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Notes for Annanias Phillips

The Family of Annanias Phillips & Delia Ann Kelley

1830 - Annanias Phillips born in Illinois

Parents moved Annanias from Illinois to Greene Co., Missouri sometime between 1832-1835. Half sister Easter married Robert Feaster in Cole Co., MO in 1835

1840 census Greene Co., MO
Thos. H. Philip 0120001-1100001
1 male 40-50 (Thomas, age 46)
2 males 10-15 (Greenberry, age 12 & Annanias, age 10)
1 male 5-10 (Ebenezer, age 8)
1 female 40-50 (Mary, age 42)
1 female 5-10 (Mary, age 5)
1 female under 5 (Melinda, age 2)
Living next door to Jeptha Mason & Robert Feaster

Land Patents at the Government Land Office website:
Thomas H. Phillips of Cole Co., MO, Jan. 10, 1840 (2 patents)
Thomas H. Phillips of Cooper Co., MO, Nov. 10, 1841 (2 patents)
Thomas H. Phillips of Greene Co., MO, Sept. 10, 1844(2 patents)

1850 census Boone Township, Greene Co., MO, page 324
Household #1199
Thomas H. Philips, age 56, b. NC
Mary, age 52, b. NC
Greenberry, age 22, b. IN
Annanias, age 20, b. IL
Ebenezer, age 18, b. IL
Mary, age 14, b. MO
Melinda, age 12, b. MO
Amos, age 6, b. MO

Married Delia Ann Kelley May 15, 1853

Land Record record for Annanias Phillips
Name: Annanias Phillips
Date: 4 Dec 1854
Location: MO, Greene
Acres: 80
Meridian or Watershed: 5th Prin Meridian
Parcel: Township 30, Range 24, Section 29

Name: Annanias Phillips
Date: 4 Jan 1856
Location: MO, Greene
Acres: 40
Meridian or Watershed: 5th Prin Meridian
Parcel: Township 30, Range 24, Section 29

1860 census Ozark Township, Lawrence Co., MO
Census taken June 5, 1860
Household #50
Ananias Philips, age 30, b. IL
Delia A., age 24, b. IL
Martha A., age 6, b. MO
Mary L., age 3, b. MO
Thomas W., age 1 month, b. MO
Household #51
Ebenezer Philips, age 28, b. IL, Farmer
Lucinda, age 25, b. IN
William, age 7, b. MO
Sarilda, age 2, b. MO

1861-1863 Tax Rolls Lawrence Co. - Ananias Phillips

July 31, 1862 - Annanias enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War. He served 267 days. He was a 1st Sergeant in Company C., 74th Regiment E. M. M. out of Greene Co., Missouri, and served in the same regiment as his half-brother Green Berry who was Captain, and his brothers Ebenezer and Amos.

On Delinquent tax list for 1866 published in Spring River Fountain, June 6 1867.

1870 census Ozark Township, Lawrence Co., MO page 521
Census taken July 1, 1870
Annanias T. Phillips, age 40, b. IL, Farmer
Delia A., age 33, b. TN
Martha A., age 16, b. MO
Mary U. or V., age 13, b. MO
Thomas W., age 9, b. MO
Millie J., age 7, b. MO
Perna, age 3, b. MO

1860 Census property holdings listed as:
Value of real estate: Ananias 500, Ebenezer 1000
Personal property:Ananias 350, Ebenezer 400
1870 Census:
Value of real estate:Ananias 2,000.
Personal property: Ananias 800.
Ebenezer not living there in 1870 - maybe gave Ananias his land and house when he moved away?

Saturday Aug. 23, 1873, Fountain & Journal, Mt. Vernon, MO - A FATAL ACCIDENT - On the 18th inst. Ananias Phillips, a late resident of Ozark township, was blasting in his well and in the afternoon about four o'clock he went down into the well to examine a fuse which had failed to ignite. The damps being in the well, he died immediately and was not drawn out until the next morning although all the asistance necessary was immediately summoned to the spot. He leaves a wife and children who deeply mourn the loss of a fond husband and father.

Thomas W. Phillips of Taney Co., MO, Mar 10, 1886

From Phillips book by Ken & Lucille Phillips (
ANNAN1AS PHILLIPS, first of Tom's children by his second wife, was born about 1830 in Illinois. One of the censuses notes that Annanias could read and write, yet, when brother-in-law Robert Feaster presented Annanias a legal document, Feaster had to read it to him. On May 15, 1853 Annanias married Delia Kelly in Greene County, Missouri. They farmed in adjacent Lawrence County. The 1860 census showed they lived in Ozark township and that their real estate was worth $500 and their personal property $350. Brother Ebenezer lived nearby.
Children: Martha A. in 1854, Mary L. in 1857, Thomas W. in 1860, Millie J. in 1863 and Perna in 1867. On August 23, 1873, the Lawrence County Journal newspaper reported that on August 18 Annanias "was blasting in his well and in the afternoon about 4 o'clock he went down
into the well to examine a fuse which had failed to ignite. The damp being in the well, he died immediately." It was the next day before the body could be brought up. (The word "damp" can mean a noxious gas, such as might be found in a coal mine.)

From: Ross Cameron
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 6:02 PM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Annanias Phillips military service

Hi Kari,

Annanias Phillips is listed in the tax list and census and was a resident of Lawrence County. Or at least there is nothing to suggest that he was not and several records to suggest that he was. However he is not identified in the tax list as serving. I have done quite a bit of research on this list and it is far from inclusive. He was probably not identified as serving because he did not serve in a "Lawrence County" company. There are also people on the list who did not reside in Lawrence County. Some may have owned land in the county and been on the tax list though they lived across the county line. A few I am certain neither lived in the county nor owned land in the county but happened to serve in units composed mostly of Lawrence County men.

Annanias and Ebenezer both served in Co. C, 74th E. M. M. of which their brother Green Berry was the Capt. The 74th was primarily made up of Greene Co. men, but it is also quite natural and not unexpected that Annanias and Ebenezer would have chosen to serve in their brother's company.

Missouri State Archives Soldiers’ Records: War of 1812 – World War I, online 23 Jun 2011:

74 Reg’t E. M. M.

Capt. Phillips

Phillips, Annanias

Rank 1st Serg’t Co. C

Age 32

Enrolled July 31, 1862

Where Springfield, Mo.

74 Reg’t E. M. M., Co. C

Phillips, Ananias

Rank Pvt. Age __

Comd’g Capt. Phillips

Enrolled Aug. 18, 1862

Where Springfield

Ordered into active service Aug. 18 1862

Where Spgfd

Relieved from duty __ 1863


Ordered into active service 1863

Where Spgfd

Relieved from duty 1863

No. days actual service 267

Remarks: Discharged Ap 15/62

Same Company

Capt. Green Berry Phillips

Amos T. Phillips

Ebenezer Phillips

In my research I have found that an almost entire company of men in the Greene and Christian County Home Guards were actually residents of Ozark Township, Lawrence County, and the company was actually organized at Chalybeate Springs near Halltown, in Lawrence County. That is a long story which I won't go into at this time.

So I am pleased that you brought this question to my attention. I will need to check further on this company and on other companies in the 74th E.M.M. to see whether other Lawrence Countian served in Co. C or another company of the 74th E.M.M.

Perhaps the land that I. H. Williams bought from the Robert Feaster estate was the land in Barry Co. which he owned according to the 1909 Barry County Atlas to which Larry Wilson referred.

Thanks much!