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Langford Thorn was born about 1735 in Flushing, Long Island, NY. He was the son of James Thorn & Mary Lawrence
Mary Roe was born about 1735 in NY. She was the daughter of unknown parents


Langford Thorn & Mary Roe

Langford Thorn & Mary Roe were married in New York on Oct 7, 1763. They had at least 3 children. By his Grandfather's will Langford recieved a plantation in Goshen, Orange Co., NY., where he became a prominent & wealthy Quaker. In "An Outline History of Orange County" by Samuel W. Eager Esq. (1846) There is a list of men in Cornwall, Bloominggrove, Monroe and part of Chester who served as commisioners, overseers or other officers in their towns between 1765 to 1775. The list includes the names of: William Thorn, Langford Thorn, William Roe and Elijah Carpenter.There is also a list of persons who signed the "Association in Cornwall" in 1775, which included Cornwall, Bloominggrove and Monroe. Names include William Roe, Obadiah Thorn, Benjamin Thorn & Daniel Thorn. Also mentioned were several Carpenters and Abasalom Townsend. In another history on Orange County I found the same list with more explanation - apparently the town Associations were organized to support the Revolution and the Continental Congress that had been established in 1774, and not everyone signed the Association papers. In this second book they had a list of some of the men in Cornwall who refused to sign the Association list (they were in the minority), and Langford Thorn's name is on that list. I noticed the Obadiah Thorn because there is an older man named Obadiah Thorn who settled in Chemung County later near Langford's grandson John & Ann Carpenter Thorn. Langford Thorn is listed as a head of household on the 1790 census of New Cornwall, Orange Co., NY. Mary Roe Thorn died on February 1797 in NY. Langford Thorne is listed as a head of household on the 1800 census of Orange Co., NY, with a male & female both ages 16-25 that are probably his son Abraham and ???. Langford Thorn died in 1807 in New York City, NY. He wrote his will on June 7, 1807 and it was probated on Oct 7, 1807. At his death in 1807 he owned a mansion house on Pearl St in NYC. The Cornwall Friends Church property were purchased from Langford Thorne & his Wife Mary Thorne, by Joseph Thorne, Nicholas Townsend & William Titus.
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The Children of Langford Thorn & Mary Roe:

Daniel ThornDaniel Thorn was born between 1764 - 1770 in NY. Daniel married Mary Johnes Wandell on January 24, 1795 in the Goshen Presbyterian Church, Orange Co., NY. They had at least 4 children. The family is on the 1800 census of New Cornwall, Orange Co., NY. A will written in 1807 by Daniel's father, Langford Thorn, stated "having already provided for my son Daniel Thorn I give him five pounds - Item I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Thorn a certain bond I have against my said son Daniel Thorn on which due about five hundred dollars". Langford also appointed his son-in-law John Eastmond to be executor of his estate. Daniel is listed as head of household on the 1810 census of Orange Co., NY. The family moved between 1810 to 1820 from Orange County to Ontario (later became Yates) Co., NY. They are listed on the 1820 census of Benton, Ontario Co., NY, and on the 1830 census of Yates Co., NY. John Eastmond's son Edward also lived in that area during that time, and from 1821 to 1824 John wrote letters to Edward in which he tells Edward to try to collect from his "Uncle Daniel Thorn" or his "Aunt Polly" anything that he can in payment of the debt that they owe. I do not find Daniel on the census after 1830, but in 1837 John Eastmond wrote a letter to an Abram Thorn and his sister in Benton, Yates Co., NY telling them that they owe $354.75 from their "late father's estate" to him, and that this is the second letter sent, the first being sent on June 1, 1836. There is also an excerpt in a history on Steuben Co., NY that tells of an Daniel Thorn, known as "Old Thorn" who lived on a farm there. He was a noted hunter and trapper, but also notorious for not paying his rent. After at least one stand-off with the sheriff he "moved west" - this may be the same Daniel Thorn, although the date referred to is not clear except that it was probably between 1820 to 1840. See notes for more details. Daniel Thorn died sometime after 1830, but I'm not sure where. Mary is listed as head of household on the 1840 census of Elmira, Chemung Co., NY, living with her daughter (name?) who was age 25 to 30 and near the family of her son John Thorn. At that time Mary was age 70 to 80. Mary Johnes Wandell Thorn died after 1840, probably before 1850 in Chemung Co., NY.
The Family of Daniel Thorn & Mary Johnes Wandell
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Susannah ThornSusannah Thorn was born in 1778 in NY. Susannah married John Allin Eastmond on August 25, 1797 in Cornwall, Orange Co., NY and they had 8 children.The first was born in 1798 in Staten Island, NY. There is a John Eastmond listed as head of household on the 1800 & 1810 censuses of New York City, NY. John Eastmond was an accountant, and a well educated man. He was well thought of by his father-in-law Langford Thorn, who left him several things in his will in 1807 and also appointed him his executor. Susannah Thorn Eastmond died of consumption on February 19, 1820 in NY. I do not know where she is buried. John is listed on the 1820 census of New York City, New York Co., NY. John was remarried to Margaret Lawrence on April 2,1822 and they had 4 more chilren, born between 1824 to 1829 in Staten Island, NY. John is listed as head of household on the 1830 census of New York City, New York Co., NY. John had purchased land in Monmouth Co., NJ in 1816, and he moved there sometime between 1830 and 1840. Margaret died on April 17, 1836 in Middletown, Port Monmouth, Monmouth Co., NJ. John Eastmond was married third to Mary Eliza Willet, probably about 1837. In Langford Thorn's will in 1807 it had stated that his son Daniel Thorn owed money to the estate and beqeathed a bond for $500 for money owed by Daniel to his son Abraham. As executor, John Eastmond tried to collect this money from Daniel at least through 1837 - don't know if he ever got it all. In 1837 the amount being sought from two of Daniel's children was $354.75, but this included interest. John Eastmond is listed as head of household on the 1840 & 1850 censuses of Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. John, Margaret and Mary Eliza are all buried in the Eastmond Cemetery, Port Monmouth, Monmouth Co., NJ
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Abraham ThornAbraham Thorn was born between 1775 - 1784 in NY. I do not have much information on him. He is living with his parents at age 6 to 15 on the 1790 census of New Cornwall, Orange Co., NY. His mother died in 1797 when he was age 13 to 22. Abraham is probably the male that is age 16 to 25 living with his father Langford Thorn on the 1800 census of Orange Co., NY. In 1807 his father Langford died; before dying he willed a bond to Abraham for about $500 that was owed by his older brother Daniel Thorn. Abraham's brother-in-law John Eastmond tried to collect on this bond for the estate through 1837, but I don't know if Abraham was alive all of that time. Abraham Thorn died sometime after 1807, probably in NY. I have not found him on the 1810 census at this time. He is not living with John & Susannah Eastmond or Daniel & Mary Thorn in 1810.
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