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Notes for Thomas Jefferson Goodin

Document from War Department Adjutant General's Office, dated Dec. 6, 1886:

"Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions.
Thomas J. Gooden, a private of Company E, 12th Regiment Missouri Cav., Volunteers, was enrolled on the 25th day of September, 1863, at Princeton Mo. for 3 yrs. and is reported: Mustered in Oct. 23/63, at St. Joseph, Mo. Roll for Dec 31/63 reports him as Thomas Goodwin present; Subsequent Rolls to Dec 31/64 as Thomas Goodin, present; Jan & Feb 1865, Corpl. present; Mar. & Apr. 1865, as Thomas J. Goodin, present; May & June 1865, sergt. present;& so borne to Feb. 28/66. Returns for Nov. 1865 and Jan & Mar 1866, do not report him absent. Mustered out with Co. Apr. 9/66 at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Regimental Hospital Records not on file. The records of this office furnish no evidence of alleged disability."

Was listed as age 21 when he entered to calvalry, and also age 21 3 years later when he got out - probably lied about his age to enlist.

On pension document dated March 15, 1917 and signed Thomas Goodwin:

"In 1850 my post office in Knox County, Kentucky was Barberville, which was also the county seat of said Knox County. I lived 12 miles north of Barberville on Greasy Creek.

1850 census Knox Co., KY page 346
census taken August 20, 1850
Ebenezer Goodin, male, age 36, b. KY
Jane, female, age 29, b TN
Mary, female, age 14, b KY
Rachel, female, age 12, b KY
Almira T, female, age 10, b KY
Parilee, female, age 9, b KY
James, male, age 8, b KY
Nancy, female, age 6, KY
Thomas. male, age 5, KY
Amanda R., female, age 7 months, KY

In 1860 my post office in Mercer County, Missouri was Princeton, which was also the county seat of said Mercer County. I lived 8 miles north of Princeton, on Grand River."

1860 census Marion Twp., Mercer Co., MO Page 241 sheet 141
Household #1016
E. Gooden, age 45, farmer, b. KY
Jane, age 40, b. TN
Parablee, (female), age 18, b. KY
James, age 16, b. KY
Nancy, age 14, b. KY
Thomas, age 13, b. KY
John, age 12, b. KY
A. R., (female), age 10, b. KY
Margaret, age 8, b. MO
Pleasant (male), age 6, b. MO
Josephine, age 5, b. MO
C. A. (female), age 3, b. MO

1870 Census (Lindley Twp Mercer Co. MO)
6/6 Lindley Twp.
GOODWIN, James age 27 b. KY (at the time Knox Co., now Bell Co.)
Lucinda (actually Lorinda) age 20 b. IN
Betsy J. age 2 b. MO
William T. age 9/12 b. MO
7/7 Lindley Twp.
GOODWIN, Thomas age 23 b. KY
Mary L. E. age 16 b. MO
married Feb. of census year

In 1879 after separation from wife Evaline, Thomas moved to NW Kansas. He settled in Rawlins County, homesteading in section 30, T2S-R32W, D.S. entry No. 15936. A well was dug, sod house built and later a small frame house. The homestead is dated Dec. 26, 1879. Seven acres of ground was broke for cultivation, but a drought prevented a crop the first year.

1880 census T2 R32, Rawlins Co., KS page 416 ED 252
Household #10
George T. Williams, age 29, selling goods, NY/NY/NY
TJ Goodin, age 32, selling goods, MO/KY/KY

He married Luella Dimmick in 1882

1900 census Dewey Twp., Oklahoma Co., OK
TJ Goodin, Feb 1846, age 54, md 14 yrs, KY/TN/TN, Farmer
LM, wife, Jan 1864, age 33, md 14 yrs, 6 children, 4 surviving, IL/IL/IL
RJ, daughter, Jan 1877, age 23, MO/KY/MO, Musician, Blind
WM, daughter, Sept 1885, age 14, KS/KY/IL
EC, daughter, July 1888,a ge 11. KS/KY/IL
AD, son, March 1891, age 9, KS/KY/IL
GJ, son, April 1898, age 2, OK/KY/IL

1910 census Springer Twp., Oklahoma Co., OK Page 311, sheet 5A
Household #78
Thomas J. Goodwin, age 64, 2nd marriage, md 28 yrs, KY/KY/TN, Farmer
Ella M., age 42, 1st marriage, md 28 yrs, 8 births, 6 surviving children, MO/IL/IL
Arthur D., son, age 18, KS/KY/MO
Glenn G., son, age 12, OK/KY/MO
Ellis T., son, age 8, OK/KY/MO
Albert R., son, age 2, OK/KY/MO

1920 census Choctaw Twp., Oklahoma Co., OK ED #99 Sheet 8A Image #15
Note - in index for 1920 census as Tohmas Goodwin
Thomas J. Goodwin, head, age 73, widowed, KY/KY/KY, retired farmer
Arthur D., son, age 28, KS/KY/IL, farmer, home farm
Ellis S., son, age 17, OK/KY/IL, laborer, home farm

After second marriage to Ella Dimmick, Thomas, Ella and their children all took the last name of Goodwin. Goodwin is on their tombstone at Jones cemetery.

