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Records for Michael & Nancy (Kelley) George
Thanks to Luona Jernigan for the majority of these records

George Book
1.5.9 Michael George

1793 to 1854This page states that Michael was born Jan. 6, 1793 in Pennsylavania, son of Jost & Catarina George. Talks about his military service, and his inheritance of land after the death of his father. States that Michael married Nancy Kelley on Jan. 13, 1828, and that she was child of John & Eleanor (Harrison) Kelley Jr. Talks about Nancy's family, and states that her Kelley grandfather was from Ireland, and that her Harrison line came from England to Long Island, NY, and then to Virginia and Tennessee. Tells of their first house, and Michael's farm. States that Nancy died in Greene Co. TN in 1844. Michael did not own slaves, but hired a black man named Isaac to help build his house. This page includes the bill of sale of Isaac from Frances Dewitt to John McCambell, and states that Isaac is "now in the possession of one Michael George of Greene County"
Michael George 1814 E. Tenn. Militia1814Military record for Michael George in War with the Creek Indians.
Marriage of Michael George to Nancy Kelley1828Michael George married Nancy Kelley on January 13, 1828 in Greene Co., TN.
Death of Nancy Kelley George1844Nancy Kelley George died in Greene Co., TN
Michael George 1814 E. Tenn. Militia #21850Bounty Land declaration, dated December 14, 1850. States that Michael George, aged 57 is resident of Greene Co., TN. States that he is the "Michael George alias Yerrick" who was a private in the East Tennessee Militia under Captain Thomas Wilson in the war with the Creek Indians, and that he was mustered in on Jan. 17, 1814 and mustered out May 18, 1814.
1850 census Greene Co., TN18501850 census 9th Division, Greene Co., TN
Household #1361
Michael George, age 56, farmer, b. PA (Nancy died in 1944)
Nancy C., age 20, b. TN
Catherine M., age 18, b. TN
Louiza J., age 16, b. TN
William W., age 14, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 10, b. TN
Sarah A., age 8, b. TN
1860 census Greene Co., TN18601860 census 2nd District, Post Office Gonley Bridge, Greene Co., TN
Mch George, age 66, farmer, b. PA
William W., age 24, farm laborer, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 23, b. TN
Sarah A., age 18, b. TN
Next door to Caleb Harrison, and on same page as Alexander Harrison

George Book
Michael cont. & Martha A. (George) George

1860 to 1862States that by 1860 all children had left home except William Wallace & Sarah. States that Michael George died in bed on June 1, 1862 under mysterious circumstances thought to be due divided loyalties in the Civil War. Talks about his probate, and possible burial place of Michael & Nancy. Names children. Starts section for oldest daughter Martha who married her first cousin Samuel George.
Michael George Headstone1862Buried in the Solomon Lutheran Church cemetery, Greene Co., Tennessee.
Michael George Estate Page 1June
This document states that Michael George died on June 1, 1862, without leaving a will. Heirs named are his children Samuel & Martha (George) George (they were first cousins who married), Charles & Marganay (George) Lovette Jr., William George, Thomas N. & Elizabeth (George) Brooks, Sarah M. George, and William & Caroline (George) Farnsworth. Also named is Penelope F. Farnsworth, child of William & Louisa (George) Farnsworth, Louisa is deceased & William is guardian of Penelope. All of Greene Co., TN except for Caroline who lives in Missouri. States that it is impossible to divide the estate 7 ways equally.
Michael George Estate Page 2June 1862It was ordered that the land and property of Michael George be sold to the highest bidder, and it was purchased by Thomas N. Brooks for $1250 on Sept 29, 1865.
Michael George House1957Xerox copies of photos of Michael George house in Greene Co., TN. Photos taken by Earl George in 1957.

The Family of John Kelley & Ellender Harrison