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Notes for Nancy Vantrease Judd

The Family of James Frederick Vantrease & Elizabeth

Nancy Vantreese born 1800-1805 in Kentucky

1810 census Flemingsberg, Fleming Co., Kentucky
Page 67
(Johann) Fredrick Vantrees
1 male over 45 (Johann Frederick, age 63)
1 female over 45 (Kesiah, age over 45)
1 female 16-25 (Rachel, age 23)
Where is Dorothy, age 30??
page 70
(James) Fredrick Vantreese
1 male 26-45 (James Frederick, age 34)
1 female 26-45 (Elizabeth, age 35)
4 females under age 10 (Kesiah, age 8, Nancy, age 6-9, Margaret, age 3 & Mary Ann, age 1)

1820 census Fleming Co., KY
page 35
Keziah Vantrase
1 female over 45
Near household of Peter Dye
page 42
Fredr Vantreese 100010-22201-01
1 male 26-44 (James Frederick, age 44)
1 male under 10 (Squire, age 5-9)
1 female over 45 (Elizabeth, age 45)
2 females 16-25 (Kesiah, age 18 Nancy, age 16-19)
2 females 10-15 (Margaret, age 13 & Mary Ann, age 11)
2 females under 10 (Lucinda, age 8 & Susannah, age 2)
1 person engaged in agriculture
On index as Fred R Vantreese

abt 1820 - Nancy VanTrease married William Judd




Sept. 1851 document in Vermilion Co. IL assigns guardianship to John Jordan and Lawrence Dye for: Alexander, William Jasper, Lucinda, and Mary Eliza Judd, minor heirs of Nancy Judd, dec'd; and for John Marion and Mary E. Judd, minor heirs of (Nancy's son) Squire Judd, dec'd.

From: Sally Duchow
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2012 10:33 AM
Subject: Vantreese family connectionsHello,

I've seen your tree with the Vantreese / Dye family as I've worked in Ancestry, but only recently visited your pages at the Ancestry freepages site. I've been in Ancestry only a couple of years, but have been researching back to 1980 and longer.

My tree with Vantreese connections (I'll use that spelling, although it shows up in many forms) is the Jordan Family, and my Ancestry user name is "prairielibs."

This is our Jordan family, documented through a family reunion that dates back 80+ years, and supplemented by records and correspondence:

John Jordan (1818-1894) married Elizabeth Judd (1821-1858) in Shelby County Indiana on 21 Feb 1843. By April of 1848 they were in Vermilion Co. IL, in the Georgetown / Elwood / Carroll townships area. The family history said that Elizabeth Judd, b. Kentucky 1821, was the daughter of William Judd and Nancy Vantreese. I've been piecing together this family for years, but have not been able to find the Judd - Vantreese marriage. Elizabeth seems to have been the oldest Judd child. Her known siblings were born in Kentucky until about 1840, then Indiana. William Judd is in Shelby Co 1840 census, but is with the Jordans an other Ky families in Vermilion Co. IL in 1850.

Nancy Vantreese Judd seems to have died leaving minor children, and a Sept. 1851 document in Vermilion Co. IL assigns guardianship to John Jordan and Lawrence Dye for: Alexander, William Jasper, Lucinda, and Mary Eliza Judd, minor heirs of Nancy Judd, dec'd; and for John Marion and Mary E. Judd, minor heirs of Squire Judd, dec'd. The image of this document is in my tree - since it names Lawrence Dye, I thought you might want to add it to your other documents. Unless the Vantreese connection were valid through Nancy and dau. Eizabeth (Mrs. John Jordan), I don't know why Dye would be named a co-guardian.

I corresponded with a descendant of Elizabeth's brother John Judd extensively and have tracked his family in my tree into Missouri. Missouri death certificates are helpful in verifying parentage. We can't tell why guardianship of these children of Nancy VT Judd seems to ignore that father William Judd is still alive. He may have had health or other issues that made him unable to be responsible. And then Elizabeth Judd, Nancy's daughter and wife of John Jordan dies in 1858, so we have very little documentation for her. There was a John Jordan family Bible, but it was lost in a house fire (in 1940s?). The youngest son of John and Elizabeth, James Jordan, was my great-grandfather. Scrapbooks from reunions of John Jordan descendants date to 1926, when James was still living and the Bible still existed. The records show Elizabeth's parents to be William Judd and Nancy Vantrees Judd and give her birthdate 1821 in Kentucky.

I believe that Elizabeth's mother Nancy (abt 1800- 1850?) was the daughter of Frederick Vantreese (Jr.) and Elizabeth from Kentucky. I hope eventually to find documentation to support this.

