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Notes for Peter Bush

The Family of Peter Bush & Margaretha Breuckman

1790 census Haverstraw Town, Orange Co., NY
Peter Bush
2 males over 16 (Peter and John Reinhart?)
2 females (Margaret & Mary?
On same census are nearby households of Ludwick Bush, Peter Bush Jr. and Richard Bush

1800 United States Federal Census
Name Residence (City,County,State) Year
Dirck Bush Hempstead, Rockland, NY 1800
Henry Bush Hempstead, Rockland, NY 1800
James Bush Hempstead, Rockland, NY 1800
Peter Bush Hempstead, Rockland, NY 1800
Peter Bush Hempstead, Rockland, NY 1800
Rinardt Bush Hempstead, Rockland, NY 1800

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and click on Lodowick. This website has his ancestors going back to the immigrant one who came over in 1661. Line he has is:

Hendrik Albertus Bosch (b. abt 1619) and Anna Marie Rembach (has parent info for her also)
Albertus Coenradus Bosch (b. abt 1644) and Elsje Blanc (has parent info for her also)
Justus Bosch (b. bef Oct 28 1674) and Annetje Smith
Henry Bush (b. bef June 2 1706)
Peter Bush (b. abt 1738) and Margaret
Lodewyk and Magdalena Verseur

I question the above birth date for Peter Bush - he had his first child in 1750 so was probably married about 1749 - birth date is more likely 1728.

The below email address is no longer valid. Bruce's address now is . The following info is listed on Olive Tree Genealogy - they have a good section on New Netherland Genealogy and resources if you have not looked at it before. It is at The following info was under a registry they have for 17th century immigrants:

Date: Mon Mar 2 19:19:04 1998
Name: Bruce Ireland
E- mail: Address: Ankeny Iowa
Surname of Immigrant: Bos (Bosch)
Given name(s) of Immigrant: Hendrick Albertus
Name of Ship: DE TROUW (THE FAITH)
Arrival Date: 1661
Origin of Immigrant: Randerhousen, , Denmark
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: Abt. 1619 Randerhousen, , Denmark
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: New York, New York, New York
Immigrant's Spouse: Ebbertye Dircks, Anna Marie Rembach, and Maria Gerrits Eschuysen
Source of Information: Various Books and Articles, Dutch Baptismal Records
Immigrant's Children:
Albertus Bosch Abt. 1644
Anna Maria Bosch Dec 17, 1658
Dorothea Bosch Bef. May 01, 1661
Gerrit Bosch Bef. Aug 26, 1663
Gerrit Bosch Bef. Nov 08, 1665
Hillegond Bosch Bef. Nov 03, 1666
Cornelia Bosch Bef. May 29, 1672
Hendrick Bosch Bef. Dec 02, 1674
Samuel Bosch Bef. Feb 28, 1676/77
Joshua Bosch Bef. Jun 19, 1679

His first wife was Anna Maria Rembach, dau of Coenraad Jurrien Rembach and Catherina Pietedr. (daughter of Pieter) van der Waert. - They were apparently German and Lutheran. In the register of marriages at City Hall in Leiden, Holland, the following is recorded:
"Hendrick Bosch, born in Randerhousen in Denmark, occupation Swaertveger (Sword-cutter) momentarily living in the Houtstraat, appears before the city council on the 6th of March, 1643, to announce his marriage to Anna Maria Rembach, born in Leiden, also living in the Houtstraat. The marriage took place on 6 April 1643."
Hendrick Bosch and Anna Maria had at least seven children born at Leiden. Only one, Albert, born about 1644, reached maturity. Anna Maria must have died in 1656 because a register of funerals indicates that the wife of Hendrick Bosch was buried in December of that year.

Date: Fri Oct 22 07:37:28 1999
Name: Ralph Bush
E- mail:
Address: 310 Vanier Drive Newark, DE 19711
Immigrant: Bos , Hendrick
Name of Ship: Faith
Arrival Date: Dec 1659

Origin of Immigrant: Leyden, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1620+/-
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ?
Immigrant's Spouse:
Source of Information: book "First Settlement of New-York by the Dutch" page 166
Immigrant's Children: Possible descendant of immigrant:Heinrich (Henry) Bush, born 25 Nov 1760 in Easton, PA, married Catharine Dolson 14 Nov 1780, he died 6 Apr 1839. She was born 22 Nov 1757 and died 3 May 1836.

Notes: Was resident of New York. I think he was a sword cutter by trade and lived for a time on the north side of Pearl Street, near Broad Street (now Broadway), in what was to be New York City. He married twice more after his arrival in the new world and had a large number of children in all, some of whom went to Esopus (Kingston), Ulster County, New York, which was, at the time, the center of a large Dutch settlement.
From: <>
Subject: Ramapo Lutheran Baptisms/BOS/BUSH/BRICKMAN/SCHULTZ/CRAME
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 20:40:35 -500

While looking up some information for someone else, I stumbled upon some possible baptisms for children of my Peter BUSH and wife Grietje, as found in the Ramapo Lutheran Church. Now Peter's will was written 23 January 1801 and proved 13 May 1807. He was of Hemsted[sic], Rockland County, NY. In David M. Riker's article from De Halve Maen, I believe he misplaces this Peter, as Riker for some reason missed that Conrad was the eldest son, as mentioned in Peter's will. For Peter to be born in 1738 and having a son in 1755 would be a stretch (son Derick), but to have had Conrad even before that would really be a stretch, it appears. Peter signs his will, "Peter Bos." I may possibly have stumbled also upon the maiden name of Peter's wife, and here is where I would especially appreciate some input.

On that note, here are the possible baptisms from the Ramapo Lutheran Church in Bergen County, as found in the Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, as translated from the German. Not all of these children are mentioned in the will, but they could still belong to this Peter, have died, or have gotten their share already. (Some of the baptisms come from Ackerman and Groff.)

