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Notes for John Samuel Dye

The Families of John Samuel Dye

1840 census 1st Division of Fleming Co., KY - Mary Ann Dye, head of household. Household includes:
Under 5 1 (John Samuel, 2)
10 and under 15 1 (Hiram, 15)

Under 5 1 (Mary Lucy, 1)
5 and under 10 2 (Angeline, 4 & Philadelphia Pheobe, 8)
10 and under 15 2 (Elizabeth, 10 & Martha, 11)
30 and under 40 1 (Mary Ann, 30)

1850 census Census District No. 21 Vermilion Co., IL page 326
Lawrence Dye, age 43, b. KY
Mary A. , age 40, b. KY
Hiram Dye, age 25 , b. KY
Martha, age 21, b. KY
Elizabeth, age 19, b. KY
Angeline. age 14, b. KY
John, age 12, b. KY
Mary, age 10, b. KY
David Sconce, age 20, b. KY
David Sconce later married Elizabeth. Living next door to Mary Ann's mother, Elizabeth Vantrease, age 75.

1855 state census Vermilion Co., IL
Lawrence Dye
1 male 40-49 (Lawrence, age 48)
1 male 10-19 (John Samuel, age 17)
1 female 50-59 (?)(Mary Ann, age 45)
1 female 20-29 (Angeline, age 20)
1 females 10-19 (Mary Lucy, age 15)
1 female 0-9 (Blanche, age 4)

October 21, 1858 Marriage license - John S. Dye to Mahettable Gerard.

1860 census, Georgetown Township, Vermilion Co., IL page 1001
Household #3106/3127
John Dye, age 22, b. KY, farmer
Mahala, age 22, b. OH
Malinda, age 1, b. IL
Household #3107/3128
John Gerard, age 53, b. OH, farmer
Sarah, age 52, b. OH
John, 21, b. OH, farmer
Benjamin, age 18, b. OH
Ellen, age 14, b. OH
Joseph, age 11, b. OH
Lucy, age 9, b. OH
George, age 7, b. IL

Aug. 18, 1869 - says John S. Dye appeared in person before Court. Declared he was 31 years old and a resident of Vermilion Co., IL and that he was a Corporal in Co. D commanded by Geo. W. Holoway in the 125th Reg., IL. Said he was injured at Jonesboro, GA Sept. 1, 1864 to wit: "Gun Shot wound, ball fracturing the two middle fingers of right hand causing amputation of one at first joint of said fingers." Says his occupation is farming, appoints Achilles Martin as his attorney, and vouched for by Michael Fisher and John Carter of Vermilion Co., IL.

Oct. 5, 1869 - Application for pension #147.147 for John S. Dye. States he enrolled on Aug. 8, 1862 at Georgetown, IL in Co. D, 125th Regiment Illinois. He was mustered in as a private Sept. 3, 1862 to serve "3 years, or during the war." On the muster rolls of Co. D in Sept. and Oct. 1864, he is reported to be a Corporal and to be "Wounded in the hospital at Atlanta." Roll for March & April 1865 report him "Absent wounded since Sept. 1, 1864" Mustered out at Nashville TN with an honorable discharge May 22, 1865.

1870 census Carroll Twp., Vermilion Co., IL
Household 313/303
John Fisher, head, age 35, farmer, b. IL
Lou, age 34, keeping house, b. IL
Everett, age 8, b. IL
Charles, age 6
Eddie, age 4, b. IL
Milia, age 2, b. IL
Mattie, age 2 months, b. IL
Household 314/304
John Dye, age 46, farmer, b. KY
Hattie, age 38, keeping house, b. KY
John, age 12, farm labor, b. IL
Laura, age 11, b. IL
Lucy, age 9, b. IL
Annie, age 7, b. IL
George, age 5, b. IL
Willie., age 2, b. IL
Note - Mary Lucy "Lou" Fisher was the sister of John Samuel Dye who married Mahettable Gerrard. Although they are living next door to each other, the above John & Hattie Dye info is not consistent with the ages & children they should have at that time. I do not find them anywhere else in 1870, so it may be them with lots of census taker error. The family should be:
John Dye, age 32, b. KY
Mahettable, age 32, b. OH
Malinda (Lena), age 10
Thea Etta (Ettie), age 9
Ida, age 4
Howard Sherman, age 3
Bertha, age 1
Mahettable Gerrard Dye did have younger siblings with some of those names - but in 1870 her younger siblings would be ages:
John Gerrard, age 31
Benjamin Gerrard, age 28
Ellen Gerrard, age 24
Joseph Gerrard, age 21
Lucy Gerrard, age 19
George Gerrard, age 17

abt 1877 - John Samuel deserted Mahettable and children and went to Kansas.

Nov. 9, 1878 - Declaration for Increase of Invalid's Pension. John S. Dye, age 41, appeared at the court of Wilson Co., KS. Stated he was a resident of Elk Co., KS, and that his PO Box was Charleston, Greenwood Co., KS, Says he was injured by a musket ball to the right hand that resulted in removal of his first 2 fingers. States that the injury to his right hand has rendered it almost worthless and disqualifies him from all kinds of manual labor on a farm. Also states he is a poor man. Vouched for by Wm. Gilson & W. M. Howard.

1880 - ?

