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Notes for Easter Phillips Feaster:

1840 census Greene Co., MO
Thos. H. Philip 0120001-1100001
1 male 40-50 (Thomas, age 46)
2 males 10-15 (Greenberry, age 12 & Annanias, age 10)
1 male 5-10 (Ebenezer, age 8)
1 female 40-50 (Mary, age 42)
1 female 5-10 (Mary, age 5)
1 female under 5 (Melinda, age 2)
Living next door to Jeptha Mason & Robert Feaster

1850 census Ozark Twp, Lawrence Co., MO
160 Feaster Robert H. 33 m farmer Tenn
Feaster Easter 29 f NC
Feaster Sarah E. 14 f Mo
Feaster James A. 12 m Mo
Feaster Martha A. 10 f Mo
Feaster Thomas J. 8 m Mo
Feaster Levi 6 m Mo
Feaster John G. 4 m Mo
Feaster William H. 2 m

Probate Records of Barry County
Feaster, R.R (Robert?) Date 1856 Jno Smith, Adm. Sale Bill included. Heirs named: Feaster, Easter, widow; James A; Martha A; Thomas J; Levi I or J; John G; William H; Mary; Malinda C; Isaac and Sarah E Willliams. Some buyers of Property: Easter Feaster, Paul Garrison, A B Ellis, I H Williams, Sam Cunningham, and others

1860 census Buck Prairie Twp., Lawrence Co., MO
# 919/879
Easter Feaster, age 40, b. NC
Martha A., age 20, b. MO
Thomas J., age 18, b. MO
Levi, age 16, b. MO
John, age 14, b. MO
William H., age 11, b. MO
Mary J., age 9, b. MO
M C. (female), age 7, b. MO
Isaac, age 5, b. MO

1870 census Buck Prairie Twp., Lawrence Co., MO
Household 180/177
Easter Feaster, age 48, b. NC
Martha A., age 28, b. MO
William H., age 25, b. MO
Mary J., age 18, b. MO
Malinda C., age 16, b. MO
Isaac C., age 14, b. MO

1880 Lawrence Co census
Buck Prairie township

#230 Feaster, Easter 55 Mo NC NC
Isaac 22 Mo Mo Mo
Martha 36 " " "

#231 Feaster, William 30 Mo Mo Mo
Candace 23 In In In
Dora 5 Mo Mo In
Winnie 2 " " "
George (Feb) 3/12 Mo Mo In

