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Photos of Viola Lunde Bagley & her children:

The Family of Ole Pederson Lunde & Ingeborg Olsdatter Viker

Viola, Atlanta & Cornelia Lunde1896 approxMN. Atlanta was born July 7, 1895. Guessing she is about age 1 in this photo. If it is summer of 1896 the ages would be: Viola age 6, Cornelia age 4, and Atlanta age 1.
The 10 cousins1905 approxChildren of Asle & Ole Lunde. Asle was killed October 1891(age 46) when kicked by a horse. His wife Gunhild died 5 years later in 1896 - at the time of her death their 4 children ranged in age from 5 to 12 years old. These 4 children stayed in their home with their grandmother, Else Gravli, and spent summers, most holidays and lots of time with Ole & Ingeborg Lunde's 6 children after the death of their parents, and were referred to as "The 10 cousins". Asle's children were Elsie, Florence, Palma & Alfred. Ole's children were Pete, Margaret, Rudolph, Viola, Cornelia & Atlanta.
Viola & Cornelia Lunde1911 approxMN, before Cornelia went to MT. Cornelia & Viola wearing dresses made from the same pattern. Dresses made by Ingeborg or Margaret Lunde.
Viola, Atlanta & Cornelia Lunde1915 approxMN, before Cornelia went to MT. Cornelia & Atlanta wearing dresses made from the same pattern. Dresses made by Ingeborg or Margaret Lunde.
Viola & Carl Bagley marriage1917Carl Bagley & Viola Lunde were married in December of 1917.
Ole P. Lunde family1919MN. Cornelia is wearing the blouse she wore at her marriage. Photo taken because Cornelia had traveled to MN from MT for Elwood's birth and Pete was home from the logging camps in Canada so Ole wanted a studio photo taken.
Viola Lunde1919Close-up from photo of Ole P. Lunde family.
Ingeborg Viker Lunde & 5 children19341934 Lunde family reunion L-R standing: Pete, Viola, Margaret, Cornelia & Rudolph.
Seated is Ingeborg (Viker) Lunde, holding Duane Brees. Duane was the youngest grandchild, placed in the picture to represent the youngest sibling, Atlanta, who was killed in a train/car accident in 1923.
Lunde cousins 19341934Viola's husband Carl Bagley is in this photo, holding their son, Harold. Their son Richard is next to Carl, and daughters Elsie & Dorothy are in back row.
Elsie Bagley1936Viola's daughter Elsie. Guessing on year. She was born in 1918, would be about 18 years old in 1936.