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Notes for John Henry Fuson

June 20, 1792 - John born in Montgomery, VA to Thomas Fuson



1812 - John enlisted in the War of 1812 under the name John FUSTON

Abt. 1815 - John Fuson married Mary "Polly" Garner in prob. DeKalb, TN

June 21, 1816 - son Thomas Henry born in Knoxville, TN
Abt. 1818 - daughter Rachel born in Smith Co., TN

1820 census Smith Co., Tennessee Page: 56
John Fuson
1 male 26-45 (John, age 28)
1 male under 10 (Thomas Henry, age 4)
2 females 16-26 (Mary, age 22 & ???)
1 female under 10 (Rachel, age 2)

1820 -- daughter Jane born in TN
1821 - daughter Elizabeth "Betty" born in Smith Co., TN
***September 23, 1822 - James Roberson born in DeKalb, TN. Listed on several online trees as son of John Fuson, but I think he was a son of John's brother James Roberson Fuson Sr.
May 27, 1824 - daughter Rebecca born in Clinton, Anderson Co., TN
1827 - son James C. born in TN
November 11, 1828 - son John Garner born in Knox Co., KY

1830 census Knox Co., KY page 250
John Fuson
1 male 30-40 (John, age 38)
1 male 10-15 (Thomas Henry, age 14)
2 males under 5 (James C. , age 3 & John, age 2)
1 female 30-40 (Mary, age 32)
1 female 10-15 (Rachel, age 12)
3 females 5-10 (Jane, age 9, Betty, age 8 & Rebecca, age 6)
Where is James Roberson, age 8??? No males age 5-10 in house.

1831 - son Joseph born in Greasy Creek, Knox Co., KY
1834 - daughter Nancy born in Greasy Creek, Knox Co., KY
1836 - son Pleasant born in Knox Co., KY
August 30, 1836 - daughter Mary Patience born in Greasy Creek, Knox Co., KY

1840 census Knox Co., KY page 308
John Fuson
1 male 40-50 (John, age 48)
3 males 10-15 (James C. , age 13, John, age 11 & ??)
1 male 5-10 (Joseph, age 9)
1 males under 5 (Pleasant, age 4)
1 female 40-50 (Mary, age 42)
1 female 5-10 (Nancy, age 6)
1 female under 5 (Mary, age 4)
Where is James Roberson, age 18??? No males age 15-20 in house.

about 1840 - son Hansom Mack born in Knox Co., KY
Abt. 1844 - daughter Sarah born

1850 census Knox Co., KY page 346 census taken August 20, 1850
John Fuson, age 58, farmer, b. VA
Mary, age 53, b. TN
John G., age 21, farmer, b. TN
Joseph P., age 19, farmer, b KY
Nancy, age 16, b KY
Pleasant, age 14, b KY
Mary, age 13, b KY
Hamson M., age 11, b KY
Sarah, age 6, b KY
James C., age 23, farmer, b. TN
Amanda R., age 21, b KY
William A, age 6 months, b KY
#372 is Ebenezer & Jane (Fuson) Goodin & family

1860 census Mercer Co., MO Lindley Twp
John Fuson, age 67, male. b VA, farmer
Polly, age 62, female, b TN
Hansom, age 21, male, b KY, farm laborer
Pleasant L, age 24, male, b KY, farm laborer
Mary, age 21 female, b KY
Geneva, age 2 female, b MO
Samuel, age 1, male, b MO
Leroy Goins, age 37, farmer, b TN
Rebecca, age 36, b TN
T. J., male. age 18, farm laborer, b KY
Amanda R, age 11, b KY
John W., age 9, b. MO
Jogillis, male, age 7, b. MO
Hansom M., male, age 5, b. MO
Mary F., age 1, b. MO

Abt. 1865 - Mary "Polly" Garner Fuson died, probably in Mercer Co,. MO
August 04, 1865 - John married Nancy Catherine James in Leon, Decatur Co., Iowa

October 03, 1866 - daughter Arnetta born
August 29, 1868 - son George Washington born

1870 census Center, Decatur Co., IA Post Office Leon
John Houston, age 76, farmer, b. KY
Catherine, age 22, keeps house, b. OH
Arnetta, age 4, b. IA
George W., age 1, b. IA

February 16, 1874 - son William born

December 31, 1877 - John Fuson died in Leon, Decatur Co., IA

1880 census Leon, Decatur Co., IA
Nancy C. Fuston, head, age 34, keeping house, OH/VA/VA
Arnetta, daughter, age 13, IA/TN/OH
George W., son, age 11, IA/TN/OH
William C., son, age 6, IA/TN/OH
Mary Fudge, aunt, age 68, OH/VA/VA

