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Notes for Delia Moore Overall

1860 Census, Lawrence Co., Mo., Mt. Vernon Township
Household # 1239
William Moore, 45, farmer, born in Tenn.
Jane, age 46, Tenn
John, age 22, Tenn
Joel, age 19, Tenn
Mary Ann, age 16, Tenn
Rachel, age 13, Tenn
Martha E., age 9, Tenn
Nancy, age 7, Mo
Delia O., age 4, Mo
Thomas Holley, age 22, Tenn (Thomas Hollingsworth, who married Mary Ann Moore)
Samuel Moore, age 29, Tenn.

1870 Mt. Vernon Twp., Lawrence Co., MO, pages 19 & 20
Household #126
Joseph Moore, age 26, b. TN, farmer
Nancy, age 25, b. TN, keeping house
Sarah J., age 7, b. MO
William, age 4, b. MO
Clementine, age 1, b. MO
Household #127
William Moore, age 55, b. TN, retired farmer
Jane, age 55. b. NC, keeping house
Martha, age 18, b. TN
Delia, age 14, b. MO
Jane McKey, age 30, b. TN, keeping house
Mary E. McKey, age 6, b. MO

Married William Overall in 1878

1880 - ???

1900 census Van Buren Twp, Newton Co., MO sheet 3B
Household #58
William Overall, March 1843, age 57, md 34 yrs, IN/IN/IN, Day Laborer
Adelia, wife, May 1856, age 44, md 34 yrs, 11 births, 8 surviving, MO/TN/TN
John A., son, April 1880, age 20, MO/IN/MO, Day Laborer
William S., son, May 1882, age 18, MO/IN/MO, Day Laborer
Alva J., son, Feb 1885, age 15, MO/IN/MO, Day Laborer
George W., son, March 1887, age 13, MO/IN/MO, Day Laborer
Oliver B., son, Oct 1888, age 11, MO/IN/MO, Day Laborer
Joseph H., son, Aug 1890, age 9, MO/IN/MO
Golden R., son, April 1893, age 7, MO/IN/MO
Herman L,, son, Nov 1897, age 2, MO/IN/MO

1910 census Van Buren Twp, Newton Co., MO sheet 8B
Household #148/151
William Overall, age 66, md 30 yrs, IN/IN/IN
Deal, wife, age 53, md 30 yrs, 10 births, 8 surviving, TN/TN/TN
Sherman, son, age 28, MO/IN/TN, farmer
Alva, son, age 25, MO/IN/TN. farm labor
George, son, age 23, MO/IN/TN, farmer
Oliver, son, age 20, MO/IN/TN, farmer
Harry, son, age 18, MO/IN/TN, farmer
Ray, son, age 17, MO/IN/TN, farmer
Herman, son, age 12, MO/IN/TN, farmer

Delia died in 1914 and William died in 1917

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Hi Stacy,

First, let me give you my current email address:

because the old one will soon not work. Kari and I have been corresponding for quite some time and I guess I had not gotten direct word to her when it changed last year.

Here's some data from my file on the Overall's which includes some sources.

3. abi. Odelia/Delia O. Moore
born 1856
died 22 Jun 1914
bur. Summit Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri [LawCoMoTombstoneInscriptions, v.2, p.210]
mar. 17 Jan 1878, Greene County, Missouri
3. abi.-s. William M. Overall
born 16 Mar 1843
mil., Co. C, 42 Ind. Inf.
died 29 Dec 1917
bur., Summit Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri [ibid, L/2/110]
mar., 1st,
3. abi.-s.-s1. Rebecca Thompson
died 13 Feb 1873 [Overall Military Pension File]
children, Overall - Thompson [ibid, OMPF]:
3. abi.-s.a. Claud Overall, born 27 Jan 1870
3. abi.-s.b. Rodolphus Overall, born 9 Aug 1871

children, Overall - Moore [ibid. OMPF]:
4. abia. John A. Overall, born 3 Apr 1880
4. abib. William Sherman Overall, born 22 May 1881
4. abic. Alva J. Overall, born 19 Feb 1885
4. abid. George W. Overall, born 1 Mar 1887
4. abie. Oliver B. Overall, born 21 Oct 1889
4. abif. Joseph Harry Overall, born 16 Aug 1891
4. abig. Golden R. Overall, born 24 Apr 1893
4. abih. Hosiah-? L. Overall, born 1 Apr 1895
4. abii. Herman L. Overall, born 14 Nov 1897

4. abia. John A. Overall
born 3 Apr 1880
died 1961
bur. Summit Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri [L/2/110]

4. abib. William Sherman Overall
born 22 May 1881
died 6 Jan 1965
bur., Summit Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri [L/2/113]
4. abib.s. Susan Geneva [?]
born 13 Aug 1884
died 11 Oct 1976
bur., Summit Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri [L/2/113]

4. abic. Alva J. Overall
born 19 Feb 1885
died 1960
bur., Summit Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri [L/2/110]

4. abif. Joseph Harry Overall
born 16 Aug 1891
mil., WW1, Co. E, 2 Inf. Mo. N. G.
died 21 Jun 1956
bur., Summit Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri [L/2/114]
mar. 4 Mar 1917, Lawrence Co., Mo.
4. abif-s. Tressa W. Nona Breeden
dau. of Elisha G. Breeden and Ella A. Adamson
born 29 Oct 1899, Lawrence Co., Missouri
bur. Summit Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri [L/2/114]

1920 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Ozark Township, Halltown Precinct, family 254:
Joseph H. Overall 26 yr Mo. Ind. Ind.
Tressa W. 20 yr Mo. Mo. Mo.
George W. 31 yr Mo. Ind. Ind. Partner

I do not have a copy of the marriage record of William and Delia/Odelia, but I can give you the book and page number from a transcription that I have at home. Much of the data above comes from William Overall's Civil War pension file which I also have a complete copy of.

I will try to send you some more information on the specific records that I have used to document the Moore - Overall genealogy. I did get a copy of William Overall's obituary just last year. And I was in contact with an Edsel Overall , son of Herman, last year, but haven't heard from him lately. His email address is: and I will cc: him on this message. Some of the family still lives in Mount Vernon and I have been intending to contact them for some time, but haven't done it. Maybe I will this time.

I would be interested in any information that you can add to the John Overall family and descendants because I don't have any more than above. I do have some more information on some of his siblings that I do not have computerized yet.

Common Ancestors William "Billy" Moore and Jane "Jennie" [?Virginia] Colston
Mary Ann "Polly" Moore Hollingsworth - sisters - Delia/Odelia Moore Overall
Ollie May Hollingsworth Cameron - 1st cousins - John A. Overall
Wilburn Triece Cameron - 2nd cousins - (?) Holton' grandparent
Ross J Cameron - 3rd cousins - (?) Holton's parent
\ 3rd cousin, once removed - your husband, (?) Holton

The information on Chief Pathfinder that I have is from family oral history written down by a member of the family many years ago. She died just a couple of years ago at the age of 103 or so. I will send more on this later.

Ross Cameron
Your husband's 3rd cousin, once removed