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Notes for Lucinda VanTrease

The Family of James Frederick VanTrease and Elizabeth

August 08, 1812 - Lucinda born in Fleming Co., Kentucky

1820 census Fleming Co., KY
page 35
Keziah Vantrase
1 female over 45
Near household of Peter Dye
page 42
Fredr Vantreese 100010-22201-01
1 male 26-44 (James Frederick, age 44)
1 male under 10 (Squire, age 5-9)
1 female over 45 (Elizabeth, age 45)
2 females 16-25 (Kesiah, age 18 Nancy, age 16-19)
2 females 10-15 (Margaret, age 13 & Mary Ann, age 11)
2 females under 10 (Lucinda, age 8 & Susannah, age 2)
1 person engaged in agriculture
On index as Fred R Vantreese

abt 1830 - Eli married Lucinda, born 1813-1816 in Kentucky. Marriage took place in Kentucky or Illinois

1830 census Western Division, Fleming, Kentucky
Eli Hinton
1 male age 20-30 (Eli, age 24)
1 female age 15-20 (Lucinda, age 18)
Next door to household of Frederick VanTrease and one household away from Lawrence Dye & Barnett Lamar

abt 1831 - son Benjamin born
February 1833 - son Thomas born
March 15, 1835 - daughter Mary Ellen born

Land Indenture 23 Dec 1836
Fleming County, Kentucky: Deed Book U, p. 17 (Grantors)

Elijah Lamar and Kesiah Vantreese Lamar, with Eli Hinton and Lucinda Vantreese Hinton, enter into a land indenture contract with Lawrence Dye. Lamars receive $ 400 and Hintons $ 350 to assign Lawrence Dye and his heirs "undivided interest" in the tract of land owned and possessed by Frederick Vantrees "supposed to contain 157 acres" including portion of the said estate of Frederick Vantrees which may be allotted to the widow of said Vantreese (and would revert to Keziah and Lucinda as part of widows dower at her death. Also included in the disposition is "their share or portion of the slaves of the estate of said Frederick Vantreese, dec'd" as well as any personal interest
following the widow's death.

March 17, 1837 - son Samuel born
Results for:

Date of Birth 9/19/1842
Place of Birth KENTUCKY
Mother VANTREESE,LUCINDIil.c.#2920046
Spouse W-MARY'14/18
Wedding Date
Date of Death 1/24/1924

Date of Birth 2/15/1844
Place of Birth IL.? b&d
Spouse I-NFANT
Wedding Date
Date of Death 2/15/1844

February 04, 1845 - daughter Permelia born
May 02, 1848 - daughter Juletta born

1850 census District 21, Vermilion, Illinois
Eli Hinton, age 44, farmer, b. Kentucky
Lucinda, age 37, b. Kentucky
Ben, age 18, b. Kentucky
Thomas, age 17, b. Kentucky
Samuel, age 15, b. Kentucky
Mary, age 13, b. Kentucky
John, age 10, b. Kentucky
Julietta, age 2, b. Illinois

January 01, 1851 - son Pleasant born
Results for:
Date of Birth 4/5/1854
Place of Birth IL.? age:2y
Spouse I-NFANT
Wedding Date
Date of Death 4/3/1857

1860 census Carroll Twp, Vermilion, Illinois
Eli Hinton, age 52, farmer, b. Kentucky
Lucinda, age 44, b. Kentucky
Samuel, age 23, b. Kentucky
John, age 20, b. Kentucky
Juletta, age 12, b. Illinois
Pleasant, age 9, b. Illinois

January 4 1866 - Lucinda died and Eli married Mary, born abt 1806 in Pennsylvania. Probably married in Vermilion, Illinois, LUCINDA
Date of Birth 1/1/1808
Place of Birth IL.?
Spouse ELI
Wedding Date
Date of Death 1/4/1866

Comment on family tree from Stonesus

They also had a daughter Lucinda, who is my grandmother. She was born 1813-1816. Married Eli Hinton.Children; Benjamin, Thomas, Lemuel, Mary, John, Julietta. She, Julietta (and her son,Ernest McCarty) are buried in Fairmount, Il.

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Feb 16 11:32 PM GMT
I think we have been in contact in the past, but I have been looking at the VanTreases and Hintons in my tree again and would like more information on your sources for Frederick being the father of Lucinda, and also I. Hinton being the father of Benjamin Hinton, father of Eli. Thanks

Kari Northup
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Oct 19 1:29 AM GMT
I have the original papers of a bill of sale of future inheritance between Lucinda and Eli and her sister and husband and it states their inheritance from their parents, Fredrick VanTreese. (including slaves)