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Notes for Margaretha Brueckman Bush

The Family of Peter Bush & Margaretha Breuckman

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Subject: Re: Ramapo Lutheran Baptisms/BOS/BUSH/BRICKMAN/SCHULTZ/CRAME
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 12:03:29 -500

Hi Bob,

> I am in the process of updating the information that we have posted to our Webpages on the churches of Rockland County. I have almost 60 pages of information, but your post is the first time I have come across the Ramapo Lutheran Church. What can you tell me about this church that I can add to our new pages? I am especially looking for location, dates and history.
> Could this church have been over the border in NJ?
>From two sources - first the beginning of the Ramapo Lutheran Church Records as found in the Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, Vol. VIII, Third Series, 1913, No. 1:

"The Ramapo Lutheran Church was located at Mahwah, Bergen County, New Jersey, about half a mile south of the present Reformed Dutch Church there. It was known as the Island Church. The Lutherans were organized into a congregation some time between 1740 and 1755. They united with the Dutch settlers, and built the present Reformed Church. It has been somewhat modernized (1913 remember) since then. The record here given came into the hands of Mr. Albert P. Smith, a very intelligent colored man, who taught school for many years in the Saddle River Valley. He translated it, and about twenty years ago handed his translation to the editor of these Proceedings, who revised Mr. Smith's version and gives it, slightly modifed, herewith." {Donna note: Ackerman and Groff have also done a translation or transcription for these church baptisms, but I found that this version is a bit more accurate. Case in point. This NJ Historical Society version gives Dietrich WANNEMACHER, Christian Wannemacher's son as being born 18 Dec. 1749. The Ackerman and Groff version give him being baptized this date. The former is correct, as the Paramus Reformed Church gives Dietrich's baptism in Jan. 1750. - my direct

Second source from the homepage of Sherry Koshney, who has this cemetery's list online at : (BTW, I have heard the cemetery called various names, such as the Old German Burying Grounds, Moffatt Rd. Cemetery, etc.)

The picture on her page of the marker reads as follow - picture taken by me when I visited in 1992.

"In 1713, eleven German Palatine families settled in this area and organized into a congregation under Lutheran Pastor Justus Falckner.
About 1720, they built a log church near this site. It was replaced prior to 1739 with a larger structure, and again in 1798 by the present Ramapo Reformed Church, which the Lutheran and Dutch Reformed congregations built together. Stones in this cemetery date from the 18th to the mid 19th centuries, with the earliest stone dated 1745. Family names include BEVANS, FOX, FREDERICK, HEMMION (HENION), MESSENGER(MESSINGER), OSBORN, WANAMAKER. Mahwah Historic Sites Committee."

Sorry you don't have any info on the BOS/BUSH. I guess after seeing Pieter's children's baptisms in this church ( or at least some of them), I am really wondering if Peter Bush, who died before 13 May 1807, Hemstead, Rockland Co., NY, is the German Palatine, or else his wife. If the former is the case, then he would not even fit into the Riker family outline as found in De Halve Maen for the Colonial BUSH Family. I strongly suspect that his wife may have been Margaret BREUCKMAN/BRICKMAN as there were three apparently related BREUCKMANs having children at about the same time - Reinhard, Ludwig and Heinrich, all sponsors for one another's children. Peter and Margaret BOS/BUSH had 3 sons by that name - Reinhard, Ludwig and Heinrich. Those don't seem to have been the most common of "Dutch" names, that I know of. :-) So another exciting trail to follow. Just like that saying, "I think that I shall never see a finished genealogy." :-)


Donna Ristenbatt