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Anna LaPlant Young photo of Anna (?). To me it does not look like her as much as the others, but could be because of the way it was colored in. Thanks to Chris Milliken for this photo.
Unknown LaPlant Photo of Unknown LaPlant, in possession of one of Anna's descendants. To me it looks like young Anna, but could possibly be Nellie or Minnie. Thanks to Chris Milliken for this photo.
Family of John & Mary Huard LaPlant

This photo was taken sometime after the death of Napoleon in 1905 and before Mary's death in 1915. I think the ID's for this photo are:
Back Row - L-R Lula, Anna, Eddie, Minnie & Exilda
Front Row - L-R Nellie, Mary, John & Emma.
Original ID by Bob Dyer had Emma & Nellie reversed, but Emma was almost 18 years older than Nellie and I think the woman on the right (beside John) looks much older than the one on the left (beside Mary). Missing is daughter Salina, who was living in Nebraska in 1900 & 1910, and had moved to Illinois sometime between 1910-1920.
If the above ID's are correct, the girls start with Nellie (beside mother Mary) and go clockwise around to Emma, in exact order from youngest to oldest. Eddie is out of age order, but I think the photographer wanted him in the center because he was the only son in the photo.
Thanks to Bob Dyer & Chris Milliken for this photo.

LaPlant SistersTaken at the same time as the portrait of John & Mary LaPlant family (women in both photos have on the same clothes). The 7th woman in the photo is probably daughter-in-law Jean Dean LaPlant, wife of Eddie LaPlant. I do not think it is oldest daughter Salina, as she would have been included in the portrait with parents John & Mary. I think the ID's for this photo are: L-R Emma, Exilda, Nellie, Lula, Jean Dean LaPlant (sister-in-law), Minnie & Anna. Thanks to Bob Dyer for this photo
Anna LaPlant MillikenOlder photo of Anna. Thanks to Chris Milliken for this photo.
George W. Milliken Thanks to Chris Milliken for this photo.
Probably Anna LaPlant MillikenThese 4 photos were in a collection owned by Anna's son George W. Milliken. I believe they are Anna, who died in 1968 at age 83. Thanks to Chris Milliken for these photos.
Anna LaPlant Death Certificate 

The Family of John LaPlant & Mary Huard