Excerpts from Phillips Family book written by Ken & Lucille Phillips (

EASTER P. PHILLIPS was born in North Carolina about 1820 and migrated with her parents to Indiana. When her parents split up about 1830, she went west with her father. She probably never saw her mother again. On December 17, 1835, when she was about 15 or 16, she married Robert Reed Feaster in Cole County, Missouri, Robert was 22. He had been born June 23, 1813, probably in Washington County, Tennessee. His father Levi had been born in 1786 in Maryland and had married Elizabeth Reed in Washington County, Tennessee, in 1807.
Levi died near Bentonville in Benton County, Missouri, where most of his children remained. (Bentonville is on Highway 83, south of Warsaw.) Although the name "Easter Feaster" reads rather humorously to us nowadays, her given name probably was pronounced "Esther" and twisted by bad spellers. Mary Easter Phillips, daughter of John, was named for Easter, according to Mary's daughter. And Mary Easter pronounced her name "Ester." To confuse things more, some of Easter Feaster's cousins in Indiana thought her name was "Esther Fester."
About 1836, Easter and Robert moved to Greene County, Missouri, apparently with Easter's father and his new family. Easter and Robert had Sarah Elizabeth in 1836, James Andrew in 1838, Martha A. in 1840, Thomas Jefferson in 1842, Levi in 1844, John in 1846, William Henry in 1848, Mary Jane in 1851, Malinda C. in 1853 and Isaac Coleman in 1855. On December 3, 1839, Robert entered land in township 29 range 24, near whitam settled. Tom had entered two tracts there, one three months earlier and another a day earlier. Robert, his wife and two children were listed adjacent to Tom and his family in the 1840 census of Greene County. Eventually the family moved to adjacent Lawrence County, where they farmed in Buck Prairie township. When Feaster died in his early 40s in 1856, nine of their 10 children still lived at home. Only eldest-child Sarah had married. Judging by the various censuses, Easter kept running the farm and kept her family together with the help of her teenagers. James was 18 and Thomas 14, so probably could manage planting and harvesting as well as their late father. Daughter Martha was 16 and presumably could help care for baby Ike and the other toddlers. Easter may have kept in contact with brothdohn back in Indiana through occasional letters. About 1977, one of John's descendants. Hazel Wright, found an old photo tucked
away in her Indiana home. On the back was written: "Aunt Easter, John Phillips' sister." Hazel's sister Bernice Parker examined the photo and said she had written the identification on the back. Presumably Bernice's mother Mary Easter had identified the photo for her. Most of John Phillips' descendants in the Deputy area know of Easter and have a vague idea of where in Missouri she lived. Yet most of those same people had never heard of John's full brother Green Berry, who lived in Missouri, too, or even of full brother Isaac, who stayed in Indiana. For these reasons, it's likely that, when John decided to find his father, he knew where to look because Easter had written him and told him. Easter was counted in the 1880 census of Buck Prairie township. No one seems to remember what happened to her after that. Descendant Ruth Browning says Easter is buried with son Isaac in Osa Cemetery on the Barry- Lawrence county line and that her grave is marked only by uninscribed limestone rocks at the head and foot. Some descendents think Easter might have died about 1897. (See page 67.) Easter's brother John and her sister Betsy and Martha in Indiana named children Easter or Esther. But none other brothers, half-brothers, sisters or half-sisters in Missouri are known to have done that. Brother Green Berry did name a daughter Delila E., whose middle name is unknown. It might be erroneous, though, to assume that all younger Easters and Esthers were named for Easter Feaster. Apparently there was at least one older Esther Phillips in the family. She was born in North Carolina about 1798, then turned up in Montgomery County, Kentucky in 1814, where she married William Rayburn, a neighbor of old Philemon Phillips' sons John andWilliam. Esther Rayburn later surfaced in Decatur County, Indiana, where she was a neighbor of Ezekiel Phillips' son Reuben. So if Ezekiel was Thomas H. Phillips' father, Esther Rayburn likely was Easter Feaster's aunt.

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> Thanks for your kind offer. Please scan for the following names: Isham Hall Williams, F.M. Williams, John Davenport Williams, Robert and\or Easter Feaster. Wilburn H. Wilson, Harlon H. Wilson.


I am sort of going alphabetically, so Feaster is first. There are a lot of mentions of both Wilson and Williams. Will get to them later.

In the 1850 Lawrence Co. Census the following:

Feaster: Robert H. 33 M TN
Easter 29 F NC
Sarah E 14 F MO
James A. 12 M MO
Martha A. 10 F MO
Thomas J. 8 M MO
Levi 6 M MO
John G. 4 M MO
William H. 2 M MO

In the book "Lawrence Co. MO History" there is a lot of information about the Feaster family, over a full page. It was written by Ruth

"Robert Reed Feaster (born 23 June 1813, probably in Washington Co. TN, died in 1856 in Barry Co. MO), married 17 Dec 1835, in Cole Co. MO, Easter P. Phillips, who was born 1820 in NC, and she died after the 1880 census, when she was living in Lawrence Co. MO. She is buried in the Osa Cemetery, near the Barry-Lawrence Co line, in the same lot as her son Isaac Feaster, with no marker except a limestone rock at teh head and foot of the grave. This couple had ten children."

All the children are listed including these three not listed in the 1850 census.
Mary Jane b.25 Jan 1851
Malinda C. b.15 Sept 1853
Isaac Coleman b. 15 Nov 1855

The article gives detailed information about the children's families.

There is a paragraph about Robert's parents and siblings. His father was Levi Feaster, b.27 May 1786 in MD. md. 25 July 1807, in Washington Co. TN, to Elizabeth Reed, b. 12 Feb 1790.

I do not have the time to do the whole article but I would be happy to get a copy made and mail it to you.


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> Thanks for your reply. I stopped by the Tulsa genealogy library Sat and got a copy of Ruth Browning's article from the Lawrence Co Mo History book. Also another article on Feasters in Ozark 'Kin 1883. Thanks for the tip. Afterwards, I was going thru records at my > husband's sisters house and found old corres from Ruth Browning to my husband's mother relating to the Feasters. Ruth got some of her leads from my husband's family. Small world! Wish they had written down more for us to keep. Anything you find on James Allen Feaster and wife Margaret Ann Gouge would be appreciated. I love the name "Easter Feaster". Too bad she doesn't have a grave marker. Maybe her descendants need to rectify that.
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