September 05, 1881 - John Samuel Dye married Minerva Carnes Ivey in Freedonia, Wilson Co., Kansas

1885 census Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
J. S. Dye, age 47, Laborer, b. Kentucky. Came to Kansas from Illinois
Minerva, age 31, b. Missouri, came to Kansas from Missouri
Minnie, age 11, b. Kansas
Hattie, age 7, b. Kansas
Blanche, age 2, b. Kansas
Baby (twin), age 5 months, b. Kansas
Baby (twin), age 5 months, b. Kansas
Minnie & Hattie are Minerva's children from marriage to William Calvin Ivey

April 27, 1891 - Declaration for invalid's pension stating that John S. Dye is 53 years old and resides in the town of Fall River, Greenwood Co., KS. Vouched for by W.H. Tippet (who has known him 15 years) and C. H. Goodwin (who has known him 2 years), also residents of Fall River, KS.

June 14, 1892 - Declaration For An Original Disability Pension, Cert. #102.785. John S. Dye, age 55, resident of Wichita, KS, PO address 1206 E. Duglas, Wichita, KS. Repeats military info above and states permanent disabilites are: "loss of 2nd & 3rd fingers of right hand, caused from gunshot wound, resulting in injury and partial loss of use of said hand. Diabetus or Bright's disease of Kidneys resulting in injury to Spine, Disease of Heart and derangement of digestive organs & catarrh." Vouched for by E.R. Ross and T.L. Riggs, both of Wichita, KS.

1895 census Fall River, Greenwood, Kansas
Minerva Dye, age 40, b. Missouri, came to Kansas from Missouri
Minnie Ivy, age 21, b. Kansas
Blanche Dye, age 12, b. Kansas
Essie Dye, age 10, b. Kansas
Bssie Dye, age 10, b. Kansas
Jay Dye, age 6, b. Kansas
Where is John Samuel Dye?

Feb. 5, 1900 - Statement that John S. Dye died Jan. 4, 1900 and dropping him from the pension rolls.

April 5, 1900 - Letter to Minerva Dye, widow of John S. Dye, stating that she needs to submit her own affadavit, plus affadavits of two others, stating whether she or John S. Dye had been married before, and if there were previous marriages she needs to submit evidence of death or divorce for the previous spouse.

Submitted to pension office Apr. 25, 1900 - Affadavit by J.B. Clogston, a Notary Public of Eureka, Greenwood Co., KS. States that he is a practicing attorney, and was the lawyer in the divorce of W.C. Ivey from his wife Minerva Ivey. The divorce was granted May 17, 1880, and "no appeal was taken therefrom".

Submitted to pension office May 25, 1900 - Affadavit from Mahettable Dye that she is the widow of John S. Dye and claimant for his pension. States that he deserted her about August 1877 but that they were never divorced. States she is 63 years old and a resident of Vermilion Co., IL. States she lives with her children, has no means of income from any source, and no one who is legally bound to support her. There is a copy of certificate of marriage of John S. Dye and Mahettable Garrard Oct. 21, 1858 in Vermilion Co., IL. Additional affadavits: One by her brother George Garrard, age 46, of Danville, Vermilion Co., IL stating that John "deserted (Mahettable) and his children about 1877 and has never returned to her." States she has no property and no income. Second affadavit is by Jonathan Boggs of Danville, a Police Officer. States that Mahettable lives with a married daughter, has no income or property, has never remarried, and is dependant on her children for support. (Note: Jonathan Boggs is Mahettable's son in law, married to her daughter Jennie). A third affadavit by William and A. Sandusky states that they knew John S. Dye and Mahettable Garrard from their "early youth up" and that neither had been previously married.

June 4, 1900 - Declaration for Dependent Widow's Pension. Minerva Dye, age 45, appeared in court to state that she was married under the name of Minerva Carries (sp?) to John S. Dye on Sept. 5, 1881 in Freedonia, KS by W. H. Harton, J.P. She states that she has three children by him under the age of 16: twins Essie B. and Bessie B. Dye, born Jan. 22, 1885, and Jay R. Dye, born Feb. 1889. States that she is a resident of Homestead Township, Blaine Co., Territory of Oklahoma, and that John S. Dye died in Blaine Co., Terr. of OK on Jan. 4, 1900. Vouched for by R.J. Philpott and D.W. Kennedy, both residents of Homestead Township, Blaine, OK who both state they have known Minerva 4 years.

June 19, 1900 - 1900 Census Homestead Twp., Blaine Co., OK:
Household #352
Minerva Dye, head, white, female, March 1854, 46 yrs old, widowed, MO\VA\KY, Farmer
Essie Dye, daughter, white, female, Jan 1885, 15 yrs old, single, KS\KY\MO, At School
Bessie L. Dye, daughter, white, female, Jan 1885, 15 yrs old, single, KS\KY\MO, At School
Jay R. Dye, son, white, male, Feb 1889, 11 yrs old, single, KS\KY\MO, At School

May 26, 1904 - States death of Mahettable Dye was Oct. 5, 1903 and drops her from the pension rolls.

Birthplace on 1910 census of son Howard is listed as Kentucky
Birthplace on 1920 census of son Howard is listed as Illinois (Howard was born in Illinois)

John Samuel was a Presbyterian and he loved music. (Notes from Becci Bignell Thomas) Notes from his granddaughter Flora Mosier Todd (to Willinore Maddox? Given to me by Maggie Sconce) refer to a "second marriage for John Samuel in Oklahoma with several more children. He was a veteran of the Civil War, Union army. Burial place is unknown."