife, age 56 1st marriage, md 30 yrs, 6 births, 6 surviving, MO/TN/SC
Carl H. Swift, son, 19 b. MO, Farmer
Jay K. Swift, son, age 17, b. MO
Alma H. Swift, daughter, age 15, b.MO
(James) Meredith Brown, grandson, age 6, b. OK

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From: Scott Brown <>
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Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2001 7:07 AM
Subject: Swift family genealogy

> Kari,
> I am fairly new to genealogy research but I noticed that as part of some research you had done (I forget which website I saw it on) you had found some history on James Swift and Martha Jane Kelley who were married and lived in Springfield, MO circa 1860's/1870's. I don't know if your family line runs through one of their 6 offspring or if you were just researching for research's sake. The reason I am writing is that after Martha Jane Kelley died in 1877 the information I have found shows that James Swift married her sister Emily (Emma) Caroline Kelley in 1879 and they subsequently went on to have 6 children (I believe).
> This is where I come into the equation. In researching my father's family (of which not alot seems to be known) I came across a 1910 census record from Oklahoma (Stephens County) which lists my grandfather James Meredith Brown as living in a household with James Swift-66 (said to have been born in TN with mother & father both being born in TN), Emma C. Swift-56 (said to have been born in MO, with mother from SC and father from TN). There are 4 children in the household; Carl H. Swift-son, 19 born in MO; Jay K. Swift-son, 17 born in MO; Alma H. Swift-daughter, 15 born in MO & (James) Meredith Brown-grandson, 6 born in Loco, OK. It is also listed that Emma is the mother of 6 living children.
> Based on this information (and I don't assume it is accurate) my best hypothesis is that Meredith is the son of a daughter of Emma and James - and since there are still 3 offspring unaccounted for I need to locate them for any kind of proof. Because you seemed to have done a fine job locating information on the offspring of James & Martha Swift I was wondering if you might be able to direct me to some of the resources you used since I have not had any luck thus far. I thought they might be a good starting point for attempting to research Emma's children.
> Thank you for your time and consideration -- any information is always welcomed.
> Scott Brown
> P.S. If you do have any information to provide me please "reply to all" so that I will get a copy of your message at home too.
> Oh yeah. Emma died 5/1/1912 in Loco, OK and James died 6/23/1923 in Loco, OK.

Swift, Emma C., wife of James, March 18 1854, May 1 1912
Swift, James, Ark. Cav., CW, Pvt Co. K 1 Regt, July 15 1843, June 23 1923
Swift, Carl H.: son of James & Emma, May 15, 1890, May 17 1912
Swift, Jay Kelley : son of James & Emma, OK Pvt Co F 111 Ammo Tennessee, Sept 6 1893, Aug 2 1966

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From: Scott Brown
To: Kari Northup
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 8:56 AM
Subject: Re: Swift family in Loco, OK

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I've been travelling quite a bit and have taken some vacation in the time since I received this. Anyway, all of your information has been very helpful and appreciated.

By the time I received your email I had already sent away (in June) for my Grandfather's SSN application and I finally received it last week. It appears that Pearl Marie Swift was my great Grandmother, but in trying to investigate her further I have determined that she did not die in Van Alstyne, TX in 1966 as previously reported (I got that info on from a source that has proven somewhat inaccurate). In speaking with the local genealogical society in Van Alstyne it appears that a woman named Pearl Brown did die there in 1966 but her age, birthdate, middle name, place of birth & spouse don't match -- which I took to be as fairly conclusive evidence that they are not the same person.

Right now I'm waiting for a copy of Pearl Swift's marriage certificate which I'm hoping will give me some information to help track down my great Grandfather (Benjamin Franklin Brown). I'm at a dead-end right now with Pearl Swift/Brown because I don't know when or where she died although I did find out from my father that his father (my grandfather) had 2 brothers and a sister, which I did not know previously.

I've been to Loco, OK and there is not much of anything there. I can't figure out why some portions of the Swift family (or anybody, for that matter) would have chosen to relocate there in the mid to late 1890's. James Swift would have been 50+ years old and with a family of 6 to 8 dependent children after having lived in Springfield, MO for what appears to be 35+ years or more -- it seems odd. The probate paper you sent me indicates that Amanda Tucker (who I'm assuming is his youngest daughter by his first marriage) already lived there at the time, which also leads me to wonder why she was there (although it appears she was about 16 years old and married at the time the probate paper was dated).

2 questions I have for you:

1) You wouldn't happen to know of any genealogy or online resources that might shed some light on reasons for migration to that area of Oklahoma at that time. It was still "Indian Territory" which, on the surface, seems like it might have been a deterant although maybe it was the promise of free land or something....who knows?

2) In all of your research into the Swifts/Kelleys circa 1860-1890 have you come across any pictures of these people?? I wouldn't expect that you would have any pictures of my ancestors, but if you had found pictures of some of your ancestors from that period it would give me reason to believe some might exist for mine and where I might go to find them.


Kari Northup wrote:

Saw this on the USGENWEB page for Stephens Co., OK. You may have it already. Swift, Emma C., wife of James, March 18 1854, May 1 1912Swift, James, Ark. Cav., CW, Pvt Co. K 1 Regt, July 15 1843, June 23 1923Swift, Carl H.: son of James & Emma, May 15, 1890, May 17 1912Swift, Jay Kelley : son of James & Emma, OK Pvt Co F 111 Ammo Tennessee, Sept 6 1893, Aug 2 1966 Brown, Aley, 1886-1961Brown, Henry J., 1894-no date Do you know if James Meredith Brown had a Social Security Number? If he did you can order the SS5 - the form he filled out to apply for his SSN. On it he will have written himself what his parents' names were. The SS5 used to only cost $7 but I think they have jumped up to $27 now. But it may be worth the money to you to see who his parents were - plus it will a record for you to have that he filled out himself, have his signature, etc. Also since James Swift was in the military you should see if he had pension records - they often have lots of info. The NARA has info about how to order, how much it will cost. Let me know if you can't figure it out. It used to be $10 but again have heard it has gone up to about $30. Also it takes months for them to send it to you (so does the SS5) so be patient. I think the government is trying to make some money off this genealogy thing! Or cut down the requests - or both. But again, it will be worth it to you if he had pension records as he will have had to supply proof of his birth, his marriage, when and where his kids under 16 were born, etc. Also where he was living at various times when he contacted the pension office. Kari