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Information compiled by Mildred Bilderback Midjaas, Carbondale, Illinois.


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Source Material:
Montagues Sketches of Randolph Co., Illinois 1859 pp 1-3-104
Illustrated Atlas of Randolph Co., Ill. By Brink, 1875, p. 66
Abstracts & Wills of Old 96 Dist. Abbeville District S. C., Pauline Young, on Will of JOHN HUSTON (Photostat in back of ledger)

From 1790 Census reports for 96 Dist. S. C. Abbeville Dist:
Gilbert Mann - 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 1 female
Thomas mann - 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 3 females
William Mann - 2 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 6 females

Gilbert Mann & wife Elizabeth Smith from "Abstracts & Wills of Old 96 & Abbeville Dist. S. C. by Pauline Young, page 436 on Jane Smith's will.

From Sparta, Illinois Plaindealer, dated Sept 22, 1935 by John Dodge: "The Mann family traces back to the Colonial days and the settlement of Pennsylvania. John Mann of Pennsylvania removed to Abbeville, S. C. before the Revolutionary War and resided there for several years. They had four sons that were mentioned by the Manns: viz: John and Thomas, both soldiers in the Revolutionary War, and Gilbert and Robert M. Mann, born in Abbeville District about 1771. Robert M. Mann grew to manhood in S. C. He married Mary Huston April 21, 1795 in Abbeville, S. C. After marriage, they resided in S. C. until 1807, then they decided to move to Illinois country. They remainded in Kentucky for ten years. In the fall of 1817, they reached the Irish settlement in Randolph County, Illinois, where others from the same district had settled some years before. Robert M. Mann lived until his death in 1855, at age 85, on the farm upon which he settled (later owned by his son, S. A. Mann)"

All data in the above was given Mr. Dodge by the Manns of Sparta, Illinois and in some instances it was by tradition, and we have finally proven one of them incorrect. Mary Huston's father was JOHN Huston, not William Huston. Copies of the will of her father JOHN Huston are among the papers of Mildred B. Midjaas. John Huston's second wife was a Jean Gutrey (Guthrie), daughter of Thomas Gutrey. A copy of the Thomas Gutrey will is also among the papers and is listed in the book Old Abstracts by Pauline Young. Also in 1969, the book "Bold Legacy" by Cleburne Huston of Stamford, Texas, gives more on JOHN HUSTON as Cleburne descends from the second wife of JOHN HUSTON, Jean. Joe Mann of Princeton, Ky, had the note from S. Henry Mann, now deceased, that the father of Robert Morrill Mann's mother was a Mr. Reynolds, but S. Henry Mann told Mildred B. Midjaas that a Mr. Crawford left a parcel of land in S. Carolina to Grandson Robert Morrill Mann - - and from Margaret Mann McNabney's aunt, we have the note that the father of Robert Morrill Mann was married to a Miss CALHOUN, but no proof. The father of Robert Morrill Mann was a JOHN MANN. (handwritten "no proof")

On the foregoing Bible record of Robert Morrill Mann - some years before 1959, Mildred Midjaas visited Samuel Henry Mann, living near Preston, Randolph, Illinois on the Stringtown Road. He was the grandson of Robert Morrill Mann and he had the family Bible then. At that time, the fly leaf was intact and read as follows: Printed and published by M. Casey and Company, No. 124 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 1817. Also on the copy, the missing birthdate of JOHN MANN is "February the first, 1796.

The Presbyterian Cemetery is at Preston, Randolph Co., Illinois. The Mann Cemetery is a private burial plot on the old Mann farm near "Diamond Cross" near Chester, Illinois.


Samuel Alexander Mann #8 was married three times, first on August 20, 1835 to Nancy Maria Pressley, who died in 1847 and had seven children; second in 1855 to Henrietta Bratney, who died May 1862 and had four children; third, on April 14, 1863 to Sarah Pillers Crozier, who was born Nov. 12, 1812, died July 20, 1900. Sarah Pillers first husband was a Mr. Thompson and her second husband was a Mr. Samuel B. Crozier, from whom Miss Nan Crozier (deceased) of Chester, Illinois was descended. Sarah Piller's father was Major John Pillers.

Salina Moore Balch was a niece of Albina Bloomer Balch, which made Selina cousins to Albina's children, but they called her "Aunt Bina" since she was married to their father's brother, Robert M. Mann Jr. Selina Moore Balch was the daughter of Amos Prido Balch, Brother to Albina Bloomer Balch Mann. (See Balch genealogies)

Jane Armstrong Mann's husband was Robert G. Baird, who was born in Ohio on December 4, 1813 and died August 19, 1845 and is buried at Union Cemetery, Sparta, Randolph, Illinois. He was the son of James and Prudence Baird. Robert and Jane Baird had no family. Jane was called "Aunt Jennie" and after her husband's death lived with her parents and in the 1880 census was living with her brother, Samuel Alexander Mann.

Mrs. Fern Diskey of Sparta, Illinois has the old desk which Robert Morrill and Mary (Huston) Mann brought from Abbeville District, South Carolina when they journeyed to Illinois. If this piece of furniture could talk what a lot it could tell us. (Handwritten: She also has their Bible)