1900 census Washington Twp, Harrison Co., MO
Edward R. Clark, head, Jun (Jan?) 1862, age 38, md 17 yrs, IA/OH/OH, Farmer
Nettie A., wife, Oct 1866, age 33, md 17 yrs, 5 births, 3 surviving, IA/KY/OH
Ina M., daughter, March 1885, age 15, MO/IA/IA
Effie A., daughter, Feb 1888, age 12, MO/IA/IA
Osker E., son, Aug 1891, age 8, MO/IA/IA
George Feston, head, Aug 1868, age 31, md 13 yrs, IA/TN/OH, Farmer
Nancy, wife, Jan 1865, age 35, md 13 yrs, 6 births, 5 surviving, MO/MO/MO
Jessee L., son, March 1888, age 12, MO/IA/MO
Elvar A., son, Sep 1889, age 10, MO/IA/MO
Willard C., son, Mar 1891, age 9, MO/IA/MO
John R., son, Oct 1895, age 4, MO/IA/MO
Almeda, daughter, May 1898, age 2, MO/IA/MO
Absolom Clark, head, Oct 1826, age 73, md 16 yrs, OH/OH/OH, Farmer
Nancy C., wife, Sept 1845, age 54, md 16 yrs, 3 births, 3 surviving, OH/VA/KY

History of Bell Co., KY by Henry Harvey Fuson - 1839
John Fuson, born in DeKalb County, Tennessee, June 20, 1792, died near Leon, Iowa, December 31, 1877, and was buried in Palestine Cemetery two and one-half miles west of Leon. He was buried on Lot #80. A Government marker stands at the head of his grave, he having been a soldier in the War of 1812.
John Fuson was the oldest son of Thomas Fuson, Kentucky pioneer. Thomas Fuson lived with his family on Dismal Creek, DeKalb County, Tennessee, where John married Polly Garner. John Fuson left Dismal Creek with his father, sometime prior to 1826, and came to Bell County and settled on Greasy Creek. The house he built, with some additions, is still standing opposite Will Fuson's house on Greasy Creek.
He married twice: (1) Polly Garner, (2) Nancy Catherine James. His children were: First Wife: (1) Thomas Henry Fuson, 1818-1895, who was buried on his home place one mile from the head of Greasy Creek; (2) Rachel Fuson; (3) Rebecca Fuson; (4) J. Fuson; (5) J. R. Fuson; (6) J. G. Fuson; (7) Nancy Fuson; (8) Betty Fuson; (9) Joseph Fuson; (10) Pleas Fuson; (11) Mary Patience Fuson; (12) Hansom Mack Fuson; (13) Jane Fuson; Second Wife: (14) Arnett Alice Fuson, 1886-1927, who married Edwin R. Clark March 17, 1883, four children survive; (15) George Washington Fuson, 1868-1918, who married Nancy R. Lile, five children survive; (16) William Carroll Fuson, 1874-, who married Leapha Turner, 1894, Burmingham, Iowa, two children survive.

The Tom Cadwallader Family
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ID: I1112
Name: John Fuson
Sex: M
Birth: 20 JUL 1792 in Montgomery, Virginia
Death: 31 DEC 1877 in Decatur, Iowa
Burial: Palestine Cem, Leon, Iowa
!Enlisted in war of 1812 as John Fuston. Several of his children including
Jane used the name Fuston

Father: Thomas Fuson b: 1765 in Hanover, Virginia
Mother: Rachel Roberson b: 1768 in Patrick co Va.

Marriage 1 Mary Polly Garner b: 1794 in DeKalb, Tennessee
Married: 1810 in DeKalb, Tennessee
Rachel Fuson b: ABT. 1818 in Smith Co, Tennessee
Thomas Henry Fuson b: 21 JUN 1816 in Knoxville, Tennessee
Jane Fuson b: 1820 in Tennessee
Betty Bets Elizabeth Fuson b: ABT. 1821 in Smith co, Tennessee
James Roberson Fuson II b: 23 SEP 1822 in DeKalb, Tennessee
Rebecca Fuson b: 27 MAY 1824 in Clinton, Anderson, Tennessee
James C Fuson b: 1827 in Tennessee
John Garner Fuson b: 5 NOV 1828 in Knox, Kentucky
Joseph Porter Fuson b: 1831 in Greasy Creek, Knox, Kentucky
Nancy Fuson b: 1834 in Greasy Creek, Knox, Kentucky
Pleasant L Fuson b: 1835 in Greasy Creek, Knox, Kentucky
Mary Patience Pop Fuson b: 30 AUG 1836 in Greasy Creek, Bell, Kentucky
Hansom Mack Fuson b: 1839 in Knox co, Kentucky
Sarah Fuson b: ABT. 1844

Marriage 2 Nancy Catherine James b: 26 SEP 1847 in Muscatine, Iowa
Married: 4 AUG 1865 in Leon, Iowa
Arnetta Alice Fuson b: 3 OCT 1866 in Leon, Decatur, Iowa
George Washington Fuson\Fuston b: 29 AUG 1868 in Decatur, Iowa
William Carroll Fuson b: 16 FEB 1874 in Leon, Decatur, Iowa

