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Photos of John Elmer "Jack" Dyer

Thanks to Bob Dyer for the majority of these photos along with the information on date and place.

Jack Dyer MO 1900 approxTaken in Monett, MO
Jack Dyer CO1905 approxTaken in Canon City, CO
Jack Dyer 4 Jacks1910 approxTaken in Canon City, CO, probably in the saloon. Don't know who the other "Jack" is, or who the two Bills are that are referred to in the photo.
Chief Jack Dyer1925 approxJack Dyer was Chief of Police in Tucson, AZ from 1924 to 1932.
Jack Dyer 1928 approxThis photo was printed with a story about Jack Dyer in the Arizona Daily Star on November 5, 1928.
Jack Dyer & friends1930 approxGuessing on year, probably when he was still Chief of Police, but not sure. Jack Dyer is in the lighter colored pants, far left.
Jack Dyer Police Desk1932 approxPhoto probably taken 1931 or 1932 at the Tucson Police telephone dispatch desk.
Deputy Jack Dyer et al1936 approxPhoto probably taken about 1935 or 1936. Jack is second from right in front - he was a sheriff's deputy for several years after leaving the post of Chief of Police in 1932. Photo is of Sheriff and his deputies, but also includes Undersheriff, Constable, cattle inspector, Ajo Police Chief and one unidentified man. A.S. Franco, in the back row, middle, is Al Franco. He was a detective under Jack Dyer in the police force, and was one of the pallbearers for Jack's son, John Edwin Dyer, who died in 1927 of meningitis at age 7.
Death Certificate John Elmer Dyer1953Jack died on January 20, 1953 in Tucson, Pima, Arizona