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Photos of Lester Dye and Betty B. Dyer after their marriage:

Lester A. Dye1919 approxLester Dye, guessing taken about the time of his marriage in May 1919. When he married Betty he was 19 -1/2 years old, and Betty had just turned 18 two months before.
Betty B. Dye1919 approxBetty Dyer Dye, guessing about the time of her marriage at age 18.
Lester & Bill Dye1920Son Bill was born May 7, 1920 in McPherson, Kansas.
Bill & Dorothy1926 approxGuessing Bill is 6 & Dorothy is 5. They may be younger.
Howard S Dye and sons1929 approxHoward Sherman Dye with 3 of his sons and one of his grandsons. ID's were confirmed by Lewis Helsel, but guessing on the year. Howard Sherman Dye (born 1867) is older man in back on left. Lester (born 1899) is back far right. Eldon Dye (born 1915) is next to Lester. Two younger boys are Lewis Dye (born May 1919) and Lester's son Bill Dye (born May 1920). I think Bill is the one on the left, and the 3 brothers are standing together.
Bill, Dorothy & Eleanore1930 approxGuessing Bill is age 10, Dorothy is age 9 and Eleanore is age 6
Betty B. Dye  
Lester & Betty Dye1940 approxGuessing on year.
Lester & Betty Dye with Eleanore and children1947Lester & Betty Dye with daughter Eleanore and her children, Carolyn & Cindy. Cindy Cumming was born in 1947.
Lester Dye gas card1947 
Betty B. Dye  
Lester & Betty Dye1960Photo taken at the La Casita Apartments, at First and Broadway, Denver, CO. Lester & Betty were the managers of these apartments for several years, and Betty remained the manager there for several years after Lester died.
Dye Reunion1963Lester & Betty and their children and grandchildren, except for Bill, who was taking the picture. Eleanore is on the left in the yellow pants. Dorothy is center back row. Lester died in August of 1963. Betty and Lester's grandchildren all called them "Momo" and "Dad"