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Husband: John FUSON 1
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born: 20 Jun 1792 at: Dekalb Co., TN
Married: at:
Died: 3 Dec 1877 at:
Father:Thomas FUSON
Mother:Rachael P. ROBERSON
Other Spouses: Nancy Catherine JAMES
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wife: "Polly" Mary Ann GARNER 1
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born: 1794 at: Dekalb Co., TN
Died: at:
Father:John G. GARNER
Mother:Rachael HENRY
Other Spouses:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Rachel FUSON 1
Born: at:
Married: at:
Died: at: Whitley Co., KY
Spouses: Daniel JOHNSON
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Thomas Henry FUSON 1
Born: 1 Jun 1816 at: TN
Married: at:
Died: 1895 at: KY
Spouses: Lucinda RHODES Sophia PEACE Delila GOIN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Jane FUSON 1
Born: 1820 at: TN
Married: 22 Jul 1834 at: Knox Co, KY
Died: 1894 at: Rawlins Co., KS
Spouses: Ebenezer GOODIN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Elizabeth FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1821 at: TN
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Benager PEACE
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Rebecca FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1823 at: TN
Married: 13 Feb 1840 at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Leroy GOIN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: James C. FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1826 at: TN
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Amanda DEAN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: John Garner FUSON 1
Born: 5 Nov 1828 at: Greasy Creek, Bell Co., KY
Married: at:
Died: 23 Dec 1880 at:
Spouses: Sarah DEAN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: James Roberson FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1833 at: KY
Married: at:
Died: at:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Nancy FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1833 at:
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: William KING
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Pleasant L. FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1835 at: KY
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: May DEAN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Mary Patience FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1835 at:
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: William H. DEAN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Hansom Mack FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1838 at: KY
Married: at:
Died: at:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Joseph FUSON 1
Born: Abt 1833 at: KY
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Palina Perlina KING
1) Frances Larie Michaud

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From: Betty C []
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Subject: James, Fuston

Dear Kari,
You had some information on George W Fuston and his siblings under
Fuson, Their father was buried under the name of Fuston.. Are you anyway
related to them? Nancy Catherine James is my gg grandfather's sister.
Nancy was born in Scioto Oh, not Iowa. I have not found her death and
think there is some mix up. Do you know if she remarried? According to
William Carroll Fuston's draft card he was born 26th,not 16th,but the
2 is fading out. His last name is Fuston on card also. Info of Arnetta
has same death date as Nancy, but in Buchanan, Mo., I would like to hear
from you.
Respectfully yours, Betty Jackson Campbell

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Subject: thank you

Glad you answered.. Actually the marriage of Daniel James Sr and
Ruth,her name is spelled Nicoles. Of course marriage records in those
days were spelled by whoever took info. Most people did not know how to
read or write and probably even spell the names. and did mostly by
sound. Nicholas we used,but all families seem to come up Nichols,so it
might have been changed to Nichols.We can not find who her parents
were. Also Nancy is my great grandfather's sister and my great great
grandfather's daughter. Nancy parents are Daniel James and Ruth
Nicholas. you will find them in 1850 census of Scioto Co, Oh. Niles
township. On her fathers probate she is listed as Nancy C Fuston.,
however we have not found when he and Ruth died except sometime before
1880. I am 78 years old and my sister and I have been doing family
searching for over 20 years or more. Have not been able to find if
Nancy married a second time. John Fuston was old enough to be her
grandfather, They probably were neighbors or maybe a friend of her
father's . John died age 85, Dec 31, 1877 in Leon Decatur,Ia. and as
John Fuston Vet of 1812 war Tennessee ; row 11 , I think in the
Palestine Cemetery, Decatur Co. I do not live in Ia, although born
there, I live at present in Mojave, CA. I have family that lives in
Houston and San Antonio .Hope this helps. One census of which I do not
remember which one,but seem to be in Mo. Arnetta Fuston was the census
taker.. I am not so sure she married in 1883. Something that needs
researched. Take care and keep in touch. Thanks again for answering,

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To: Kari Northup
Cc:; gale burke; Lawrence May
Subject: Re: James, Fuston

From The Virginia-Ohio Fusons; Revised 1979 by Sylvia C Fuson Ferguson pub. by Unigraphic, Inc.
(book has 2 sections; 1st section copyrighted 1939, 2nd section copyrighted 1979) page 348 John Fuson
"m/2) 4 Aug, 1865, Decatur Co., Iowa, Nancy Catherine James, b. 26 Sept, 1847; d. 3 July, 1927, Buchanan Co., Mo. "
On the outside of one of my oldest folders is written "Nancy C. married Absalom Clark in 1884"--unfortunately, there is no source listed for this information. Maybe it will at least give you a name to check out. Also, my oldest file comments that the surname was spelled Fuston on the stone at the Palestine cemetery because that was the name used on John's Civil War pension papers.
Since one daughter married Edwin Clark & died in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO, could some of these dates have been confused??
The 1880 census of Decatur Co., IA does list Nancy C.'s birthplace as Ohio and both of her parents as born in VA.