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Notes for Letitia Thorn

The Family of Daniel Thorn & Mary Wandel

1800 census New Cornwall, Orange Co., NY
Daniel Thorn
1 male 26-44 (Daniel, age 30-34)
1 male under 10 (John, age 4)
1 female 26-44 (Mary, prob age 26-36)
2 females under 10 (Unknown Daughter #1, age 6 to 10. Letitia, age 1 )

1810 Newburgh, Orange Co., NY
Daniel Thorn
1 male 26 to 44 (Daniel, age 40-44, born 1765 to 1784)
1 male 16 to under 26 (laborer? relative? born 1784 to 1794)
1 male 10 to under 16 (John, age 15)
1 male under 10 (Lawrence, age 1)
1 female 16 to 25 (unknown daughter #1, age 16 to 25 OR Letitia, age 11?)
Mary should be age 36 to 46 - where is she??)

July 1816 - her father bought land in Ontario Co., New York

1820 - Benton, Ontario (later Yates) Co., NY
Daniel Thorn household
1 male 45+ (Daniel, age 50-54)
1 male 10 to under 16 (Lawrence, age 11)
1 male under 10 (Robert, age 2)
1 female 45+ Mary, age 46 to 56
1 female 16 to under 26 (Letitia, age 21)

abt 1827 - daughter Rhoda born

1830 census Benton, Yates, New York
1830 - Benton, Yates Co., NY
Daniel Thorn household
1 male 60 and under 70 (Daniel,age 60-69)
1 male 20 and under 30 (Lawrence, age 21)
1 female 60 & under 70 (Mary, age 60-69)
1 female 15 & under 20 (daughter? age 15-19)
Where is Letitia??


Daniel Lovejoy
1 male age 40-49 (Daniel, age 47)
1 male age 30-39 (who is this?)
1 male age 10-14 (Unknown son, age 10-14)
1 female age 30-39 (Wife, age 30-39. Too young to be the wife from earlier census records. Could be Letitia, age 32, except she is still Letta Thorn on the 1835 census)
1 female age 10-14 (Unknown daughter, age 10-14?)
1 female age 5-9 (Unknown daughter, age 5?)
1 female age 0-4 (Rhoda, age 3)
Baptist Church at Benton Centre
"After 1830, we find among the more efficient members of the church, .... Daniel LOVEJOY"

abt 1831 - son George born

1835 state census

1840 census Benton, Yates, New York
Daniel Lovejoy
1 male 50-59 (Daniel, age 57)
1 male 10-14 (Unknown son, age 10-14)
1 male 5-9 (George, age 9)
1 female 40-49 (Letitia, age 42)
1 female 20-29 (Unknown daughter, age 20-24?)
2 females 10-14 (Rhoda, age 13 & Unknown daughter, age 14?)
Next to household of Isaac Lovejoy

1841 - son Daniel T. born

1850 census Benton, Yates, New York
Daniel Lovejoy, age 67, Farmer, b. New York
Letitia Lovejoy, age 52, b. New York
George Lovejoy, age 19, b. New York
William S. Smith, age 32, Laborer, b. New York
Daniel C. Lovejoy, age 10, b. New York
Rhoda E. Smith, age 23, b. New York

1855 census Benton, Yates, New York
Lovejoy Isacc M 1a/39
Lovejoy Charles F 1a/39
Lovejoy Daniel S 1a/39
Lovejoy John B 1a/39
Lovejoy Margaret 1a/39
Lovejoy Martha M 1a/39
Lovejoy Rachel Ann 1a/39

Lovejoy Elizabeth 1a/128
Lovejoy Joanna 1a/128
Lovejoy John 1a/128
Lovejoy Mary 1a/128

Lovejoy Daniel 1b/8
Lovejoy Letisha 1b/8
Lovejoy Daniel 1b/8
Lovejoy George 1b/8

Lovejoy Henry M 1b/9
Lovejoy Isaac 1b/9
Lovejoy Jacob T 1b/9
Lovejoy Rachael 1b/9

Lovejoy Louisia 1b/113
Lovejoy Peter 1b/113

1860 census Benton, Yates, New York
Daniel Lovejoy, age 78, Farmer, b. New York
Letitia, age 60, b. New York
George N., age 28, Farmer, b. New York
Daniel T., age 19, b. New York
Martha Daris, age 24, Domestic, b. New York
Next door to Isaac Lovejoy, age 51
Benton Center (Benton Rural) Cemetery
Havens Corners Road near Flat St., Benton Center, Yates Co., New York
LOVEJOY Anna M. 1810 - 1838; wife of Peter
LOVEJOY Daniel 1782 - 1863; husb of Letisha THORN
LOVEJOY Daniel T. 1741 - 1868; son (birth date should be 1841?)
LOVEJOY Letisha 1799 - 1878; wife of Daniel; nee THORN
THORN Debrah died 1877

Will book G (1865-1867) - Yates Co., New York
Testator - Daniel, T610;
Executor - Peter, E610, L610;
Daniel T., L610; John B., L610; Letitia, L610; Rachel, L610
David D., H610; George N., H610; Isaac, H610
The references in each index are to a will number; the letter T indicates the testator; L a legatee, H an heir at law not shown as a legatee; E an executor; W a witness (contested wills have numerous witnesses besides the official witnesses to the will itself); and O any other person named in the probate proceedings as recorded. This last category can indicate persons named as abuttors or grantors in real estate devises; guardians of minor heirs; and so on, so they might not be particularly significant for genealogical purposes, but then again, they might be. Deceased heirs and spouses of legatees and heirs at law are also coded as H.

Daniel died in Benton, Yates, New York on April 15, 1863

July 12, 1861 - date of will. When he made the will he stated he was age "79 years and upwards"

To wife Letitia (Thorn) Lovejoy he left all the personal estate she had when they married, and of which she became possessed when she sold land to James Huie after her marriage to Daniel. It named several household items she was entitled to, and also that she was to have the use of all the household items plus the interest from $1500 "while she remains my widow."

To son Daniel T. (who I think was his only child with Letitia) he left $1500 "to be paid by my executors with the first available funds which may come into their hands as my executors". In addition when Letitia died or remarried, Daniel T was to get the additional $1500 that Letitia was using the interest from. He also gave Daniel T a bed and chest with bedding and contents.

To sons Peter and John B Lovejoy, and daughter Rachel Feagles (children from the first marriage), he the sons each $300 and Rachel $150. This provision was based on the family farm being sold for $50 per acre. If it sold for less than that, they would each get less money, and if it sold for more than $50 per acre they would each get more money.

If I am reading the next part correctly, it says that after selling his personal property he wants $1500 to be set aside to earn interest for Letitia to live on, that another $500 should be divided between sons Peter and John B, and that the rest should be divided between Letitia and Daniel T.

Son Peter Lovejoy and friend Almon C. Mallory were appointed executors. Will was proven June 16, 1863.

There is additional probate. On February 17, 1866 Peter petitioned the court that the following were heirs of Daniel Lovejoy:

Widow Letita Lovejoy of Benton, New York
Isaac Lovejoy of Benton, New York
John B. Lovejoy of Benton, New York
George N. Lovejoy of Benton, New York
Rachel Feagles of Benton, New York
Daniel T. Lovejoy of Benton, New York
Hannah Maria Wadsworth of Windham, Ohio
Daniel D. Lovejoy of Williams Co., Ohio