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On the question "Do we have Vikings iin our lineage":
Written by Kari Northup, March 19, 2010

On my website, click on the link in the Lunde records 1800's section called Generations of Njorth. This a write-up of our Viker ancestors in the branch that has the royalty in it. I think some of the early ones were made up by bards to give lineage to Harald the Fair-Haired & the other kings in the line - some of them are pretty far fetched but still make for entertaining reading. Generations 24 & 26 both are listed as being Vikings, probably some of the others also. King Harald is also listed as being a Viking, as well as his son, Erik.

This is also the branch that supposedly connects to Charlemagne, which in some ways makes it more believable for me, since royalty tended to seek out other royalty to marry. I looked up Charlemagne one time on Encarta, and the names that were given to me for our connection to him all seemed to be descendants listed there as far as I can tell. It is a standing joke in genealogy that pretty much everyone traces back to *gasp* Charlemagne, but I do have names for every generation back for us. I have a lot of notes for that line, but here are a few quotes from Encarta that deal with the Vikings:

For Charlemagne: "The empire did not expand after 800; indeed, already in the 790s the seacoasts and river valleys experienced the first, dreaded visits of the Vikings. Charlemagne ordered a special watch against them in every harbor, but with little effect. He died before their full, destructive force was unleashed on the empire."

Our line is through Charlemagne's son, Louis King of France, born 778, then through Louis' son Charles I, King of France, born 823. For Charles I have: "Charles was a weak ruler; the great nobles were rapidly becoming independent, and the Vikings pillaged the country without meeting much resistance from Charles, who preferred to buy them off."

Our line is from Charles' daughter Judith, who married Bedouin I Comte De Flanders. Their son, Bedouin II Comte De Flanders, also our line, married Aelfthryth of England, who was daughter of Alfred, King of England.

Our lineage from Bedouin II and Aelfthryth is
Arnoul I Comte De Flanders born 890 & Aelis De Vermandois
Baudouin III Comte De Flandera (born 940) & Mathilda Von Sachsen
Arnoul II Comte de Flanders (born 961) & Rosala Susanne of Italy
Baudiouin IV Count of Flanders (born 980) & Eleanor De Normandie
Judith of Flanders & Tostig Jarl of Northumbria

Judith above is the first one I find who married someone I thought sounded Norwegian. Not sure when she was born, but her son Skule, our line, was born 1052. The "Viking Age' according to Wikipedia ran from early 790's to 1066, the Norman Conquest of England, so they were still around and raiding England and other parts of Europe in the 1050's and I have always wondered if that is how Judith and Tostig got together.

Our line from Judith
Skule Kongsforstre (born 1052) & Gudrun Nevsteinsdatter
Ragnhild Skulesdatter & Krypenge Ora Sveinsson
Aasa Ormsdatter & Nikolas Maase
Unknown Maase & Botolv
Hallstein Botolvsson
Ora Hallsteinsson
Botolv Orasson (born 1215)
Hallstein Botolvsson (born 1250) & Jartrud Eindridesdatter
Botolv Halsteinsson (born 1280) & Unknown Torgautsdatter
Eindride Botolvsson & Unknown Samsonsdatter
Botolv Eindridesson & Elin Viljalmsdatter
Eystein Bottolvsson
Narve Eysteinsson
Unknown Narvesdatter
Eystein Oystein Sevatsen & Ragna Aslesdatter
Narve Eysteinsson (born 1465)
Guri Narvesdatter & Gudulv Anderson
Anders Gudulvson
Gul Anderson
Eli Gulsdatter & Fredrik Trommal
Ole Fredrikson
Gul Olsen Stugaarden (born abt 1610) & Gunhild Jonsdatter Tollefsrud (born abt 1650)
Siri Gulsdatter Nordre Stugarde (b. abt 1670) & Mons Olsen
Ole Monson Sorum (b. 1706)

Of the last two generations listed, Mons Olsen is the same as generation #50 on the Generations of Njorth writeup, and Ole Monson is generation #51.