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Dyer Records before 1900
Dyer Records 1900 and after:

1900 census John E. Dyer19001900 census East Half Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO, #285/288
John E., .dyer, head, July 1876, age 23, md 0 yrs, MO/CanadaEng/IL, Farmer
Ollie, wife, July 1883, age 16, md 0 yrs, 0 births, MO/MO/MO
Flora Phillips, sister-in-law, Feb 1886, age 14, MO/MO/MO
 1902 Canon City Colorado Directory John E. Dyer19021902 Canon City City Colorado Directory -
J.E. & Ollie Dyer, hostler, W.B. Knox (305 Main), res. 120 Greenwood
J.H. Dyer, clk Smith Merc. Co, rms 707 Greenwood (James Halbert, son of Wm.)
W.H. & Emma Dyer, bartender St. Cloud Bar, res. 707 Greenwood
 1903 Canon City Colorado Directory John E. Dyer19031903 Canon City Colorado City Dir. -
Albert Dyer, emp C C Mill, res 707 Greenwood (James Halbert, son of Wm.)
John Dyer, hostler W.B. Knox (305 Main), res. 305 Main
Wm. H. & Emma Dyer, bartender 814 Water St., res 707 Greenwood Ave.
 1907 Evangelist License Ollie Dyer1907
July 13, 1907 Free Methodist evangelist license issued to Mrs. Ollie Dyer at Bolivar, Polk Co., MO. Chairman W.C. Bastian, Secretary Eliza Witherspoon
 1909 Florence Colorado City Directory John E., Dyer19091909 Florence City Colorado City Dir -
John Dyer, bartender, J.R. Miller, rms 127 1-2 Main
Edward & Jean LaPlant, brick layer, 542 W. Main
John & Mary LaPlant, contractor & brick mfr. res W. First near Houston Ave.
Nellie LaPlant, boards John LaPlant
Milton L. & Lulu Mackie, Mackie & Bailey barbers 103 W. Main, res 110 Robinson Ave.
 1909 Evangelist License Ollie Dyer 1909July 3, 1909 - Free Methodist evangelist license renewed for Ollie Dyer at Capps, Boone Co., Arkansas. Pres. W.C. Bastian, Sec'y Ollie Dyer. There is also a postcard addressed to Ollie in Harrison, Arkansas in 1909 from her sister Bessie (Clemmie).
1910 census John E. Dyer19101910 census Precinct 8 Florence City, Fremont Co., CO, taken April 27, 1910
109-1/2 East Main St. #290/292
John Dyer, Roomer, age 33, First marriage, md 8 years, MO/Can. Eng/IL, Bartender, Saloon.
The number of years married isn't correct - he married Ollie in 1899 so had been married 11 years. Had been separated for 8 years - maybe census taker misunderstood and it should have read Divorced 8 years?
Head of household is Ida M. Pale. Other roomers in the same household are William H. Kennedy, David Ives and Charles Caleb
1910 census Ollie Phillips Dyer19101910 census Harrison Twp., Boone Co., Arkansas, taken April 1910
Eliza Witherspoon, head, age 54, single, NE/TN/TN, Minister
Ollie Dyer, Companion, age 27, divorced, 1 birth, 1 surviving, MO/MO/MO, Minister
Bessie B. Companion, age 9, MO/MO/MO
 1913 Envelope from J. E. Dyer to Ollie Dyer1913There is an envelope addressed to Ollie in Harrison, Arkansas from J.E. in Florence in 1913 that was found in a case belonging to Ollie Phillips Dyer.
WWI Draft Card John Elmer Dyer1918September 12, 1918 WWI Draft card Colfax Co., New Mexico
John Elmer Dyer, Tall height, medium build, blue eyes, brown hair
Address - 324 Rio Grande, Raton, Colfax, New Mexico
Age 42, Birthdate - July 12, 1876, White, native born
Occupation - Bartender, Employer - Jack Pavlich, 228 So. 1, Raton, Colfax, NM
Nearest relative - Lulu Dyer, 324 Rio Grande, Raton, Colfax, New Mexico
Signed John Elmer Dyer
 Probate record Nancy Moore 1919March 14, 1919 - Ollie is listed on the Probate record of her grandmother Nancy Moore as living in ? Oklahoma. Middle initial listed as M. on this record.
