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Notes for Lulu Carrie Ingersoll

The Families of Francis Edwin Thorn

1 Jan. 1887 - Francis Edwin Thorne married Lulu Ingersoll in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mich.
25 Oct. 1887 s. Frederick b. in Grand Rapids, Mich.

10 Aug. 1890 d. Mary b. in Helena, Mont.
1890 & 1891 to have been in Spokane, Wash.

1892 State census Douglas Co., Washington
F. E. Thorne, age 48, farmer, b. NY
Lulu, age 24, housewife, b. Michigan
Fred, age 4, b. Michigan
Mary, age 1, b. Michigan
Incorrectly indexed by as being the 1885 census

1893 to have been in Pullman, Wash.
Found his record with BLM issued May 16, 1893 in WA, Accession/Serial # WAWAAA and BLM #040842. Also found Lulu C. Thorne, Accession/Serial # 465513, BLM Serial # IDC0007718, State Idaho, Issue Date - March 29, 1915.
Washington State Birth Index, Prior to 1910 - 1919
Parent: Frances Edwin Thorne
Name: Charley Monroe Thorne
Location: Whitman
Parent: Lula Carrie Ingersoll
Birth Date: 19 Apr 1894
Sex: M
Race: W

14 Aug. 1898 d. Mable b. in Wash. state

2 June 1900 d. Grace b. in Wash. state

1900 census Jocko Twp., Missoula Co., MT - census taken June 7, 1900
ED 71, page 2, Household #37
Francis E. Thorne, head, b. Oct 1843, age 57, married 13 years, NY\NY\PA, General Store
Lulu C., wife, b. June 1867, age 32, married 13 years, 4 births, 4 surviving children, MI\MI\IL
Frank, Son, b. March 1866, age 33, PA\NY\PA, Carpenter
Frederick L., Son, b. Oct. 1887, age 12, MI\NY\MI
Mary E., Daughter, b. Aug. 1890, age 9, MI\NY\MI
Chas. M., Son, b. April, 1894, age 6, WA\NY\MI
Mabel, Daughter, b. Aug. 1898, age 1, WA\NY\MI
Mary Barton, Servant, b. Sept 1789, age 21, IL\IN\IL, Servant Girl

21 Feb. 1902 d. Helen b. in Wash. state

1905 in Spokane, Wash. 1906 Estate Deed shows him in Spokane Bridge, Wash.
7 May 1905 d. Maude b. in Wash. state

1908 in Chewlah, Wash.

1909 house in Chewlah to have burned
Washington State Birth Index, Prior to 1910 - 1919
Parent: Francis Edwin Thorne
Name: Robert Ingersoll Thorne
Location: Stevens
Parent: Lulu Carris
Birth Date: 10 Sep 1909
Sex: M
Race: W

1910 census Allen Pct, 1st Ward Spokane, Spokane Co., WA page 55a April 16, 1910
1910 E. Sprague St. #25/33
Francis E. Thorne, head, age 66 2nd marriage, md 24 yrs, NY/NY/PA, Merchant, Grocer
Lulu C., wife, age 41 1st marriage, md 24 yrs, 8 births, 5 (?) surviving, MI/MI/MI
Charles M. son, age 16, WA/NY/MI
Mabel, daughter, age 11, WA/NY/MI
Grace D., daughter, age 9, WA/NY/MI
Carrie H., daughter, age 8, WA/NY/MI
Maud E., daughter, age 4, WA/NY/MI
Robert, son, age 7 months, WA/NY/MI
James Kennedy, age 25, son-in-law, md 1 yr, WI/WI/IA, Blacksmith
Mary E. Kennedy, age 19, daughter, md 1 yrs, no births listed, WA/NY/MI
Arthur Spaulding, could secure no further information
Lola, could secure no further information
On actual census Mary Kennedy is listed before Charles M with arrow connecting her to James Kennedy

1911 in Spirit Lake, Idaho - Kootinai Co. (This is where Betty MacDonald's dad was born in 1911)

19 Dec. 1912 in Spirit Lake, Idaho

11 Feb, 1917 in Spirit Lake, Idaho

4 Jan. 1918 in King Co., Wash.
21 Apr. 1918 in Old Soldiers Home in Kitsap Co., Wash.
21 Apr. 1919 in Old Soldiers Home

1920 census Retsil Postoffice, Veteran's Precinct #1, Washington Veteran's Home
Francis E. Thorne, Inmate, age 76, NY\NY\PA

1920 census Spokane, Spokane Co., Blaine Precinct enumerated 6th day of Jan. Sheet 6b District 183
410 W. Fifth
John Burton, Head, age 28, TN/TN/KY, Teacher Auto School
Mable, Wife, age 21, WA/PA/MI
Mable, daughter, age 1 1/2, WA/TN/WA
John, Son, age 6/12, WA/TN/WA
Lily, Sister, age 33, Single, TN/TN/KY, Clerk, Railroad office
Lovina, Sister, age 22, Single, TN/TN/KY, Clerk, Railroad office
Betty, Sister, age 17, OK/TN/KY, attended school
Jackson, Brother, age 13, OK/TN/KY, attended school
Baker, Maude, Head, age 23, Widowed, US/US/US, Clerk Railroad office
Thorne, Lulu, Mother-in-law, age 50, Widowed, MI/MI/MO, Nurse Private family
Maude, Sister-in-law, age 14, WA/PA/MI, attended school
Robert, Brother-in-law, age 10, WA/PA/MI, attended school
Note - Maude Baker is same house # but different family #.

5 Jan. 1921 in Old Soldiers Home
19 Dec. 1921 in Spirit Lake, Idaho
15 Feb. 1922 in Retsil, Wash.

1930 census Retsil Postoffice, Veteran's Precinct #1, Washington Veteran's Home
Sheet 1A
Francis E. Thorne, Inmate, age 87, NY\NY\PA
On another page of same home
Sheet 3b
Lulu C. Thorne, nurse, age 61, MI/MI/MI
25 May 1930 died in Retsil, Wash.