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Notes for Conrad Bush

The Family of Peter Bush & Margaretha Breuckman

There is an uncle Conrad Bush (1742-1825) who was brother of this Conrad's father Peter, and records for the two can be confusing.

1807 - Conrad Bush was named as the oldest son in Peter Bush's will, and left the family Bible.
Dutch Reformed Church Memberships
Saddle River New Jersey
September 12, 1818 Received on confession
Maria Smith, wife of Coenraed Bush

BIOGRAPHY: From Ancestry World Tree: Ulster & Albany County, NY Ancestors & Descendants; Contact: Lorraine Luke, This is the Uncle, brother of Peter Bush
"He married c 1770 to Elizabeth Cramer. Their children were: Henry C. born c 1770 who married Maria Van Blarcom; Catherine born March 6, 1778 who married Daniel Yeomans; Peter C. born c 1784 who married Margaret Bush; Mary who married Conrad Fisher; Margaret bapt. April 18, 1767 who married Peter Watson; and Elizabeth born Feb. 25, 1775 who married in 1796 to Nathaniel Taylor."

Which Conrads is this?
BIOGRAPHY: From "The Lore of Upper Saddle River, From Prehistoric Times to the Present" By William N.Yeomans.Copyright 1994, Upper Saddle River Historical Society, 245 Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458:
"The oldest exiating mill in the town stands at 566 West Saddle River Road, the old Bush Mill - the Bush family was here from 1767, and erected a saw mill between 1797 and 1802. Conrad Bush (or Bos, Bosh, or Bosch) was in fact one of the earliest settlers of Upper Saddle River. Of Dutch descent, he first built a saw mill, and by 1813 also had a grist mill operating. He died in 1825 and is buried in the cemetery of the Old Stone Church. His estate was approved by Joseph Post, Justice of the Peace, who operated his own mill."

This is probably the older (uncle) Conrad
BIOGRAPHY: The first record of the Bush family farm in a community known as Masonicus in Bergen County, New Jersey is on a map of "The Romopock Tract" based on the Alexander-Morris's survey of 1767-8 (1). Masonicus was in Franklin Township, Bergen Co.,NJ until ???? when Hohokus Township was formed. On ????, Mahwah Township, Bergen Co., NJ, was formed and included the Masonicus area. Conrad Bush was shown to have a 305 acre parcel of land, of which 124.5 acres was in New Jersey. The entire parcel straddled the New York-New Jersey border as it was adjusted in 1769. The Bush family occupied that land, or at least a portion of it, until Alice (Goetschius) Bush and her father, Abram Goetschius, and Alice's son John E. Bush, along with his wife Minnie (Dixon) Bush and daughter Edith Bush moved into the nearby town of Ramsey, Bergen Co., NJ. in 1910-1911. Deed's filed when the land was sold on Oct 13, 1911, note that the property was "...part of the same premises conveyed by Conrad Bush to Daniel C. Bush by deed dated November 20 1843, and duly recorded in the Bergen County Clerk's office and in a certain other deed made by George C Bush to the said Daniel C Bush dated February 23 1853. It is believed that the Conrad Bush that occupied the land in the 1767-8 survey is the Conrad Bush who was born in 1742 and died in 1825. He is buried in the Saddle River Reformed Church (Old Stone Church) cemetery (Saddle River Church Yard) in what is now Upper Saddle River, Bergen Co.,NJ. It is not clear how the land was passed down to his offspring, but on 27 Feb 1834, his son Henry C. Bush assigned a parcel to his son, Conrad H. Bush for $1000. Conrad H. Bush in a the deed mentioned above, dated November 20, 1843, assigned a parcel to his son Daniel C. Bush for $1700, and another to son, George C. Bush (deed unreadable due to water damage). George C. Bush subsequently assigned his share, or a part of it, to Daniel C. Bush sometime prior to 1857. Daniel C. Bush died intestate 17 Sep 1903, leaving John J. Bush his only surviving son. John J. Bush died 28 October 1909. By deeds filed on October 11, 1911, Alice (Goetschius) Bush, the widow of John J. Bush, and John Edgar Bush (the son of John J. Bush) and Richard Wanmaker, executors of John J. Bush, deceased, sold the land out of the Bush family.
(1) "The Romopock Track" C.H. Tholl, delineator; The Bergen County Historical Society, 1963