This family has ties to the Hintons and Lamars as well as the Judds. Meridale Watson of Washington state sent me copies of the following document in 1982 [my summary]:

Land Indenture 23 Dec 1836
Fleming County, Kentucky: Deed Book U, p. 17 (Grantors)

Elijah Lamar and Kesiah Vantreese Lamar, with Eli Hinton and Lucinda Vantreese Hinton, enter into a land indenture
contract with Lawrence Dye. Lamars receive $ 400 and Hintons $ 350 to assign Lawrence Dye and his heirs "undivided
interest" in the tract of land owned and possessed by Frederick Vantrees "supposed to contain 157 acres" including
portion of the said estate of Frederick Vantrees which may be allotted to the widow of said Vantreese (and would revert to
Keziah and Lucinda as part of widows dower at her death. Also included in the disposition is
"their share or portion of the slaves of the estate of said Frederick Vantreese, dec'd" as well as any personal interest
following the widow's death.

Meridale stated that Lucinda VT Lamar and Keziah were not named in the Frederick Vantreese will, presumably because they had signed away this interest. She suggested that perhaps my Nancy VT Judd may have signed a similar document--I have not had anyone search in Fleming Co. for it.

I have also corresponded a Lamar descendent, Warren Deem (now deceased). He had located the burial site of Elizabeth Vantreese, widow of Frederick VT in Georgetown Cemetery. At one time I visited and did note the location (it was documented in earlier cemetery "readings" by the local genealogical society). I believe the stone is now gone, but I have his information. One Ancestry tree gave a maiden name for Elizabeth as "Thomas." I saw no documentation for this name, but it might be useful to keep in mind when searching.

Many years ago I also corresponded with Robert Vantrees of Ohio, who published a VT genealogy: "Decades of Digging..." I see that it is listed in the Library of Congress. I have a copy. It shows the Lamar and Hinton and Dye connection of the VT daughters known to the author, but not my Nancy.

At one time there was a Vantrees newsletter published out of Indianapolis. I have some copies. It was a mimeographed document that seemed to concentrate on a regional line, although it did contain nuggets of data that people reported. Also births and celebrations along the "family reunion" line. At a time prior to the internet and online sources, it was better than nothing. I have not pursued extensive Heritage Quest searching - only google books and Ancestry.

In my google searches, I've found a couple of new full-text items relating to Frederick VT, although I'm not sure which Frederick, father or son. He was a substantial slave holder, from one record I saw, and there was an advertisement for a runaway. The Meridale Watson document makes reference to slaves.

I was very interested to see the documents you did have on your web page. You may wish to add these new documents and details. I hope we can collaborate in future research and that sometime I'll find the verification I need for my Nancy. The family and legal associations in Vermilion Co IL seem too strong for there not to be a tie.

I'm a retired librarian and library administrator, and I tend to be conservative in my tree construction, accepting and adding only what I "trust." However, sometimes "playing" with parallel lines and branches of a tree will help.

My grandparents lived in the same area as the Dyes and attended the Friends church and Academy at Vermilion Grove. (and are buried there) I used to drive past the Mt. Pisgah church (when the building still stood during my childhood, it fascinated me). The Pleasant Grove church was just up the road and we have Jordan family there. The families your line married into (Sconce, Fisher, Baum, etc.) are all very familiar names from my association with this community. I know other descendants still living in the area and own the Indianola history books.

Have a great Memorial Day holiday! Hope to hear from you when you have time.

Sally Duchow
Champaign, IL


From: Sally Duchow
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 5:44 PM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Re: Vantreese family connections

Hi Kari,

Thanks for your email.

In the 1820 census, I think it's probable that Nancy was already out of the household, married to William Judd. William and Nancy's daughter Elizabeth was born about 1821 in KY. The only documentation we have for her is the 1850 census and her marriage in 1843 in Shelby Co. IN. As I said, she died ca 1858 and they didn't put up a stone at the time.

Just yesterday, I found the first ever written documentation of William and Nancy - their daughter Lucinda Judd Hoover's death in Washington state in 1916:
Nancy's maiden name is given as Vantriece (yet another variation)

I was thrilled to find this - had no record of Lucinda since her mid-1800s census and guardianship record after Nancy had died (before 1851). It turned out William Judd was still living as late as 1870 and had gone West with Lucinda and her husband, to Dakota Terr. He's not with them in 1880 in Iowa, so some time out that way he died. Haven't researched his death location yet. Then Lucinda settles in Seattle area and is buried out there. We had, as I've said, the family record of William and Nancy, but getting it confirmed by Lucinda's death record was wonderful.

I guess the only way I'll be able to verify or disprove KY Vantreese parentage of Nancy is to have someone look into the court records there to see if she signed away her interest in Frederick Jr.'s estate prior to his will, as Keziah and Lucinda did in their sale to Lawrence Dye. Did I read somewhere that you had done some examination of the court records there? But maybe wouldn't have looked for the Judd name?

I can't think there would be any reason for Lawrence Dye to be co-guardian of Nancy's minor children in 1851, with John Jordan, unless there was a family relationship. That and all the inter-marriages of Hintons, Dillons, etc.

It would be really nice if I could find that Judd - Vantreese marriage of Nancy and William. I've pored over all the KY records available thru Ancestry. Indiana marriages and Illinois are so nicely put into searchable databases.

Maybe the proximities of the families in Vermilion Co IL is a coincidence. Time will tell.

Thanks for keeping your eyes open for me. Do you have the name of a researcher in KY that I could hire?

Kind regards,
Sally Duchow