1920 census Frank & Ollie Helsel19201920 census ED 82, McPherson City, McPherson Co., KS, Household #23, 802 South Elm St.:
Frank S. Helsel, head, age 44, IN/IN/IN, Proprietor Feed Store
Ollie, wife, age 36, MO/MO/MO
Raymond, son, age 13, KS/IN/KS
Everett, son, age 10, KS/IN/KS
Wesley, son, age 6, KS/IN/KS
Lewis, son, age 5, KS/IN/KS
Samuel, son, age 1, KS/IN/MO
1920 City Directory S.F. & Ollie Helsel1920

1920 City Directory McPherson, McPherson Co., KS
S. Frank Helsel (Ollie), McPherson Seed & Produce Co., residence 802 S. Elm.

1924 Jack Dyer house Tucson, AZ1924 approxPhotos & notes from Jack's son Bob Dyer: "Jack & Lula lived here about 1923-1924 with my brother John Edwin and adopted sister Mary Jane. House is made of authentic Mexican adobe and is on the local register of Historic Buildings (Tucson). Photos taken Oct. 1998."
May 1926 News Article Jack Dyer1926Tucson Citizen May 2, 1926 - CHIEF J. DYER COMPLIMENTED BY SAWTELLE Boost Given Tucson Marshal in Open Court Saturday Judge William H. Sawtelle of the Unites States district court highly complimented Chief of Police Jack Dyer in open court for his vigorous campaign against bootleggers and other law violators, following the hearing of several cases yesterday."I want to give thanks of this court to Chief of Police Jack Dyer," Judge Sawtelle declared, "for the vigorous campaign in abateing violations of the national prohibition law in Tucson, which has relieved federal officers of many minor cases, and allowed them to concentrate on the higher-ups and wholesale bootleggers, and has greatly facilitated the work of this court. If other municipal officers in the state of Arizona would do the same, it would greatly aid federal officers and promote better observance of the prohibition law."
Funeral John Edwin Dyer #11927Arizona Daily Star, Aug. 27, 1927 - DYER FUNERAL SERVICE TO BE THIS AFTERNOON Public Rites for Son of Chief of Police to be at Grave Only Private funeral services will be held at the Reilly chapel this afternoon at 3 o'clock for Jack Edwin Dyer, Jr., son of Chief of Police J.E. Dyer. Afterwards, the principal service, which friends of the family have been asked to attend, will be held at the grave in Evergreen Cemetery.
The boy, who was 7 years old, died after a short illness, a victim of spinal meningitis. He was ill early last Saturday and was then taken to St. Mary's hospital, where in spite of every medical aid, he died at 8:00 Monday evening.
Because of the nature of the disease which caused the death of the child, the private funeral services in the chapel were announced yesterday. The service at the graveside, however, will be for the benefit of the friends who have been asked to attend.
