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Notes for Keziah (maiden name unknown) VanTrease Waggoner

The Family of Johann Frederick VanTrease and Kesiah

abt 1775 - Johann Frederick VanTrease married Kesiah (maiden name unknown), probably in MD or PA

1775-1790 - unknown son #1 born
1776 - son James Frederick born in PA
October 02, 1777 - daughter Elizabeth born
abt 1780 - daughter Dorothy born
abt 1782 - daughter Rachel born
abt 1786 - unknown son #2 born
September 17, 1788 - son Emmanuel born in PA

Listed on Bedford, PA tax list in 1783 and 1790.

1790 census Bedford, PA page 25
Frederick Vantreece 1-4-4
1 male over 16 (Frederick, age 43)
4 males under 16 (Frederick Jr, age 14, Emmanuel, age 2, and 2 other sons??)
4 females (Kesiah, age ?, Elizabeth, age 13, Dorothy, age 10 & Rachel, age 8)
On same page are households of Emanuel (1-0-2), Harmon (1-1-2) & Peter (1-1-2) Vantreece

1790-1800 - emigrated from Pennsylvania to Kentucky

1798 - Fleming Co., KY formed from Mason Co., KY

1800 (from Kentucky Census, 1810-90)
State: KY
County: Mason County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1800
Record Type: Tax list
Database: KY Early Census Index

State: KY
County: Fleming County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1800
Record Type: Tax list
Database: KY Early Census Index

April 12, 1803 - daughter Elizabeth married Meshack Browning in Fleming Co., KY

Sept 24, 1803 - Frederick Vantrease bought land in Fleming Co., KY from Peter Hysong & wife. Recorded in the clerk's office of the Fleming County Court in Deed book of No. 2, page 370

1810 census Flemingsberg, Fleming Co., KY
Page 67
(Johann) Fredrick Vantrees
1 male over 45 (Johann Frederick, age 63)
1 female over 45 (Kesiah, age over 45)
1 female 16-25 (Rachel, age 23)
Where is Dorothy, age 30??
page 70
(James) Fredrick Vantreese
1 male 26-45 (James Frederick, age 34)
1 female 26-45 (Elizabeth, age 35)
4 females under age 10 (Kesiah, age 8, Nancy, age 6-9, Margaret, age 3 & Mary Ann, age 1)

Sept 10, 1812 - Frederick Sr conveyed 40 acres of land in Fleming Co., KY to Frederick Jr. Recorded in the Fleming Co., KY courthouse, Book E, page 148

January 12, 1815 - daughter Dorothy married Henry Gimble in Fleming Co., KY
July 31 1815 - daughter Rachel married Allen Casky in Fleming Co., KY

abt 1815 - Matilda Vantreese born. Listed in a February 1836 land document as being the daughter of Frederick Vantreese deceased who bought land from Peter Hysong in 1803. Frederick Jr paid her $90 for her "undivided interest" in this land. Was Keziah her mother? No indication on the census that she was living with Keziah in 1820. Not listed as a child in Frederick Sr's 1817 will.

November 02, 1817 - Frederick Sr died in Fleming Co., KY. Will names Keziah as wife, 5 children (Dorothy, Elizabeth, Fredericks, Emanuel & Rachel) and 1 grandson (Dorothy's eldest son Lewis)

1817 - Will of Johann Frederick VanTrease:

In the name of god Amen, I Frederick Vantreese of the County of Fleming & state of Kentucky being now weak in body and low in health, but of sound and disposing mind and memory, and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men to die do make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and disannuling all others heretofor made by me, and establishing and confirming this as my true and only Will and Testament

Im primus; It is my will and desire that all my just and lawful debts be first paid, after which I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Keziah all the property that I am possessed of, during her natural life, reserving such part of my property as she shall prefer to be sold by my Executor whom I shall hereafter appoint, for the payment of my debts, and after her death it is my will and desire that it shall be equally divided between my five children, namely Dorothy, Elizabeth, Fredericks, Emanuel & Rachel, and my daughter Dorothy's eldest son Lewis, provided he shall submit himself in all things to the control of his grandmother my beloved wife Keziah until he shall be of lawful age.

It is my will and desire that whatever money shall remain after paying my just debts it shall be paid to my beloved wife Keziah. And lastly I do constitute and appoint William Summers Junr. and Michael Summers Executors to this last will and testament.

In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of August 1817.

Frederick Vantreese (his mark)

Signed, seal and acknowleged in the presence of Edwin Hood, William Summers, Basil Browning, Albert Browning

At a county court begun and held for the County of Fleming, at the Courthouse thereof of Monday the 3rd day of November 1817:
This Last Will and Testament of Frederick Vantreece, deceased, was produced in Court, proved by the oath of Basil Browning and Albert Browning, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto, and ordered to be Recorded. The Executor named in said will refused in Court to take upon themselves the Execution or bursten (?) of the same upon them. Attest Joshua Stockton, clerk

1820 census Fleming Co., KY
page 35
Keziah Vantrase
1 female over 45
Near household of Peter Dye
page 42
Fredr Vantreese 100010-22201-01
1 male 26-44 (James Frederick, age 44)
1 male under 10 (Squire, age 5-9)
1 female over 45 (Elizabeth, age 45)
2 females 16-25 (Kesiah, age 18 Nancy, age 16-19)
2 females 10-15 (Margaret, age 13 & Mary Ann, age 11)
2 females under 10 (Lucinda, age 8 & Susannah, age 2)
1 person engaged in agriculture
On index as Fred R Vantreese
Fleming County, Kentucky Marriage Records, 1798-1851
Name: John Waggoner
Spouse: Kesiah Vantrease
Marriage Date: 12 Sep 1821

