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Duane's Red Book is the name my family has given to a paper that my Uncle Duane Brees wrote as a college assignment in 1951 on his family history. Thank you so much to Duane's daughter Abbi Brees for scanning the original of this family treasure! I am working on a transcript, will post it when I get it completed.

Duane was the youngest child of Percy Brees & Cornelia Lunde. I have found documentation for the great majority of the statements Duane made about the Brees & Lunde family history, but have found conflicting documentation to a few of them, as noted in comments below.


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AcknowledgmentsMr. & Mrs. P.O. Lunde are Peder "Pete" & Emma (Stoa) Lunde. Pete was the oldest son of Ole & Ingeborg Viker Lunde, and lived on a farm near them. Emma was very interested in both the Stoa and Lunde family histories, and wrote down the stories when Ingeborg Lunde was still alive so she got most of the information directly from Ingeborg. Emma wrote an address given at the Hayward, Minnesota centennial that had a lot of the Lunde and Viker information in it that Duane includes in this paper.
Family TreeNOTE: Duane lists his g-grandmother as Hanna Jenny Van Rinkle, and this is not correct. Her name was Hannah Van Winkle. Documentation: There is a record for Hannah Van Winkle's marriage to Lawrence Thorn in Benton, Yates Co., NY in 1835. In 1839 she is mentioned as Hannah with husband Lawrence in a Yates Co., NY deed book. Also Hannah's mother Margaret (Bush) Van Winkle is listed on several records with the last name spelled Van Winkle. Hannah's daughter Sarah Jane Thorn was definitely nicknamed Jenny - it is possible that Hannah also had that nickname as Hannah is the English version of the dutch name Jannetje.
Lunde Family TitleLunde section title page
Norwegian NamesLUNDE - English meanings of Lunde, Gravli,Viker and Onsgaard
Page 1LUNDE - Lunde family lineage, first 9 generations
Page 2LUNDE - Continuation of 9th generation Lunde. Note correction to death date of Richard Moe, son of Atlanta Lunde. He died in 1940.
Page 3LUNDE - This page begins a section that is an English translation of the book "Lundeaetten fra Aadalen Norge" (The Lunde Family from Aadalen Norway)
Page 4LUNDE - name & vocations. Footnote at bottom of page comments on Brees & Viker line both linking back to Normandy of France. This is probably not correct as it is not proven that our Brees line is through Sydney Brees.
Page 5LUNDE - capture of Axel Lowen, vocations
Page 6LUNDE - holidays, furniture, transportation
Page 7LUNDE - The Viker Church
Page 8LUNDE - Viker Church continued & emigration of Peder Lunde & Ole Viker
Page 8ALUNDE - Map of Norway showing location of the different regions including Buskerud which is where Aadalen is.
Page 9

LUNDE - emigration from Norway to USA - this is a part of the paper that contains errors, not Duane's fault as he was writing down what was told to him by family members who thought it was correct. Duane states that Peder Lunde & family & Ole Viker left Norway on May 1, 1850, landed in Quebec and then went on to Milwaukee WI via the Great Lakes. They actually left Norway on the ship Christiane on May 30, 1850 and arrived in New York on July 16, 1850. They did proceed from New York via the Great Lakes to Milwaukee. For more information, click here. Note it says that the ship left Norway on May 1, 1850. There is an account of a passenger on the 1851 voyage of the Christiane on the website - in this account the passenger says her family got off at New York "then we were put on board quite a large and nice steamboat that took us up the Hudson River to Albany, and from there we were transported by the Erie to Buffalo, and from there we were carried by a steamer over the Lakes to Milwaukee, where we arrived about the 25th of July and there hired a man and a team to take us west into Rock County near Beloit,."

