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Notes for James Roberson Fuson

1850 census Knox Co., KY
Rachel Fuson, age 82, b. NC
James R., age 49, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 47, b. TN
Bethinian, male, age 20, b. KY
Hall Fuson, age 40, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 27, b. KY
Thomas, age 4, b. KY
John, age 4, b. KY
James, age 2, b. KY
William, age 1 month, b. KY
Bertha Standerfar, age 25, b. TN
James R. Fuson, age 27, b. Alabama
Lucinda, age 39, b. KY
James A., age 5, b. KY
William L., age 8 months, b. KY

1860 United States Federal Census Clear Creek, Knox, KY page 179
James R. Fuston Sr. Clear Creek, Knox, KY 60 1799 Tennessee Male
Ruth Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 35 1824 Virginia Female
Martha Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 8 1851 Kentucky Female
Mary Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 6 1853 Kentucky Female
William Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 7.12 Kentucky Male
Rebecca Henson Clear Creek, Knox, KY 20 1839 Kentucky Female
Julian Henson Clear Creek, Knox, KY 1 1858 Kentucky Female
James Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 38 1821 North Carolina Male
Loucinda Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 41 1818 Kentucky Female
James Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 15 1844 Kentucky Male
William Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 11 1848 Kentucky Male
Leticia Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 8 1851 Kentucky Female
John Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 5 1854 Kentucky Male
Beththolmew Fuston Clear Creek, Knox, KY 1 1858 Kentucky Male
Elsinah Moore Clear Creek, Knox, KY 17 1842 Tennessee Female
The Tom Cadwallader Family
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ID: I1112
Name: John Fuson
Sex: M
Birth: 20 JUL 1792 in Montgomery, Virginia
Death: 31 DEC 1877 in Decatur, Iowa
Burial: Palestine Cem, Leon, Iowa
!Enlisted in war of 1812 as John Fuston. Several of his children including
Jane used the name Fuston

Father: Thomas Fuson b: 1765 in Hanover, Virginia
Mother: Rachel Roberson b: 1768 in Patrick co Va.

Marriage 1 Mary Polly Garner b: 1794 in DeKalb, Tennessee
Married: 1810 in DeKalb, Tennessee
Rachel Fuson b: ABT. 1818 in Smith Co, Tennessee
Thomas Henry Fuson b: 21 JUN 1816 in Knoxville, Tennessee
Jane Fuson b: 1820 in Tennessee
Betty Bets Elizabeth Fuson b: ABT. 1821 in Smith co, Tennessee
James Roberson Fuson II b: 23 SEP 1822 in DeKalb, Tennessee
Rebecca Fuson b: 27 MAY 1824 in Clinton, Anderson, Tennessee
James C Fuson b: 1827 in Tennessee
John Garner Fuson b: 5 NOV 1828 in Knox, Kentucky
Joseph Porter Fuson b: 1831 in Greasy Creek, Knox, Kentucky
Nancy Fuson b: 1834 in Greasy Creek, Knox, Kentucky
Pleasant L Fuson b: 1835 in Greasy Creek, Knox, Kentucky
Mary Patience Pop Fuson b: 30 AUG 1836 in Greasy Creek, Bell, Kentucky
Hansom Mack Fuson b: 1839 in Knox co, Kentucky
Sarah Fuson b: ABT. 1844

Marriage 2 Nancy Catherine James b: 26 SEP 1847 in Muscatine, Iowa
Married: 4 AUG 1865 in Leon, Iowa
Arnetta Alice Fuson b: 3 OCT 1866 in Leon, Decatur, Iowa
George Washington Fuson\Fuston b: 29 AUG 1868 in Decatur, Iowa
William Carroll Fuson b: 16 FEB 1874 in Leon, Decatur, Iowa
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ID: I0277
Name: James Roberson FUSON II
Sex: M
Birth: 22 SEP 1822
Death: 24 MAR 1864 in Bell County Kentucky

Father: John Henry FUSON b: 20 JUL 1792 in Montgomery County Virginia
Mother: Mary Ann GARNER b: ABT. 1794 in Clinch River, Tennessee

Marriage 1 Lucinda EVANS b: 1811 in Georgia
Married: 25 JUL 1844 in Knox County Kentucky
James A FUSON b: ABT. 1845
William L FUSON b: ABT. 1849
Luticia FUSON b: ABT. 1852
John FUSON b: ABT. 1855
Berthalmew FUSON b: ABT. 1859

History of Bell Co., KY by Henry H. Fuson 1839
The Fuson Settlement was started by the settlement of James Robinson Fuson, Sr., and James Robinson Fuson, Jr., the latter the nephew of the former. The settlement ran up and down Little Clear Creek for four miles and extended from the top of Log Mountain, on the one side, to the top of Fork Ridge, on the other side, about three miles in width.