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> Kari:
> Thanks for all of the information. Do you have Family Tree Maker 7.0? In any case I can send you a GED file over the internet if you want it. I have some additional information on family members etc that is in the file.
> TJ founded the town of Ludell KS, named for his wife, was the first county treasurer of Rawlins Co, got into political trouble and twice had charges filed against him concerning county money. He was cleared both times but moved to OK, was in the"land rush" as we understand it and used the name of Goodwin from that point on.... at least that the story as we have understood it.
> Let me know about the file. and thanks again for the info.
> Ron Carnahan

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Thomas (Tom) Jefferson Goodin was born in Knox County, Kentucky - not Virginia.

If I put his death date as Feb. 22 1921 on a group sheet, it was a mistake in transcribing. His death was Nov 25 1921. (See tombstone)

Thomas (Tom) Jefferson Goodin, was also known as Goodwin. All children of his and Ella's went by the surname of Goodwin. Ella stated that the original name was spelled Goodwin. (If so, it was way back beyond what I have found.) My grandmother told me he registered for a second "headright" under Goodwin. (I am not familiar with claims, but maybe he got a second one "illegally?") Some military related documents state name as Goodwin, and some Goodin.

He did lie to get into the cavalry, because he was too young. My grandmother told me this. I thought she said told me he started out as a "drummer boy" but there were no drummer boys in the cavalry. I am thinking I don't remember it correctly and that he was a bugler. My grandmother was pretty accurate at what information she gave me, but I make mistakes.

Yes, his father, Ebenezer; and his brother, James Madison, were also in the service during the civil war, according to China (Annie) Anne Goodin. I haven't got their records, however.

I have no information about nor have I made an effort to research the report that Eveline Wiggins was married another time to Cork Humphries. I just noticed this on someones tree on Cork was listed as a first husband and there was a child, Maud. I wonder if it is true. If he was a first husband, she was pretty young. Maybe he was a second husband.

I have wondered if Eveline and Tom were legally divorced. I haven't searched this out either. I wonder what went wrong with this marriage - especially since Tom took Eben and Jennie with him to Kansas. Maybe Eveline was not well. They lost Dan in an accident and Jennie went blind from meningities. This would surely be a strain on a mother.

His children and grandchildren loved him and had fond memories of him. I think my grandma might have been a "daddy's girl."

Ella (who was only 15 when they married) left Tom and married a second time, moving to California with her new husband. She regretted this second marriage and she and her husband separated. Suffering from TB and/or lung cancer, she died in California and her children had her body brought back to Oklahoma where she was buried along side their father. I am not sure if she and the second husband were legally divorced.

Tom is buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Jones, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. (Jones is northeast of Oklahoma City)

Thanks, Kari, for the picture of Nellie and her young family.

Buried in Jones, Oklahoma, OK. According to sister China Anne, he fought in the Civil War on the Union side with father Ebenezer, and brother James Madison Goodin.

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Ebeneezer Goodin Family
The first Goodins in Mercer Co. MO were Ebeneezer and Jane (Fuson) Goodin. They came from Knox Co. KY in the wagon train with Jane's father John Fuson. Ebeneezer (also called Ebb, E.B. or Eben) was born Aug 8 1813 in Knox Co. KY in an area which is now Bell Co. His parents probably were Thomas and Mary (Ingram) Goodin. Jane Fuson was born about 1820 in TN, later living in Knox Co. KY. Her parents were John and Mary "Polly" (Garner) Fuson. Ebeneezer and Jane were married Jul 22 1834 in Knox Co. KY. Their first 9 children were born in KY, and the remainder were born in MO.

