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Photos of Rudolph Lunde

The Family of Ole Pederson Lunde & Ingeborg Olsdatter Viker

Ingeborg Viker Lunde1889
Ingeborg was Cornelia's mother. I don't think there are any surviving photos of her parents, Ole Nilson Viker & his wife Margit. This photo was taken in Albert Lea, MN. Rudolph was born April 7, 1888 - guessing he is close to a year old and that ages of the children in the photo are: Peder "Pete" age 7, Margaret age 6, and Rudolph age 1.
10 Cousins photo1905 approxChildren of Asle & Ole Lunde. Asle was killed October 1891(age 46) when kicked by a horse. His wife Gunhild died 5 years later in 1896 - at the time of her death their 4 children ranged in age from 5 to 12 years old. These 4 children stayed in their home with their grandmother, Else Gravli, and spent summers, most holidays and lots of time with Ole & Ingeborg Lunde's 6 children after the death of their parents, and were referred to as "The 10 cousins". Asle's children were Elsie, Florence, Palma & Alfred. Ole's children were Pete, Margaret, Rudolph, Viola, Cornelia & Atlanta. Photo taken 1905 approx.
Rudolph & Hattie wedding1915Rudolph married Hattie Nordland on November 27,1915
Ole Lunde family1919MN. Cornelia is wearing the blouse she wore at her marriage. Photo taken because Cornelia had traveled to MN from MT for Elwood's birth and Pete was home from the logging camps in Canada so Ole wanted a studio photo taken.
1930 census Rudolph Lunde19301930 census Moscow Twp., Freeborn Co., MN, page 3A
Rudolph E. head, age 41, age at first marriage: 29, MN/MN/WI
Hattie V., wife, age 41, age at first marriage: 29, MN/Norway/Norway
Orion, son, age 13; Rudolph, son, age 12; Ingeborg, daughter, age 10, Robert V., son, age 6, Vernon P., son, age 8 months. All children born in MN with parents born in MN. Also in household are Isaac Nordland, brother-in-law, age 54, widowed, age at first marriage: 21, MN/Norway/Norway and Carl Viker, uncle, age 71, single, WI/Norway/Norway
Note from Kari - birthplaces for Carl Viker & Rudolph's mother are wrong. Rudolph's mother was born in IA and Carl was born in MN.
Ingeborg Viker Lunde & 5 children19341934 Lunde family reunion L-R standing: Pete, Viola, Margaret, Cornelia & Rudolph.
Seated is Ingeborg (Viker) Lunde, holding Duane Brees. Duane was the youngest grandchild, placed in the picture to represent the youngest sibling, Atlanta, who was killed in a train/car accident in 1923.
Rudolph & Hattie Lunde and Cornelia Brees1970 approxNot sure what year. Rudolph and Cornelia are brother and sister. Hattie died in 1974.

Children of Rudolph & Hattie (Nordland) Lunde: Orion, Rudy, Ingeborg ("Sis"), Robert & Vernon

Ole P. & Orion Lunde1917 approxOrion was Rudolph's oldest son, and Ole P. Lunde's first grandchild. Orion was born in Oct 1916.
Orion & Rudy Lunde Jr1918 approxRudolph's sons, Orion born 1916, Rudy born 1918.
Rudy Lunde Jr

1919 approx

Rudolph's son Rudy Lunde Jr was born in April 1918
Sis, Rudy, Margie & Orion1923 approxSis Lunde, Rudy Jr. Lunde, Margie Nordland & Orion Lunde. Margie was Rudolph's niece, child of Hattie's brother Tim. Margie later married Clarence Mittag and lived in SD. Rudolph's house is in the background.
Sis Lunde1923 approxRudolph's daughter Ingeborg (Sis), guessing age 4, at home on Rudolph's farm. Sis was born in 1919.
Vernon Lunde1933 approxRudolph's youngest son Vernon, born in 1929. Guessing he is about age 4.
Lunde cousins 19341934All 5 of Rudolph & Hattie Lunde's children are in this photo. In back row are Rudy Jr., Ingeborg ("Sis"), and Orion (holding his cousin Duane Brees). In front row are Vernon and Robert. Photo was taken when the Brees family came from MT to MN for a visit in 1934.
Rudy Lunde Jr1936 approxRudolph's son, guessing HS graduation at age 18. He was born in 1918
Orion, Sis & Rudy Lunde1937 approxRudolph's 3 older children. Not sure what year. Guessing 1937.
Robert & Vernon Lunde1937 approxRudolph's 2 younger children. Guessing on year.
Virgil Taylor & Sis Lunde1939 approxRudolph's daughter Ingeborg, known to her brothers and cousins as Sis. Not sure what year. Virgil & Sis were married in 1939.
Robert Lunde1942 approxRudolph's son, Robert Viker Lunde, in the Navy. Robert was born in August 1923.
Vernon Lunde1945

Rudolph's youngest son Vernon Lunde, signed and dated June 1, 1945. He was born in December 1929, so is age 15-1/2

Rudy & Velga Lunde wedding1945Rudy Lunde Jr married Velga Wangen in August 1945. Attendants were Velga's sister Dorothy Wangen, and Rudy's brother Vernon Lunde.
Lanna Sue Lunde & Family2003 approx

Lanna Sue Lunde, daughter of Robert Viker Lunde. Lanna died in 2004 of breast cancer. There is a message she wrote to her family at: