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John Bolton was born about 1766 in Ireland. He was the son of Samuel Bolton & Unknown
Mary was born about 1778 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Unknown Parents


John Bolton & Mary

John & Mary married by 1800, and had children born between 1801-1817. In the 1837 book "Bolton Families in Ireland: with their English and American kindred. Based in part upon original records which no longer exist" by Charles Knowles Bolton the following information is found on page 95:

"16. Samuel Bolton (Samuel, John, Thomas, Thomas) was born probably at Lismoyle, Parish of Tamlaght O'Crilly, County Derry about 1740, the son presumably of Samuel (No. 12). In the poll taken in 1806 he is supposed to be "Samuel Bolton Senior" since there is a Junior of the name. Three farmers and weavers at Lismoyle each had a child Samuel.


i. John, born 1766. A farmer at Lismoyle in 1806 with a one-story house, a farm of 12-1/4 acres, a wife Mary, born 1778 and children:
1. Eleanor, born 1801, Flax spinner
2. Martha, born 1803, Flax spinner
3. Jane, born 1805, Flax spinner
4. Mary Ann, born 1808, Flax spinner
5. Betty, born 1812
6. Samuel, born 1814
7. Margaret, born 1817"

Two more sons and a daughter are listed in this book. Noted that the daughter and one other son both had daughters named Mary born in 1809. See notes for more details. Based on the people I find living in Randolph Co., Illinois later, I think the above is the family of Mary Ann Bolton Dyer. Please be aware that I strongly believe that the children listed below are all siblings, but it is not 100% for sure!
Notes for John Dyer

The Children of John Bolton & Mary:

Eleanor Bolton Eleanor Bolton was born about 1801 in Ireland. I have no other information about her.
Martha Bolton Martha Bolton was born about 1802 in Ireland. Martha married John Alexander. I do not find record that they had any children. They are listed on the 1850 census of Twp 5S Range 7W, Randolph Co., Illinois, living next door to James & Mary Ann (Bolton) Dyer's family. John died about 1860 , probably in Randolph Co., Illinois. Martha is listed as head of household on the 1860 census of Twp 5S Range 7W, Randolph Co., Illinois, and her sister Margaret (Bolton Bratney) Silver and niece Martha Bratney are living with her. Martha Bolton Alexander died on March 20, 1864, probably in Randolph Co., Illinois. John & Martha are both buried in the Preston Cemetery, Preston, Randolph, Illinois.
Notes for Martha Bolton Alexander
Jane Bolton Jane Bolton was born about 1805. I have no other information about her.
Mary Ann BoltonMary Ann Bolton was born about 1809 in Ireland. Mary Ann married James Dyer before 1836 in Ireland or Canada. There are immigration records for a James Dyer, age 29, and Mary Dyer, age 26, both born Ireland, who arrived in Passamaquoddy, Maine in 1832 that is probably this couple. They had at least 9 children. From the birthplaces of their children, James & Mary Ann had emigrated to Canada by 1837, and from Canada to Illinois in 1848. Their son Samuel lists his birth place on one census as Canada West, which was Ontario. In Illinois, James & Mary Ann Dyer settled in Randolph County, in an area known as "The Irish Settlement". They possibly joined Mary Ann's sisters Martha, Margaret and Elizabeth who were all married and living there. James & Mary Ann are listed with their family is listed on the 1850 census of Twp 5S Range 7W, Randolph Co., IL, next door to John & Martha (Bolton) Alexander. James Dyer died about October 1851. There is a probate document for James Dyer dated October 21, 1851 that states: "I Mary Ann Dyer, widow of James Dyer deceased, do hereby relinquish my right to administer on the estate of my deceased husband, provided that James Thompson be appointed administrator." On Sept. 22, 1853, Mary Ann remarried a widower named William E. McCord in Monroe Co., IL. (His first wife Mary Ann McDonald died April 17, 1853. With his first wife he had 8 children, born between 1825 and 1843.) William & Mary Ann are listed on the 1860 & 1870 censuses of Town 5S Range 7W, Randolph Co., IL. William McCord died in 1872, and his probate was still going through the court system in the spring of 1874. Most of William McCord's children had moved to Texas by then - one of his son's, Samuel, had fled from Illinois in September 1853 after killling his father-in-law in an argument. Probate documents indicate that Mary Ann bought 33 acres of William's land at an estate sale on June 27, 1874. A McCord family story indicates that both William & Mary Ann died in "the mid 1870's", and I do not find her on the 1880 census at this time. Mary Ann Bolton Dyer McCord died about 1875, probably in Randolph Co., Illinois. An estate document for William McCord dated May 1876 states that Mary A. McCord, widow of William McCord "is now also deceased". Her son Bolton, who was the administer of William McCord's estate, moved to Lawrence Co., Missouri about 1880 based on birth places of his children. He joined his brother Samuel Dyer, who had moved there with his family in 1875.
The Family of James Dyer & Mary Ann Bolton
Notes for Mary Ann Bolton Dyer
Records for James & Mary Ann Dyer
Elizabeth Bolton

Elizabeth Bolton was born on January 1, 1814 in Ireland. Elizabeth married Archibald Hogue/Hogg about 1836 and they had at least 3 children. Archibald was also born in Ireland, but their first child was born in May 1837 in New York. Based on birth places of their children, Archibald and Elizabeth moved from New York to Illinois about 1838. They are listed on the 1850 census of Twp 5S Range 7W, Randolph Co., IL. Archibald died on February 24, 1855, and Elizabeth is listed as head of household on the 1855 & 1860 censuses of Twp 5S Range 7W, Randolph Co., IL. Elizabeth is listed as mother-in-law in the household of Thomas & Martha (Hogue) Thompson on the 1880 census of Evansville, Randolph, Illinois. Elizabeth Bolton Hogue died on March 28, 1889, probably in Randolph Co., Illinois. Archibald & Elizabeth are both buried in the Preston Cemetery, Preston, Randolph, Illinois.
Notes for Elizabeth Bolton Hogue/Hogg

Samuel BoltonSamuel Bolton was born about 1815 in Ireland. There is a death record of a Samuel Bolton, born 1815 in Ireland, who died in Ontario, Canada, that is probably this Samuel. His sister Mary Ann and her husband James Dyer also lived with their family in "Canada West" (Ontario) from 1837-1847 before moving to Randolph Co., Illinois to join some of the Bolton sisters who were living there. Samuel was a farmer, and his religion on his death record is listed as "Bible Christian". Samuel Bolton probably died on May 12, 1878 in Usborne, Huron, Ontario, Canada. Cause of death was listed as septic poisoning, and duration of the illness was 7 weeks.
Notes for Samuel Bolton
Margaret Bolton Margaret Bolton was born about 1820 in Ireland. Martha Bolton married Joseph Bratney on December 7, 1844 in Randolph Co., IL and they had 2 children. Joseph died on December 31, 1849 in Preston, Randolph, IL. Margaret is listed as head of household with the children on the 1850 census of Twp 5S Range 7W, Randolph, IL. Margaret was married second on May 31, 1851 to Joseph Silver in Randolph Co., IL. On the Illinois marriage index, their names are listed as John Silber and Margaret Brattner. John died or the marriage failed before 1860. Margaret is listed with last name Sullivan on the 1860 census of Twp 5S Range 7W in the household of her sister Martha (Bolton) Alexander. In 1860, Margaret is living with younger daughter Martha, but older daughter Eleanor ("Ellen") is living with Charles & Hannah Beattie (siblings, both children of John Beattie and Jane Cochran). In 1865, Margaret is head of household in Evansville, Randolph, IL, listed under last name Silver. In 1870 she is head of household in Twp 5, Range 7, Randolph, IL, listed under the last name Silvan. She is listed as Margaret Silver, mother-in-law, in the household of David & Martha (Bratney) Dyer on the 1880 census of Twp 4, Range 3, Beaucoup Pct, Perry Co., IL. David was Margaret's nephew, son of her sister Mary Ann Bolton Dyer. Margaret Bolton Bratney Silver died sometime after 1880, and probably before 1900 in Perry or Randolph Co., Illinois.
Notes for Margaret Bolton Bratney Silver