Page 9ALUNDE - Map - Wisconsin
Page 10LUNDE - Peder Lunde & Endre Gulbrandson settle in Hayward, Minnesota
Page 10ALUNDE - Map - Iowa
Page 10BLUNDE - Map - Minnesota
Page 11LUNDE - Civil War times. Peder elected first Treasurer and assessor for Hayward, Minnesota.
Page 12LUNDE - Peder Lunde, Ole Lunde
Page 13LUNDE - Lunde picnics
Page 14LUNDE - Ole Viker early history & in Wisconsin. NOTE it says that Ole's parents were Nils Hanson Viker and Kari Rustad Viker. This is not completely correct - Nils Hanson was born and raised on the Rustand farm & Kari Thorsdatter was born & raised on the Viker farm, so according to Norwegian naming customs they were originally Nils Hanson Rustand and Kari Thorsdatter Viker. Nils came to live on the Viker farm after their marriage, and their children were born on the Viker farm so the children all had the Viker last name. Nils actually bought the Viker farm in 1824 (he sold it again sometime before 1861) and was then referred to as Nils Hanson Viker, but Kari never lived at Rustand to my knowlege. They may possibly have been referred to in Norway as "Nils & Kari Rustand" - the information on the names most likely came from Ingeborg Lunde, who was born in the US and never met her grandmother Kari.
Page 15LUNDE - Ole Viker early history in US.
Page 16LUNDE - Ole Viker marriage & emigration to Iowa & Watonwan Co., MN. Warned of upcoming Sioux uprising.
Page 17LUNDE - Ole Viker fleeing Watonwan Co., MN. They left in the summer 1862. The Sioux uprising actually occurred in the spring of 1863. Two of the men that Ole Viker had tried unsuccessfully to convince to flee with him were killed in the uprising.
Page 18LUNDE - Sioux uprising continued, Civil War, other places Ole Viker settled - these places and approximate dates have been confirmed and made more specific by census records, land patent records, etc..
Page 19LUNDE - Children of Ole Viker - NOTE that Duane says there were 4 sons and then lists only 3 of them, Julius, Nils and Carl. The 4th son is listed on census records through 1880 as Theodore - I think that is an English version of Thor. Ole had a brother named Thor, and his maternal grandfather's name was Thor. I don't know what happened to Theodore - he disappears from family records after the 1880 census, and Cornelia's daughter Atlanta had never heard his name mentioned. Anyone with info on him let me know!
Page 19ALUNDE - Duane's direct Lunde line
Page 19B LUNDE - Map of Lunde family immigration from Quebec (error, see above, should be New York) to Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Montana.
Brees Family TitleTitle page for Brees section
Page 20BREES - Brees lineage. No documentation of the link to Sydney Brees of Shrewsbury England has been found by researchers who have gone to England to search the actual records. I think the rest is accurate.
Page 21BREES - Continuation Brees lineage
Page 22BREES - Spelling of Brees name, Sydney Brees. Again, our connection to Sydney has not been backed up by original records.
Page 23BREES - Duane's theory that Brees may have originally been Norwegian.
Page 24BREES - Continuation of theory that Brees may have been Norwegian.
Page 25BREES - Children of John Brees & Dorothy Riggs, John Brees & Hannah Gildersleeve. Emigration to Horseheads, New York
Page 26BREES - Descendants of John Brees & Hannah Gildersleeve; Elias Brees & Deborah Bennett; John Breese & Mary Ann Moore. I tend to refer to the John Brees that married Mary Ann Moore as John III because he is the third John Brees in my direct line. Duane refers to him as John IV because there was a John Brees in each generation coming from the John Brees who married Dorothy Riggs, and he was the 4th generation. Elias had a brother named John, who married Mary Ann Truesdell, and Duane refers to him as John III because he was the 3rd generation. It gets confusing sometimes!
Page 27BREES - Solomon Brees, Percy Brees
Page 28BREES - Sydney Brees - see notes above on the lack of documentation proving our connection to Sydney.