 Funeral John Edwin Dyer #21927Arizona Daily Star Aug. 29, 1927 - VETERAN'S WEEP AT FUNERAL OF JACK DYER, JR. Police are Active and Honorary Pall Bearers For Son of Chief John Edwin Dyer, Jr. 7-year-old son of Chief of Police and Mrs. J. E. Dyer, was laid to rest yesterday afternoon in the Elks plot in Evergreen Cemetery, while hardened and old members of the police force, friends and relatives wept quietly as the Rev. Julian C. Mc Pheeters, pastor of the University Methodist church, read the benediction and said a closing prayer. Rev. McPheeters in his talk consoled those whom "Little Jack" had left with the thought that "God plucks the little children from earth for heaven, just as we on earth go into the garden and pluck the bud of the rose."Services at Reilly chapel were private and brief. Mrs. John ??? sang "God will Wipe All Tears Away", and Mr. McPheeters gave a prayer. The funeral cortege was made up of 20 cars while at the grave where the public services were held as many more were waiting. All cilty offices were unofficially closed during the time of the funeral, while the police force, with the exception of those required to remain on duty, was represented 100 percent. THIS IS AN EXCERPT - ARTICLE IS LONGER. For the complete text of this article, see Notes for Jack Dyer
1928 News article Jack Dyer1928Tucson Oct. 7, 1928 - DYER PRAISES FORCE MORALE Men of Tucson's Finest Are Married; Chief Tells of Confidence "When you appoint a policeman, appoint one you can trust. Then trust him." Jack Dyer, city marshal and chief of police, is proud of his department. with 26 members, all married men, and 19 of them tax payers, the chief has built up the organization in four years to the point where he admits he's proud of it. And he believes the success of his administration has been due to this principle of confidence. A policeman, he says, must do his work in the absence of his chief. He must be able to meet all sorts of emergencies, and meet them on his own initiative. So if he can't be trusted, he should not be a policeman. If he can be trusted, then the thing to do is to trust him. Dyer spends none of his time driving around the streets to find out whether his men are doing their duty. He has no sympathy with espionage. He has had, on one or two occasions, to dismiss men for offences against the department rules, and when he does that is final. He does not ask of the men to do anything he would not do himself. He has walked every beat in the city as a patrolman, has acted as desk sargeant and was night captain before he became chief. His first beat was in the warehouse district. The chief was appointed patrolman by Chief Dallas Ford eight years ago. He received his appointment at 10 o'clock at night, and ten minutes later was walking his beat. THIS IS AN EXCERPT - ARTICLE IS LONGER. For the complete text of this article, see Notes for Jack Dyer
1930 census S. Frank & Ollie Helsel19301930 census Meade Center Twp., Meade Co., KS
Household #2
Samuel F. Helsel, head, age 54, age at first marriage - 29, IN/OH/OH, Farmer, Wheat
Ollie M., wife, age 47, age at first marriage - 24, MO/MO/MO
Wesley W., son, age 16, KS/IN/KS
Lewis L.,son, age 15, KS/IN/KS
Samuel F., son, age 12, KS/IN/MO
Ralph M., son, age 8, KS/IN/MO
Wuneta G., , daughter, age 6, KS/IN/MO
1931 News article Jack Dyer1931Tucson Citizen December 12, 1931 YOU SHOULD KNOW Jack E. Dyer Because he has been the police chief of Tucson for seven years, spends much time in studying his work and apparently has accomplished that nearly impossible feat of pleasing all of the people all of the time (Law breakers excepted). He was born in Colorado, came here on a visit 14 years ago, and immediately telegraphed his wife to hurry along because he had found their future home. He started as a patrolman and worked his way to the top in four years. He is what is known as a modern police official, has no use for third degree methods, is a member of the International Police Chiefs and Sheriffs association, and his reputation for "putting the finger" on a man has spread by grapevine among undesirables so that so-called hard persons omit Tucson from their itinerary. Local traffic problems worry him more than battling crime, yet his orders are for flashing action when crime breaks. The orders his men have received are short. They are "Go after the crooks fast" and "Tell me about it later." He spends all his spare time with his family, usually motoring in the mountains nearby.
1933 News article Jack Dyer1933Tucson Star January 19, 1933 (No title) The old time cattle horn may be installed as a traffic officers' whistle here following a gift to Chief Jack Dyer yesterday. L.J. Franklin of California dropped in on the police chief long enough to make him a present of a handsome horn, fresh from the head of a steer. The chief, who in his youth could blow a mighty blast on this implement, demonstrated that he still had all the old power. It was then that the chief, jesting, suggested its use for the traffic squad.
Jack Dyer family birth dates1937Paper typed by Jack Dyer and dated December 13, 1937, listing the birth dates and places for his parents and siblings. Also includes some death dates and places.