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Notes for Hiram Dye

The Family of Kenneth Dye & Jane Vanderbeck

1810 census Mason Twp, Mason Co., Kentucky
Kenith Dye 41101-11010
1 male over 45 (Kenneth, age 53)
1 male 16-26 (James, age 19)
1 male 10-16 (David, age 13)
4 males under 10 (Kenneth Jr, age 6, Hiram, age 3, & Unknown Sons 1 & 2, age 0-9)
1 female 26-45 (Jane, age 45)
1 female 10-16 (Unknown Daughter, about age 15)
1 female under 10 (Jane, age 3)

Will of Kenneth Dye March 15, 1817

Kentucky will Book D, pages 141-143

I Kenneth DYE of the county of Mason & state of KY being in a low state of health but of perfect mine & memory, do this fifteenth day of March & year of our Lord one thousand eighteen hundred & seventeen make & ordain this insturment of writing as my last will & testament & do dispose of my estate real & personal in the following manner/

In give to my son David DYE one young bay horse four years old, one cow & calf & six sheep & six hog. I give to my son James Dye bare mare called Iin & fifteen dollars in money & four sheep. I give to my son Hiram DYE ninety dollars to paid him when he arrives at the age of twenty one years. I give to my son Kenneth DYE one hundred dollars & the and ... I now use, the money to be paid him at the age of twenty one. I give to my daughter Jane one bed & bedding & curtains one looking glass & sixty dollars all out of my personal estate. I give to my beloved wife Phebe DYE all the property she brought to me including slaves & housefold furniture. Also provisions of bread & meat sufficient for six months, & two hogs also one half of the rent of the place for the last year, providing she shall except of it as her right of dower on in lieu of her thirds, all the remainder of my estate which is & here disposed to be equally divided between all my sons & daughters towit Peter DYE, WIlliam DYE the children of my deceased daughters Rachel, Margaret & Martha & my daughters Phebe & Jane that is to say the two children of my daughter Rachel to have one share divided between them, the children of my daughter Margaret to have one share divided between them, the children of my daughter Martha to have one share divided between them to be kept interest or laid out in bankstock for them that is all except their share of land at the descretion of my executor to the best advantage year by year till my youngest son comes of age at which it shall be equally divided between all my sons & daugheters & deceased daughters children as before named together with all rents & money that may be left after bring up & sufficiently schooling my youngest son & daughter & my son Hiram six months schooling & payig all my just debts, it is my desire that my sons Hiram & Kenneth be put to trades, such as they may choose, & I do here by appoint my friend Jonathan ROSS executor to this my last will & testament, also guardians to all my children under age. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the day & year above named.

Jonathan ROSS
William DYE

Kenneth (his mark) DYE