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These are all photos of Lester Alvin Dye before his marriage, or of one of his ancestors:

Lester was the son of Howard Sherman Dye and Mary Ellen "Nellie" Goodin.
Howard Sherman Dye was the son of John Samuel Dye & Mahettable Gerrard
Mary Ellen "Nellie" Goodin was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Goodin & Mary Evaline Wiggins

Lawrence Dye 1863 approxPhoto of Lawrence Dye when he served as a private in the Union Army in the Civil War. Thanks to Bob Jones for this photo. Original is in possession of a descendant of Cloyd Dye, who was a son of Lawrence from his second marriage to Delilah Mills. Lawrence was Lester Alvin Dye's paternal g-grandfather.
Goodin family group1900 approxOlder man on far left may be Lester's g-grandfather, Ebenezer B. Goodin. Man next to him is Lester's grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Goodin. ID'd by Gale Burke as: "L-R, Old man (want it to be Ebenezer, but can't say that), Tom, Tom's son (I think Arthur), China Anne, unknown woman (would like to know who she is), Ella Goodwin (Tom's wife), man in back unknown, big woman is Jenny Goodin/Denys/Gillette/Strader/Leutjer(LOL), man to her left is her son-in-law Jim McEwen, Mae Denys McEwen (Jenny's dau.), boy in front with dark suit is Tom's other son, Albert (I think), girl unknown, & Woody McEwen."
Lester & Tom Dye1900 approxLester (born September 5, 1899) and his brother Tom (born 1896).
Howard S. Dye family1910 approxThis is a xerox copy of original photo. Howard S. & Nellie Dye are Lester's parents. Sons in photo from oldest to youngest are: Tom (born 1896, seated on right), Lester (born 1899, standing in back) and Howard Sherman Jr. (born 1908, seated in front).
Tom Goodin et al1910 approxThomas J. Goodin was Lester's grandfather. He is second from the left in the front row. The two women in the back row (left to right) are Tom's sisters China Ann (born 1858) and "Jenny Strader". (Not sure who Jenny is, but is most likely Minerva Jane, born 1856). The other man is most likely Tom's brother James Goodin. The two women in the front row are most likely his sisters Perilee (born 1841) and Amanda "Mandy" Goodin (born 1849) in some order. If anyone knows for sure who any of the people in this photo are, please contact me. Guessing on year - if it is 1910, Tom is age 64, and oldest, Perilee, is 69.
Lester Dye WWI1917 approxLester in his WWI uniform, about age 18.
Howard S Dye and sons1929 approxLester (born 1899, on left) and Howard Sherman Jr. (born 1908, on right) in back. Tom Dye (born 1896) and Howard S. Dye, Sr. seated in front.
Howard S. Dye, sons & grandson1929 approxLester (born 1899) & his father Howard S. Dye, his brothers Eldon (born 1915) and Lewis (born 1919). Also in photo is Lester's son Bill, born 1920. I think Bill is the one on the left.
Howard S. & Dorothy Dye1929 approxHoward S. Dye is Lester's father, and Dorothy is Lester's daughter. Dorothy was born in 1921.
Howard S. Dye grocery store1940 approxHoward S. Dye in his grocery store. I'm guessing on the date - he died in 1941.
Nellie Goodin1942Lester's mother