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Notes for Robert Thorn

The Family of Daniel Thorn & Mary Johnes Wandell

1820 - Benton, Ontario (later Yates) Co., NY
Daniel Thorn household
1 male 45+ (Daniel, age 50-54)
1 male 10 to under 16 (lawrence, age 11, born 1809)
1 male under 10 (Robert? age 2)
1 female 45+ Mary, age 50 to 56
1 female 16 to under 26 (unknown daughter #1, age 26 to 35?? Unknown daughter #2, age 16 to 26??)

Thorn, John
State: New York Year: 1830
County: Tioga Roll: M19_109
Township: Elmira Page: 231
Image: 474
1 male 20 to 30 (John, age 34??)
1 male 15 to 20 (his brother Robert? Should only be age 12)
1 male 5 to 10 (???)
1 female 20 to 30 (Ann, age 26)
1 female 5 to 10 (Elizabeth, age 6)
3 females under 5 (Mary, age 5, Harriet, age 2, Fanny, baby)

Thorn, John
State: New York Year: 1840
County: Chemung Roll: M704_268
Township: Elmira Page: 279
Image: 184
1 male 40 to 50 (John, age 44)
1 male 20 to 30 (brother Robert, age 22)
1 male 5 to 10 (Henry, age 8)
1 male under 5 (Daniel, age 1)
1 female 30 to 40 (Ann, age 36)
1 female 15 to 20 (Elizabeth, age 16)
2 females 10 to 15 (Mary, age 15, Harriet, age 12, Fanny, age 10????)
2 females under 5 (Lettitia, age 5, Ann, age 3)
1843 Elmira Gazette marriage listing
1843 20-Apr M Thorn, Robert m in Veteran on Thurs evening the 13th inst by Rev. D.S. Chase, Robert Thorn to Emeline Fuller

1850 census Veteran, Chemung Co., NY
Robert Thorn, age 32, farmer, b. NY
Emeline, age 26, b. NY
Levina, age 6, b. NY
Lucy G. Fuller, age 49, b. NY

1860 census Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY
Robert Thorn, age 42, farmer, b. NY
Emeline, age 34, b. NY
Levina, age 16, b. NY
May, age 5 months, b. NY
Lucy G. Fuller, age 50, domestic, b. NY
Madison Smith, age 18, farm labor, b. NY

1870 census Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY
Household 157/161
Robert Thorn, male, age 49, woolen manufacturer, real estate 15,000, personal estate 9,000
Emily, female, age 44, Keeping house, real estate, 3,000, personal estate 2500.
Lovina, female, age 24
Mary, female, age 10
Fuller, male, age 5
Lucy Fuller, female, age 68
All born in NY

1880 United States Census Horseheads, Chemung, New York Page Number 491A
Robert THORNE M Male 62 NY Farmer
Emeline A. THORNE M Female 54 NY Keeping House
May THORNE S Female 19 NY At Home
Horace T. THORNE S Male 14 NY At Home
Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads Township, Chemung County, New York

Thorn Raymond Sept 28 1900 B
Thorn Delphine R. Sept 15 1904 B
Thorn Henry C. Jan 13 1909 B
Thorn Hattie Feb 2 1929 B
Thorn Robert Jan 1 1892 B
Thorn Emily A. Nov 11 1893 B
Thorn Mary Nov 9 1907 B

Thorn John Miller Mar 10 1884 C
Thorn Samuel May 16 1884 C
Thorn Julia Ann Mar 8 1907 C
Thorn Charles Emmitt May 13 1919 C
Thorn Amanda B. Aug 6 1919 C
Thorn Helen Edith Sept 9 1886 C
Thorn Sarah S. Apr 13 1901 C
Thorn Townsend Mar 22 1907 C
Thorn Charles B. Dec 1 1922 C

Thorn John Aug 23 1928 D
Thorn Emma V. Feb 17 1937 D
Thorne Julia Jan 9 1934 D

Thorn Sylvester J. Apr 24 1901 E
Thorn Gifford S. Apr 9 1914 E
Thorn Sarah Eddy Oct 5 1928 E
Thorn Arasca Eddy Mar 25 1960 E
Thorn Lena C. Dec 3 1965 E

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2001 3:57 AM
Subject: Emeline Fuller/Robert Thorn

I saw you recently posted information on the above couple on Rootsweb World Connect. I have a few questions:

1- What is your source for the marriage of Emeline Fuller and Robert Thorn?
2- Do you have any guesses for the identities of either of their parents?
3- How do either of them fit into your research?

I have posted information on World Connect about this same Emeline A. Fuller (which I need to update):

ID: I478
Name: Emeline A. Fuller
Sex: F
Birth: BEF. OCT 1854 [From the 1880 US Census Horseheads, b. 1825-1826]
Death: AFT. OCT 1875 [Alive in 1880 census]

Father: Unknown Fuller
Mother: Lucy Andrus b: BET. 1796 - 1800 in Possibly Canaan, Columbia Co., NY

Marriage 1 Unknown Thorn [From the 1880 US Census Horseheads I believe this is
Robert Thorn]
Married: BEF. 11 OCT 1875

Source: Richard Andrus Probate, File #38 Surrogate Court, Chemung Co., Elmira, NY
Will Filed October 11, 1875 [Richard d. 1 October 1875 in Horseheads; I have a copy of the complete file]
Text: ". . . Emeline A. Thorn a grand daughter [sic] of said dec'd and the sole surving child of Lucy Fuller eldest daughter of said deceased Richard Andrus, residing at Horseheads, NY . . "

From the 1880 Census, Emeline and Robert Thorn do not show a child Levina. (She may have married by then.) There is a son - Horace T. Thorn, b. 1864-1865 in NY.

Emeline's uncle, Spafford Andrus, was in a business in Horseheads - Thorn, Andrus and Barbour. From "The History of Chemung County", Town of Horseheads, p. 485:
"Although Horseheads is a village of residences, it has also been the location of manufacturing interests. On the square front of a building near the old canal erected many years since appears dimly through an outer coat of paint the words 'Carriage Factory.' More plainly than the other and upon the same space is seen 'Woolen Factory.'. . .
The woolen factory above mentioned was started in 1868 by Robert Thorn and Spafford Andrus. Clark M. Barbour became associated with them in the business, which was successfully conducted under the firm name of Thorn, Andrus & Barbour." This Robert Thorn may be Emeleline's husband, or probably is a relative anyway.

My interest in this couple is primarily because of Emeline's grandparents, Richard and Delight (Roberts) Andrus. If you go to Rootsweb World Connect, you can see their information and the names of some of their children. I'm very interested in the name of Emeline's father. I suspect Emeline's parents were married in Madison Co., NY, but without a name, the search is difficult.

I'm happy to share any information I have.

Cornelia Andrus