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Photos of Bessie "Betty" Belle Dyer before her marriage and her ancestors:

Thomas Wesley Phillips Bessie's grandfather, Thomas Wesley Phillips. Photo is Thomas W. with his second wife, Sarah Murrell Phillips.
Sarah Jane Moore Bessie's grandmother, Sarah Jane Moore Phillips. Sarah Jane died when Bessie's mother Ollie was only 7 years old.
Joseph & Nancy Moore Bessie's g-grandparents, Joseph & Nancy (Hulstine) Moore with their children. They are holding a portrait of Bessie's grandmother, Sarah Jane Moore Phillips, who died in 1891.
Ollie Phillips & siblings1892 approxThe five children of Thomas W. Phillips and Sarah Jane Moore. Back row is Ollie (Betty's mother, born 1883) and Lula (born 1881). Front row is Clemmie (born 1885), Loren (born 1889) and Flora (born 1887). Guessing Loren is about age 3. This photo was probably taken about the time that their mother, Sarah Jane Moore Phillips, died. For more photos of Ollie see Photos of Ollie Phillips Dyer Helsel
Jack Dyer1900 approxJohn Elmer "Jack" Dyer, Bessie's father. For more photos of Jack, see Photos of John Elmer Dyer
Bessie Dyer baby1901Bessie Belle Dyer was born March 9, 1901 near Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., Missouri. As she grew older, she disliked the name Bessie - she used the name Betty Belle Dyer as an adult.
Bessie & Ollie Dyer1910 approxI am guessing Bessie is about age 9 in this photo. Ollie is her mother.
Bessie Belle Dyer  
Bessie Dyer on back of bike1913 approxGuessing Bessie is about age 12 in this photo. Does anyone recognize the girl in the front of the bike??
Bessie Dyer1917 approxMy grandmother Betty B. Dyer gave this photo to me when I was 16 and told me that it was a photo of her when she was 16.
Betty B. Dyer

1919 approx

Guessing this is about the time of her marriage in 1919. Bessie was 18 years old when she married Lester Dye.