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Notes for Glen Gerald Goodwin

The Families of Thomas Jefferson Goodin

1900 census Dewey Twp., Oklahoma Co., OK
TJ Goodin, Feb 1846, age 54, md 14 yrs, KY/TN/TN, Farmer
LM, wife, Jan 1864, age 33, md 14 yrs, 6 children, 4 surviving, IL/IL/IL
RJ, daughter, Jan 1877, age 23, MO/KY/MO, Musician, Blind
WM, daughter, Sept 1885, age 14, KS/KY/IL
EC, daughter, July 1888,a ge 11. KS/KY/IL
AD, son, March 1891, age 9, KS/KY/IL
GJ, son, April 1898, age 2, OK/KY/IL

1910 census Springer Twp., Oklahoma Co., OK Page 311, sheet 5A
Household #78
Thomas J. Goodwin, age 64, 2nd marriage, md 28 yrs, KY/KY/TN, Farmer
Ella M., age 42, 1st marriage, md 28 yrs, 8 births, 6 surviving children, MO/IL/IL
Arthur D., son, age 18, KS/KY/MO
Glenn G., son, age 12, OK/KY/MO
Ellis T., son, age 8, OK/KY/MO
Albert R., son, age 2, OK/KY/MO

1920 census Township 9, Placer, California
Charles E. Flemming (?), age 51, MO/US/US, carpenter, house
Ella M., wife, age 53, IL/IL/IL
Glen Goodwin, stepson, age 21, OK/MO/IL, farmer, fruit farm
Albert Goodwin, stepson, age 12, OK/MO/IL
Clarance Gillespie, boarder, age 22, OK/MO/OK, farmer, fruit farm

Info from Gale Burke: Glen Gerald Goodwin married Zephie LEMMONDS, not Dawkins. You probably got this from me, but it is incorrect. Zephie's sister married a Dawkins, this is where I got mixed up. Sorry.

1930 census Choctaw, Oklahoma Co., OK sheet 2B
Glen Goodwin, age 32, age at first marriage - 31, OK/US/US, Steel worker, electric Company
Zephie, age 21, age at first marriage - 20, OK/AL/AR

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> I am Glen Gerald Goodwins' grandson my father was Dr. Thomas Gerald Goodwin only son of Glen Gerald Goodwin
> Thomas Gerald Goodwin has four sons Phil, Glen, Bradley, Jeffrey Dr.Thomas Gerald Goodwin passed away on Sept.21 2001 I'm glad to have found this info that is here about my family