Their children were:
1 Mary - b. Jul 26 1836 KY- married -- Campbell - d. at Big Springs, TX [NOTE: Info from Linda Durham Hamilton---Mary married Henry Campbell (Oct 4, 1850-Aug 8, 1881 Kaufman TX) , s/o Robert & Mary Campbell. After Henry's death, Mary married a Mr. Sheets after 1882. Mary died Jan 26, 1890 in Bonham, Fannin Co., TX)
2 Rachel - Feb 28 1838 KY-Dec 15 1891 - married Daniel Shaffer- at least 1 son, Dock who married Tamar Rose daughter of Stephen and Margaret (Brummett) Rose - Their children were: Ethel V. b. Jan 12 1894 & married Cliff Miller Mar 27 1910, Charles E. b. Jun 9 1896, Daniel L. b. Jan 14 1899 and Ray H. b. May 7 1903 [NOTE: Obit of Daniel Shaffer says 13 children with 8 living at the time of his death in 1905]
3 Almira - 1840 KY-Jun 13 1922 KS - married Winfield S. Browning Oct 19 1873 MO- Their children were: Amanda Rebecca (1876 MO-1954 UT) married 1st Sam Cadwallader 2nd Walter Pippinger, James F. (1875 MO-1938) married Ethel Yoeman, Bertha May (1881 MO-1969) married Ora Mettler, Della (1893 MO-1967) married John Mettler [NOTE: Almira was married first to John Shaffer. Census records list 4 Shaffer children.]
4 Perilee - Apr 10 1841 KY-Sep 22 1934 MO - married Thomas Jefferson Griffey (b. Jan 12 1833 TN) on Apr 10 1861 MO Their children were: Esan b. Jun 26 1865; Stephen A. Douglas b. Oct 6 1868; Ebeneezer b. Dec 21 1868; Phronie b. Feb 14 1871 married Emmett Brummett; Ila Green b. May 16 1873 married Solomon Sparks; Jacob Abraham b. Aug 16 1876 IA; Anna Viola (Apr 30 1878 TX-Apr 9 1947 TX) married 1st Michael Sparks Jan 1 1896 MO & 2nd Walter Owen Scott Apr 9 1947 MO; Beck Jane b. Aug 18 1880; James A Garfield b. Feb 24 1882 IA; Epsa Lee b. Feb 1884; Bledson b. Jan 1886 [NOTE: surname sometimes given as Griffin or Griffith]
5 James Madison - Sep 29 1842 KY-Jan 17 1925 MO - married Lourinda McIntosh Oct 29 1865 MO Their children were: Elizabeth J. b. 1867/68 MO married Lafayette Cornett 1886; William Thomas (1869-1934) married 1st Viola Smith, 2nd Sallie Derry; James F. (1871-1889); Rachel (1874-1875); John (1874-1933) married Lula D. Scott Mar 23 1898; Rosa M. married James Stanley Nov 17 1898; Martha Anne (1881-1919) married Joseph Morgan Donnelson Dec 24 1901; Clarinda b. Jan 1892 married Everett Moffatt Apr 6 1911
6 Nancy - b. 1844 KY - married Summers
7 Thomas Jefferson - 1846 KY-abt 1921 Jones, OK - married Mary Evalon Wiggins Feb 17 1870 MO Their children were: Daniel (1871-1888); Ebbon Richard (1872-1918); Nellie; Jennie (1877-1961)
8 John B. - 1847/48 KY-1881 MO
9 Amanda Red - Dec 25 1849 KY-Mar 6 1929 MO - married James F. Cox (b. May 7 1842 KY, a son of Nathan M. Cox) Mar 19 1865 KY Their children were: Will Tomb. Feb 28 1866 married Polly Anne Dykes; Margaret b. Nov 18 1867 married Eaf(?) Hart; Rachel b. Dec 26 1869 married Al Mornin(?); Dan b. Dec 20 1871; Cora M. b. Jan 18 1874 married Jake Hart; Anna M. b. Jul 26 1876 married Upton McElfish; Scotty d. as infant; John F. b. Sep 20 1882; Kate b. May 18 1884 married --Jackson; Andrew J. b. Oct 22 1885; Charles b. Jul 20 1888; J. Frank b. Apr 2 1891
10 Margaret - Mar 27 1852 MO-Jul 2 1880 MO - married Abraham Barritt 1870 Their children were: James Pleasant b.1852 MO; Cora Alwilda b. Aug 1 1873 married Jackson Van Buren Jones; Della Almira (Feb 12 1877-Aug 1972) married William Elmer Larason - lived in OK; Amanda Rachel married Ira Hartley
11 Pleasant - 1853/54 MO-abt 1883 - married Mary E. "Molly" Springer abt 1877 MO - 3 children: Rosa M'Gratia (Feb 21 1879 TX-Mar 25 1962 IA) married 1898 MO Jacob Daniel Rumph; Charles E. married May Collier Sep 18 1900 MO; and Clara married Thomas H. Prather Sep 10 1898 MO
12 Josephine - b. 1854/55 MO - married --Williams - lived in Nebraska
13 Minerva Jane b. 1856 MO - married --Derny - lived in Kansas
14 China Anne - May 3 1858 MO-1938 Jones OK - married 1st: William Lyman Fuller 1873 MO Their children were: Edward Lyman b. Mar 16 1877 OK, Jessie May b. OK married Sam Mills; Gracie b. Nov 2 1883; Maud Zella married Claude Dewall TX: 2nd Aldon D. Argo 1920

Ebeneezer served in Co. K of the 10th Kansas Infantry Aug 12 1861 to May 31 1863. He was released from service with eye problems. Ebeneezer and Jane lived at Gainsville, Cooke Co. TX from about 1875 to 1879. In the 1880 Census of Mercer Co. MO, Ebeneezer is listed as blind, and by June 1892, they were in Topeka KS for treatment of his eye problems . Jane died in 1894 and is buried in Rawlins Co. KS. Ebeneezer died Sep 1901 in Mercer Co. MO, and is buried at the Tennessee Cemetery. His Army headstone reads E. Goodwin because Ebeneezer's Army records are listed as both Goodwin and Goodin and his pension applications, etc. are signed with a mark and witnessed.
Submitted by Delores (Weaver) Rowland