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Thorn Family Records

Will of John Vandel
New York Historical for Abstracts of Wills, City of New York, 15 Feb 1796 - 14 Jun 1801

Page 260.—John Vandel, New York, yeoman

After my just debts and funeral expenses are paid my executors to sell and dispose of all my real and personal estate and household furniture and call collect in all monies standing out on securities and due to me and take all my ready money and appropriate the one full and equal twelfth part of all monies which shall hereby be accumulated by them, to and for the use and benefit of my sister, Mary McDaniel; which one twelfth part, my executors put out at interest and the income so arising to be paid over to my sister during her natural life, towards her support and after her death, the said part to sink into my general estate and be divided for the use of my children and grandchildren; two equal fifth parts of all my monies to be equally divided between my son John Vandel, jr., and my daughter, Ann, wife of Jacob Burbenk; the remaining three fifths to be out on good security and the interest so arising to be divided equally among my three other children, Peter Vandel, Mary, wife of Daniel Thorne, New Corwall, Ulster County, and Charity, wife of John Baker, Staten Island; share and share alike during their natural lives; after the several and respective deceases of my said three last children, Peter, Mary and Charity; I order my executors to divide the three fifth parts into three equal parts; one equal third part to be divided among the children of my son, Peter; one other equal third part to be divided among the children of my daughter, Mary Thorne, the remaining third part to the children of my daughter Charity; the interest monies paid to my daughters, Mary Thorne and Charity Baker, is for their use only and shall not in any manner be subject or liable to the control contracts or engagements of their respective husbands; my executors to reimburse themselves respectively out of the trust monies and premises. I appoint Peter Arell, New York; my son, John Vandel jr., and my son-in-law, Jacob Burbenk, executors.
Dated September 19, 1797.
Witnesses, Wm. Alexander, Philip Sykes, Leopold Beck
Proved, September 26, 1797