Sept 9, 1829 - land indenture between Meshack & Elizabeth Browning, Emanuel & Amelia Vantrease (of the state of Ohio) and Allen & Rachel Casky on the one part, and Frederick Vantrease of the Fleming Co., KY on the other part. Frederick paid the others $240 for the undivided interest in "that tract or parcel of land situate and being in the county of Fleming on the waters of Mill Creek, containing eighty three acres and a half, which their ancestor Frederick Vantrease receieved a deed for from Peter Hysong & wife dated the 24th of Sept 1803 and recorded in the clerk's office of the Fleming County Court in Deed book of No. 2, page 370, the said Frederick the elder having by deed dated the 10th of Sept 1812 & recorded in the same office in Book E, page 148, conveyed 40 acres thereof to the Grantee in this deed, and the land hereby conveyed is the undivided interest in the remainder which the grantors hold as heirs of Frederick Vantrease." Signed by Meshack Browning, Elizabeth Browning (her mark), Emanuel Vantrease, Amelia Vantrease, Allen Casky & Rachel Casky (her mark).

Sept 10, 1834 - Amelia, Elizabeth & Rachel were examined apart from their husbands and declared that they freely and willingly consented to above deed.


the Vantrease, Dye, Gerrard and Hinton families all were part of the group that left the Goshen Baptist Church in PA to emigrate to KY, and later to Vermilion Co., IL. The records for the Goshen church are on John Butler's webpage at:

Some of the Goshen Baptist church records that mention Vantrease:
A Church constituted by Rev Isaac Sutton and Daniel Fristoe on 7th day November 1773 consisting of thirty members men and women which mutually gave themselves to each other by the will of God in covenant. At a monthly meeting 11th December 1773 Jacob Vanmetre chosen Deacon John Vantrees to Praise the Psalm David Henton to Keep the Records. The fryday Before the Second Sabbath in Feb'y to Be Church Meeting again. The Saturday to be Preparation Day Before Communion

Fryday 10th March 1775

Then Met according to appointment, and agreed that Brother Underwood still decline communion Also Sister Ives rec'd into our Communion·the Church having chose Brother Jno Gerrard Ruling Elder, proceeded to business·Brother Gerrard chosen Moderator. A matter relating to Sister Vantrees and Rebeckah Rawlins, brough on ------ as follows ----- Sister Vantrees having contradicted Becky Rawlings in some words which she said, relating to Elias Gerrard. but being convinc'd of that Elias Gerrard said the words though not in her hearing, has so far acknoledged herself in the wrong. But not allowing she spoke in the manner some apprehended her to speak yet undecided church meeting second Sabbath in May.


Met according to appointment on Saturday the 18th of September and proceeded to business. First agreed by the voice of the church that Brother Jacob Vanmetre take his seat in the house of God as formerly. Agreed by voice of the majority of the Church that Brother Alexander Briant/Bryant to be under censure for his not complying with the request of the Church. We gave unto our beloved Brother Jacob Vanmetre, John Garard, John Ventrees, John Eastwood, Joseph Eastwood, John Gated, Isaac Dye, David Henton, Abraham Vanmetre, Jacob Vanmetre Junior, Rebecca Vantrees, Letitia Vanmetre, Hannah Dye, Mary Underwood, Mary Henton, Bambo and Dinah letters of dismission according to their request. We gave unto our beloved Brethren John Corbly and Elizabeth Corbly, his wife, Hannah Eastwood letters of dismission agreeable to their request.

Is on 1790 Pennsylvania census with 4 sons under 16 and four females including his wife. Listed on Bedford, PA tax list in 1783 and 1790.

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Hi to John and Al.
Am following the info about Isaac with great interest. Isaac & Hannah in Kentucky were our ancestors. So we have some about the family from there down, as you know John. When we went to LaRue Co. Ky. a couple of months ago, were fortunate to be given a copy of the Severns Valley Baptist Church minutes from July 1788 to Aug. 1803. The majority of information in the minutes deal with correcting misbehavior of their members, citing them for unattendance, or bad language. etc. Seems like one of the Dye Soc. members was interested in Vanmetre so will write a fun story from the minutes.-- Spelling was not changed--
In the meeting Jan 25, 1794 , Brother John Vantrees was appointed moderator. An accusation was brought against our Brother Jacob Vanmetre that he was intoxicated with liquor and by his conduct in the presence of some of the member of this church it apears that it wa the case with him and it is also said that he has been guilty of denying the fact. Ordered that Brother Vantrees do cite him to attend at our next meeting of business. Feb. 22, 1794 Brother Vantrees reported that he had cited Brother Vanmetre and he attended but gave no satisfaction to the church but is suspended until the meeting. Later on-- Vanmetre said he was truly sorry and was given his seat back in the church.

The Severns Valley Baptist Church is in LaRue Co. Ky. and was the church that Isaac & Hannah Dye, the Vanmetre's and Vantrease's started. When they first started their worship services, it was under a huge tree as they didn't have a church building. They had to post lookouts so the Indians couldn't attack.