* 1757 February 20 was baptized Pitter Bos son Heinrich, the witnesses are Heinrich SCHUELDES and Fronia BECHER.
* 1762 February _____ was baptized Pitter Boss's son (David? - transcriber not sure of translationof child's name) the witnesses are Ludwig CRAMMAR and his wife.
* 1768 March 2 was baptized Pitter Boss' daughter Maria the witnesses are Heinrich SCHUELDES and wife Maria.
* Ditter[sic](Pieter) Bos, wife Margrehta, son John Reinhard; Sponsors" Reinhard Brickman and Wilhelmina, Crisent September 16, 1770. (The Germans tended to use their second given name, as opposed to their first given name of the saint.)

Some addtional data which seems to show a brother Conrad having children:

1767 April 18 was baptized Conrath Boss' daughter Margretta, the witnesses are Pitter Boss and his wife.

There seem to be connections to the BRICKMAN, SCHULTZ and CRAMER families

A baptism for parents Kerhard(Reinhard?) Brickman and Wilhelmina on Aug. 11, 1771 for son Pettrus, shows witnesses Pitter Bos and Margretha.

Another baptism for Conrath Boss' daughter, Margretta on 18 April 1767 shows witnesses Pitter Bos and wife.

And finally a baptism for Heinrich SCHULDES's daughter Maria on 30 Jan 1763 shows witnesses Conraht Boss and Maria Roesch.

A very strong BRICKMAN connection seems to appear with this BUSH family. Could this be the maiden name of Peter's wife, Margaret? (Grietje) Or possibly SCHULDES/SCHULTZ? A 1771 baptism for daughter Willhelmina, bapt. 29 March 1771, parents Ludwig BRICKMAN and Coa, shows witnesses Reinhard BRICKMAN and Wilhelmina.

As per his will mentioned above, Peter Bos had children:

Conrad (the eldest, given a Bible for his birthright)
Daughter Catharene STORM, wife of John STORM
Daughter Mary, wife of John FREDRICK

The FREDERICK and SCHULTZ/SCHULDES families were certainly in the Ramapo Lutheran Church, so there does seem to be a connection. Any help in sorting out this family would be greatly appreciated.

Donna Ristenbatt


From: <>
Subject: Re: Ramapo Lutheran Baptisms/BOS/BUSH/BRICKMAN/SCHULTZ/CRAME
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 12:03:29 -500

Hi Bob,

> I am in the process of updating the information that we have posted to our Webpages on the churches of Rockland County. I have almost 60 pages of information, but your post is the first time I have come across the Ramapo Lutheran Church. What can you tell me about this church that I can add to our new pages? I am especially looking for location, dates and history.
> Could this church have been over the border in NJ?
>From two sources - first the beginning of the Ramapo Lutheran Church Records as found in the Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, Vol. VIII, Third Series, 1913, No. 1:

"The Ramapo Lutheran Church was located at Mahwah, Bergen County, New Jersey, about half a mile south of the present Reformed Dutch Church there. It was known as the Island Church. The Lutherans were organized into a congregation some time between 1740 and 1755. They united with the Dutch settlers, and built the present Reformed Church. It has been somewhat modernized (1913 remember) since then. The record here given came into the hands of Mr. Albert P. Smith, a very intelligent colored man, who taught school for many years in the Saddle River Valley. He translated it, and about twenty years ago handed his translation to the editor of these Proceedings, who revised Mr. Smith's version and gives it, slightly modifed, herewith." {Donna note: Ackerman and Groff have also done a translation or transcription for these church baptisms, but I found that this version is a bit more accurate. Case in point. This NJ Historical Society version gives Dietrich WANNEMACHER, Christian Wannemacher's son as being born 18 Dec. 1749. The Ackerman and Groff version give him being baptized this date. The former is correct, as the Paramus Reformed Church gives Dietrich's baptism in Jan. 1750. - my direct

Second source from the homepage of Sherry Koshney, who has this cemetery's list online at : (BTW, I have heard the cemetery called various names, such as the Old German Burying Grounds, Moffatt Rd. Cemetery, etc.)

The picture on her page of the marker reads as follow - picture taken by me when I visited in 1992.

"In 1713, eleven German Palatine families settled in this area and organized into a congregation under Lutheran Pastor Justus Falckner.
About 1720, they built a log church near this site. It was replaced prior to 1739 with a larger structure, and again in 1798 by the present Ramapo Reformed Church, which the Lutheran and Dutch Reformed congregations built together. Stones in this cemetery date from the 18th to the mid 19th centuries, with the earliest stone dated 1745. Family names include BEVANS, FOX, FREDERICK, HEMMION (HENION), MESSENGER(MESSINGER), OSBORN, WANAMAKER. Mahwah Historic Sites Committee."

Sorry you don't have any info on the BOS/BUSH. I guess after seeing Pieter's children's baptisms in this church ( or at least some of them), I am really wondering if Peter Bush, who died before 13 May 1807, Hemstead, Rockland Co., NY, is the German Palatine, or else his wife. If the former is the case, then he would not even fit into the Riker family outline as found in De Halve Maen for the Colonial BUSH Family. I strongly suspect that his wife may have been Margaret BREUCKMAN/BRICKMAN as there were three apparently related BREUCKMANs having children at about the same time - Reinhard, Ludwig and Heinrich, all sponsors for one another's children. Peter and Margaret BOS/BUSH had 3 sons by that name - Reinhard, Ludwig and Heinrich. Those don't seem to have been the most common of "Dutch" names, that I know of. :-) So another exciting trail to follow. Just like that saying, "I think that I shall never see a finished genealogy." :-)


Donna Ristenbatt