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Notes for Elizabeth "Betsy" Hulstine Looney

Elizabeth Hulstine born about 1834 in Grainger Co., TN. William "Riley" Looney born August 27, 1836 in Franklin, Madison Co., TN

1840 census Grainger Co., TN - Peter Holstein head of household containing:
males 30 & under 40 1 (Peter age ?)
Under 5 1 (William 4)
females 20 & under 30 1 (Sarah age ?)
5 & under 10 2 (Margaret 9, Elizabeth 6)
Under 5 2 (Amanda 3, Mary 1)

1850 census Saline Twp., St. Genevieve Co., MO Sept 27, 1850
Peter Hulstine, age 61, b. VA, laborer
Sarah, age 49, b. VA
Margaret, age 19, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 16, b. TN
William, age 14, b. TN
Amanda, age 13, b. TN
Mary, age 11, b. TN
Sarah C., age 9, b. TN
Nancy, age 7, b. TN
Samuel, age 6, b. MO

October 05, 1856 - Elizabeth Hulstine married William Riley Looney in St. Genevieve Co., MO

Daughter Mary M. Looney born March 1858

1860 census Warren, Camden Co., MO July 17, 1860
Samuel T. McGuire, age 22, farmer, b. TN
Sally, age 19, b. TN
John R., age 9 months, b. MO
William R. Luney, age 23. common laborer, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 23 (?), b. unknown
Mary M., age 1, b. MO

Son Joseph born January 1862. Riley served in the Home Guard for the Confederacy
Daughter Sarah born 1867?? Have not found her on any census record at this time.

1870 census Warren, Camden, Missouri
W. R. Luny, age 28, Farm Laborer, b. Tennessee
Elizabeth, age 30, Keeping house, b. Tennessee
Mary M., age 12, b. Missouri
Joseph, age 8, b. Missouri
Sarah A, age 3, b. Missouri

1880 United States Census Hooker, Laclede, Missouri Page Number 5A
Rily LUNA Self M Male W 45 MO Farmer TN TN
Elizabeth LUNA Wife M Female W 42 MO Keeping House TN TN
Joseph LUNA Son S Male W 17 MO At Home TN TN
James CASTELL Other S Male W 22 MO At Home TN TN
James Casteel married Riley & Elizabeth's daughter Mary about 1880, but can't find Mary on the census. Unless the census taker missed her.

1900 Leon 8 Twp., South Range, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) page 296
Thomas Vaughn, head, Sept 1865, age 34, md 11 yrs, TN/TN/TN, farmer
Margaretta, wife, July 1873, age 26, md 11 yrs, 5 births, 4 surviving, IN/IN/IN
Claude, son, Dec 1890, age 9, MO/TN/IN
Stella, daughter, Dec 1893, age 6, Ind Terr/TN/IN
Virgil, son, June 1896, age 3, Ind Terr/TN/IN
Dessie, daughter, Jan 1899, age 1, Ind Terr/TN/IN
Samuel A. Horner, father-in-law, March 1835, age 65, md 30 yrs, IN/PA/Ireland, farm laborer, months not employed - 7
Susan, mother-in-law, March 1845, age 55, md 30 yrs, 5 births, 3 surviving, IN/SC/IN, housekeeper
Riley Looney, boarder, Aug 1840, age 59, widowed, TN/TN/TN, farm laborer, months not employed - 5
Mandy Wood, sister-in-law, April 1877, age 23, md 2 yrs, 0 births, IN/IN/IN
James Horner, brother-in-law, Jan 1882, age 18, MO/IN/IN, farm laborer, months not employed - 2
Joseph M. Looney, head, Jan 1862, age 38, md 10 yrs, MO/TN/TN, farmer
Mary M., wife, April 1855, age 45, md 10 yrs, 0 births, TN/TN/TN

There is also an Arthur Casteel, age 20, living in Leon with another Vaughn family.

1900 census Warren Twp., Camden Co., MO page 139
James Casteel, head, July 1858, age 41, md 20 yrs, MO/MO/MO, farmer
Mary, wife, March 1858, age 42, md 20 yrs, 5 births, 5 surviving, MO/TN/MO
James, son, Oct 1881, age 18, MO/MO/MO, farm labor
Flora, daughter, Sept 1885, age 14, MO/MO/MO, at school
Joseph, son, Aug 1889, age 10, MO/MO/MO, farm labor
Thomas, son, Jan 1893, age 7
(There is an Arthur Casteel, age 20, living in Leon, OK same year that may be a son also)

May 1902 - Elizabeth Looney dies in Pleasant Hope, Polk Co., MO??? I haven't found her in 1900 and Riley is living in Leon, OK that year and listed as widowed. They could have been separated instead - have had that happen in some of my other lines where the person is listed as widowed when they are separated and both alive.

1910 census Hickory Twp., Love Co., OK page 78B
Tom Vaughn, head, age 44, md 21 yrs, TN/TN/TN, farmer
Mag, wife, age 37, md 21 yrs, 8 births, 5 surviving, IN/IN/IN, farm laborer
Claudie, son, age 19, MO/TN/IN, farm laborer
Virgie, son, age 14, OK/TN/IN, farm laborer
Dessie, daughter, age 11, OK/TN/IN, farm laborer
Anderson, son, age 5, OK/TN/IN
Joseph Looney, head, age 48, md 20 yrs, MO/TN/TN, farmer
Mary M., wife, age 55, md 20 yrs, 0 births, TN/TN/TN

July 10, 1917 - Riley died in Eldridge, Laclede Co., MO?? Have not found him on the 1910 census anywhere.

1920 census Shawnee, Pottawotamie Co., OK
Joseph B. Looney, age 58, married, MO/TN/TN, no occupation

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Hi Kari,

I loved your homepage on roots. It was fantastic. I wanted to give you some new information. According to a great grandson of Elizabeth Hulstine Loony, she died May 1902 in Pleasant Hope, Polk County, Missouri. I think she is buried there also and information was from a tombstone. The family called her Betsy. Will have to go through my records to give you exact name.

Wish I had more time to do geneology. Keep in touch.

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