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Notes for Mary Bush Frederick

The Family of Peter Bush & Margaretha Breuckman
Father: Peter BUSH
Mother: Margaret (Grietje)

Family 1: John FREDRICK

I do not see them in Orange Co., NY in 1790 or in Rockland Co., NY in 1800, 1810. There are 2 John Frederick's in Hempstead, Rockland Co., NY in 1820, but the are both under age 44 and probably sons of James Frederick. There is a John Fredericks household on the 1830 census of Franklin, Bergen Co., NJ with a female age 50-60, but Mary should be about age 62 at that time.
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Subject: Ramapo Lutheran Baptisms/BOS/BUSH/BRICKMAN/SCHULTZ/CRAME
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 20:40:35 -500

While looking up some information for someone else, I stumbled upon some possible baptisms for children of my Peter BUSH and wife Grietje, as found in the Ramapo Lutheran Church. Now Peter's will was written 23 January 1801 and proved 13 May 1807. He was of Hemsted[sic], Rockland County, NY. In David M. Riker's article from De Halve Maen, I believe he misplaces this Peter, as Riker for some reason missed that Conrad was the eldest son, as mentioned in Peter's will. For Peter to be born in 1738 and having a son in 1755 would be a stretch (son Derick), but to have had Conrad even before that would really be a stretch, it appears. Peter signs his will, "Peter Bos." I may possibly have stumbled also upon the maiden name of Peter's wife, and here is where I would especially appreciate some input.

On that note, here are the possible baptisms from the Ramapo Lutheran Church in Bergen County, as found in the Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, as translated from the German. Not all of these children are mentioned in the will, but they could still belong to this Peter, have died, or have gotten their share already. (Some of the baptisms come from Ackerman and Groff.)

* 1757 February 20 was baptized Pitter Bos son Heinrich, the witnesses are Heinrich SCHUELDES and Fronia BECHER.
* 1762 February _____ was baptized Pitter Boss's son (David? - transcriber not sure of translationof child's name) the witnesses are Ludwig CRAMMAR and his wife.
* 1768 March 2 was baptized Pitter Boss' daughter Maria the witnesses are Heinrich SCHUELDES and wife Maria.
* Ditter[sic](Pieter) Bos, wife Margrehta, son John Reinhard; Sponsors" Reinhard Brickman and Wilhelmina, Crisent September 16, 1770. (The Germans tended to use their second given name, as opposed to their first given name of the saint.)

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From: jekennelly,

Subject: Mary Bush married to John Frederick

I cannot believe I found the Bush ancestry for Mary Bush. She is an ancestor of my wife.
Mary died on July 6, 1845 aged 77 yr, 4m, 14 d in Thurlow Township, Hastings Co., Ontario (just north of Belleville) and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery with her husband, John Frederick who died July 11, 1839 aged 74 yr, 5m, 18d.
Mary would have been born around Feb. 20, 1768 which ties her in with what you have.
If you have any leads on John Frederick, who he was, who his ancestors were, where he came from, I would be happy to hear from you. Also, I have a partial list of her descendants.
Jim Kennelly