W. L. Fuson, son of James Robinson Fuson, Jr., settled on the upper end of this settlement; Matthew Fuson, son of J. R. Fuson, Jr., settled below and adjoining W. L. Fuson, M. B. Fuson, brother of Matthew Fuson, settled below and adjoining Matthew Fuson, on the old homestead of his father, James Robinson Fuson, Sr.; James Robinson Fuson, Jr., 1844, settled below and adjoining J. R. Fuson, Sr., where later Henry Jefferson Fuson, his son, lived; Judge R. A. Fuson owned the land, part of the J. R. Fuson, Jr. , tract, between the old home place and M. B. Fuson; Elijah Smith, who married Letitia Fuson, daughter of J. R. Fuson, Jr., settled across the creek, on the Log Mountain side, from the old home place; John Thomas Fuson, son of J. R. Fuson, Jr., my father settled toward the lower end of the valley; James Arthur Fuson, brother of my father, settled on the Fuson Branch at the foot of Log Mountain, opposite my father's farm; and Shelton Evans, who married Mary Fuson, daughter of J. R. Fuson, Sr., settled on the very lower end of the valley on the old Bill Bull place and one mile below my father's place.
Thomas Fuson, 1760-1849, the Kentucky pioneer, settled near Chenoa, Bell County, Kentucky, around 1826. His son, James Robinson Fuson, Sr., 1800-1875, who was a tall, learn man, settled on Little Clear Creek in the middle of the Fuson Settlement. He married Katie Lee the first time. She and her only child both died. Later he married Ruthy Staniford (or Stanifer). Most of his children died young, but these survived to good old age: (1) Matthew Fuson, 1852-1936, who married Obedience (Biddy) Lee, 1853-1932, daughter of Philip Lee, 1817-1899, and lived and died on Little Clear Creek; (2) Millard Buchanan Fuson, 1859-, who married Margaret Phipps, 1862-1927 (?) the second time; (3) Mary Fuson, 1854-1910, who married Shelton Evans, 1855-, and lived on the old Bill Bull place.
James Robinson Fuson, Jr., 1822-1864, my grandfather, who married Lucinda Evans, 1819-1902, a daughter of John Evans, lived and died in the Fuson Settlement on Little Clear Creek. He married and came to Little Clear Creek in 1844 from Bear Creek near Chenoa, where his grandfather Thomas Fuson settled. He was a tall man of commanding appearance, and was considered a business hustler. He died of smallpox in 1864 while the Civil War was going on. Two Union soldiers came to his gate one day asking for something to eat. The family refused to take them out anything because they had smallpox. Grandfather said he would take them out something to eat and did, but later took smallpox and died. General Garrard, who was stationed at Cumberland Gap, hearing of the deed of kindness to his soldiers, sent two of his soldiers who had had smallpox to wait on the rest of the family and none died other than my grandfather.
James Robinson Fuson, Jr., started with no capital whatsoever when he married in 1844, but, when he died in 1864, he owned about 3500 acres of land on Little Clear Creek, and was considered one of the wealthiest men in the county in his day, He was a Magistrate in his district at the time of his death.
James Robinson Fuson's children were (1) James Arthur Fuson, who married Patsy Smith; (2) William Lafayette Fuson, who married Elizabeth Lee, the first time, leaving one daughter by this marriage (a) Elizabeth Fuson, who married Carlo B. Baker, and Charity Ann Smith, the second time; (3) Letitia Fuson, who married Elijah Smith; (4) John Thomas Fuson, my father, who married Sarah Jane Lee, daughter of Philip Lee; (5) Eliza Jane Fuson; (6) Judge Beth Anne Fuson, who married Alice Coppock and was County Judge of Bell County 1910-1914; (7) Henry Jefferson Fuson, who married Nancy Madon.
John Thomas Fuson, 1854-1929, and Sarah Jane (Lee) Fuson's children were (1) Henry Harvey Fuson, 1876-, who married Sara Ellen Watson, of Somerset, Kentucky, and had one daughter, Ruth Maurine Fuson, 1910-, who married Philip Woodmansee Scott, of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1937; (2) Dr. Thomas Sewell Fuson, 1878-, who never married; (3) Cora Lucinda Fuson, 1879-1883; (4) Mary Lee Fuson, 1882-1909, who married Willett Almy and left one son, Lee Almy, 1909-, surviving her; (5) Bertha Letitia Fuson, 1883-, who married Doke Howard; (6) Dr. Arthur Luther Fuson, 1885-1927, who married Mabel Smith, of Knoxville, Tennessee; (7) Verda Ray Fuson, 1887-, who married John Carroll and lives in Los Angeles, California; (8) Van Horton Fuson, 1889-, who never married; (9) Effie Lula Fuson, 1893-, who married Morris Adler, of Indianapolis, Indiana; (10) Maude Elizabeth Fuson, 1895-, who married Walter Johnson, of Indianapolis, Indiana; and (11) Clara Barton Fuson, 1898-, who has never married.

Elijah Smith, 1848-1905, and Letitia (Fuson) Smith, 1852-1924, had the following children: (1) Dora Ellen Smith, 1874-1903, who married James Matt Evans; (2) Florida Alice Smith, 1876-, who married Dock Carroll; (3) Elijah Leonard Smith, 1878-, who married Nellie Hoskins; (4) Letitia May Smith, 1880-, who married Boyd Fuson; (5) Lucy Smith, 1882-, who married James Green, of Harlan, Kentucky; (6) Patty Anne Smith, 1884-, who married George Howard; (7) Rev. John James Lafayette Smith, 1887-1933, a Baptist Preacher, who married a Smith; (8) Edwin Arthur Smith, a Civil Engineer, 1889-; (9) Lloyd Gentry Smith, who married a Fuson; (10) Enoch Ray Smith, 1895-1819, who never married.
Rev. John James Fuson, son of W. L. Fuson, who was reared in the Fuson Settlement on Little Clear Creek, is a Baptist preacher and lives in Middlesborough, Kentucky.
Dr. P. L. Fuson, 1883-1926, a son of Matthew Fuson and Biddy (Lee) Fuson, was reared in the Fuson Settlement on Little Clear Creek, and practiced medicine for many years before his death on Straight Creek.
Dr. Roscoe R. Evans, a son of M. F. and Otie (Fuson) Evans, and grandson of Matthew Fuson, was reared at the upper end of the Fuson Settlement, and now practices medicine on Straight Creek, for a number of mining companies there.