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Wiggins was born in North Carolina. He was the son of Unknown Parents
Unknown spouse of Wiggins was born in South Carolina.


Wiggins & Unknown spouseIt has been speculated that William Wiggins of Spartanburg, SC was the father of Elijah Wiggins, because a male the right age to be Elijah, age 26, is living with William in 1840 in Christian Co., KY. I do not think this is true as William does not have any sons the age to be Elijah in 1820 or 1830, and in 1840 all of the other children in William's household are under age 15. I do think that William Wiggins of Spartanburg is related to Elijah Wiggins - possibly his uncle??

The Children of William Wiggins & Unknown Spouse

Isaac WigginsIsaac Wiggins was born about 1811 in South Carolina. I believe him to be the sibling of Elijah Wiggins because they were both born about the same time in South Carolina and emigrated to Christian Co., KY, but this is not confirmed. Several online trees list his name as being William Isaac Wiggins. I have not found Isaac for sure on the 1820 or 1830 census at this time. Isaac married Martha about 1837, and they had at least 4 children, born between 1838 to January 1843. From birthplaces of their children, the family moved from the Carolinas (North or South?) to Kentucky about 1840, and I have not found a household of Isaac Wiggins on the 1840 census at this time. There is persons in the household of William Wiggins on the 1840 census of Christian Co., KY who could be William & the 2 older children, but not Martha; as they had two additional children after 1840 I tend to think that the male age 20-29 in William's household was Isaac's brother (?) Elijah Wiggins. The Civil War pension file of their son John M. Wiggins states that his mother's name was Martha, and that the family's home burned when he was young, and that everything was lost, including the family Bible. Isaac Wiggins is listed as head of household on the 1850 census of District 2, Christian Co., KY, with the 4 children. At that time Isaac is listed as age 39, born SC, with the two older children born in NC and the two younger in KY. W. M. J. (I?) Wiggins, age 30, b. SC, is listed as head of household on the 1860 census of Christian Co., KY with the same 4 children, older two born in SC and younger two in KY. I believe this is also Isaac with census taker error for age, as he should have been about age 50. Isaac C. Wigins is listed as age 59, b. NC with his daughter Malinda on the 1870 census of Hamby, Christian Co., KY. Isaac is listed as age 65 on the 1880 census of Scates Mill, Christian Co., KY. At that time he was listed as widowed, "living around" and crippled, born KY with both parents born SC. I do not find him on the 1900 census at this time. Isaac Wiggins died sometime after 1880, and probably before 1900 in Christian Co., KY. Children of Isaac Wiggins & Unknown are: William (1838), Jane (1840), Malinda (1842) & John M. (1843).
Notes for Isaac Wiggins
Elijah Wiggins

Elijah Wiggins born on February 8, 1814 in SC. I have not found him on the 1820 or 1830 census at this time. Elijah emigrated from the Carolinas to Kentucky by 1840. There is a male the right age to be Elijah, age 26, in the household of William Wiggins on the 1840 census of Christian Co., KY. Elijah married Rhoda Elizabeth Collins on April 19, 1842 in Christian Co., KY and they had 10 children. In 1849 they traveled to Mercer Co., Missouri in a covered wagon. The site they chose for their home was about a mile and one-half west of Little River, a branch of Weldon Fork. Here they built a double-sized log cabin. It was a beautiful location and was to remain Elijah's home until his death in 1891. The family is on the 1850 census of District 56, Mercer Co., MO. In the estate of Elijah's father-in-law John Collins, Elijah was reimbursed for money spent in May & June 1857 for a trip he made to Christian Co., KY to bring John and a negro woman back to Missouri. He was also reimbursed for expenses for boarding John and the negro woman from June 27, 1857 to November 13, 1858 when John died. Elijah owned a saw mill on the west bank of Little River - it became Mercer County's eleventh United States Post Office on March 23, 1858. Elijah was appointed postmaster, and the office was named Wiggins Mill. The family is listed on the 1860, 1870 & 1880 censuses of Lindley Twp., Mercer Co., MO. Elijah G. Wiggins died on February 03, 1891 in Lindley Twp, Mercer Co., MO. Rhoda is on the 1900 census of Lindley Twp., living by her married daughter Ursula Waldron & her family. Rhoda Collins Wiggins died on March 13, 1909 in Lindley Twp, Mercer Co., MO. Elijah & Rhoda are both buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Lindley Township. When their old log house was torn down about 1909, a cache of $400 in gold coins was found under the hearth stones. It had been a "rainy-day" savings account. Children of Elijah Wiggins & Rhoda Collins are: Emily (1843), Almira Ellen (1846), Louisa Angeline (1848), John Wesley (1850), Lousetta (1852), Mary Evaline (1854), Daniel (1856), Ursula Elvira (1858) & Richard (1860).
The Family of Elijah Wiggins & Rhoda Collins
Notes for Elijah Wiggins
Notes for Rhoda Collins