Page 28ABREES - Map of England & Wales
Page 29BREES - John Brees I, John II. Emigrations of John I to Barnard Twp., Somerset Co., New Jersey
Page 29ABREES - Map New Jersey
Page 30BREES - Henry & Samuel Brees (brothers of John II), Revolutionary War service of the three brothers.
Page 31BREES - Rev. War service of Samuel Brees, cont. General Sullivan campaign and Horseheads, New York
Page 31A BREES - Map of Pennsylvania
Page 32BREES - Continued history of Horseheads, New York. John II, Henry & Samuel Brees emigration to Horseheads.
Page 33BREES - Cont. emigration John II, Henry & Samuel
Page 34BREES - Samuel, John II
Page 34ABREES - Map of Chemung Co., New York
Page 35BREES - John II, Elias. NOTE that it says that Elias never left Horseheads. This is not correct. Elias and all of his children except his son John, (who remained in Horseheads) left New York and settled in Fulton Co., Ohio and Lenawee Co., Michigan. There was an address given by one of Elias' g-grandsons that states that Elias emigrated with William Rorick to Michigan in 1837 (three of Elias Breese's daughters married sons of William Rorick). Elias is living with his son Jacob W. Brees in Fulton Co., Ohio in 1850, and again living with Jacob's family and next door to another son Solomon Brees in Seneca, Lenawee Co., Michigan in 1860. .Elias died and is buried in Canandaigua, Medina Twp, Lenawee, Michigan.
Page 36BREES - Cont. of history of John who was son of Elias. Duane refers to him as John IV, or "Mountain John". There is some confusion as to how to number the many Johns in this family. Most refer to the original immigrant John, who married Dorothy Riggs, as John I, although if the old Brees chart is correct his father was named John also. The John Brees who married Hannah Gildersleeve and was one of the original settlers of Horseheads, NY is referred to by Duane as John II - Percy's line is through his son Elias, but he also had a son named John who Duane refers to as John III but some of the Horseheads histories refer to as John, Jr. Elias' son John is actually the third John in Percy's lineage, but Duane refers to him as John IV as he is in the 4th generation from the first John. This can be confusing, because Elias brothers John, Samuel & Lewis also each had sons that they named John Breese, all 4th generation Johns - and this doesn't include the additional descendants named John Breese in other lines from the original John. It is simpler for me to just number the Johns in Percy's line and refer to the John who was the son of Elias as John III.
Page 36ABREES - Sketch of Brees log cabin & milk house
Page 37BREES - Solomon Brees
Page 38BREES - Continuation Solomon Brees, family moves to Todd Co., Minnesota. I believe the whole section on Percy's history is very accurate as Percy and Cornelia were both alive when Duane wrote this paper so he was able to interview them directly and have them check what he wrote.
Page 38ABREES - Map of Douglas & Todd Co., Minnesota
Page 39BREES - Percy travels to Montana with "Grandpa" McClain
Page 40BREES - Percy meets Cornelia
Page 41BREES - Percy & Cornelia's marriage and early years.
Page 41ABREES - Map trip from New York and Minnesota to Montana.
Page 41BBREES - Map Cascade Co., Montana
Page 42Conclusion and grade - Duane got a 92 on the paper.
Photo Section Photo section title page
Photo Page 1Brees home in Grey Eagle, MN; Percy Brees' first house near Choteau, Montana
Photo Page 2First home in Choteau after marriage; House on homestead - this home was also a store called Elwood and from August 27, 1919 to October 30, 1920 it was a U.S. Post Office called Breeston
Photo Page 3Percy in Model T touring car on homestead (hauling dirt from digging basement); Breeston postmark; 3120 Central Ave. in Great Falls, Montana
Photo Page 43 photos of 3120 Central, Great Falls, Montana in 1934 and 1928
Photo Page 53120 Central, Great Falls, Montana in 1928 and 1939
Photo Page 63217 Fourth Ave. North, Great Falls, Montana, in 1945 and 1950