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Photos of Palma Lunde

The Family of Asle P. Lunde & Gunhild Fredericksdatter

Palma & Florence Lunde1889Palma was born in Oct. 1888 and Florence was born in March 1886.
Palma Lunde confirmation1902 approxConfirmation, about age 14. Else (Gravli) Viker made her dress.
Palma Lunde HS Graduation1905 approxHigh School graduation, about age 18. Writing is by Atlanta Brees.
10 cousins photo1905 approxChildren of Asle & Ole Lunde. Asle was killed October 1891(age 46) when kicked by a horse. His wife Gunhild died 5 years later in 1896 - at the time of her death their 4 children ranged in age from 5 to 12 years old. These 4 children stayed in their home with their grandmother, Else Gravli, and spent summers, most holidays and lots of time with Ole & Ingeborg Lunde's 6 children after the death of their parents, and were referred to as "The 10 cousins". Asle's children were Elsie, Florence, Palma & Alfred. Ole's children were Pete, Margaret, Rudolph, Viola, Cornelia & Atlanta.
Elsie, Palma & Margaret Lunde1905 approxGuessing on year. Maybe Palma's graduation? Elsie & Palma were Cornelia's cousins, and Margaret was her sister.
Palma Lunde studio1908 approx Guessing about age 20. Born 1888.
Atlanta & Palma Lunde shooting


This photo was most likely taken in 1912 or 1913. Alfred (Asle's son) decided to teach his sister Palma and cousin Atlanta to shoot. He told them to hold the gun loose - Cornelia said they had sore shoulders! Palma born 1888, Atlanta born 1895. An email from Lewis H. Seaton III states: "I came across the picture when looking for 1912 shooting images. The guns in the picture are Remington Model 12's (as in 1912), so the picture can be no earlier than 1912."
Mike Schultz & Palma Lunde1920Palma married Ora "Mike" Schultz on Sept 11, 1920. To see a photo of Mike Schults that was taken when he served in WWI in France, click here.
Virginia Schultz1922 approxPalma's daughter Virginia was born in March 1922.
Virginia Schultz1922 approxPalma's daughter Virginia was born in March 1922.
Palma Schultz & Cornelia Brees & babies1928Taken about August 1928. Cornelia Brees is Palma's cousin. Palma is holding her son Lee, age 8 months, and Cornelia is holding her daughter Virginia, age 4 months.
Lee Schultz1929 approxPalma's son Lee was born in January 1928.
Lunde Cousins 19341934Virginia Schultz, daughter of Palma (Lunde) Schultz, is in back row, far right. Her son Lee Schultz is not in this photo.
Virginia Schultz & Skaar twins1935 approxStanding is Virginia Schultz, daughter of Palma (Lunde) Schultz. Seated are Elsie & Margaret Skaar, daughter's of Palma's sister Elsie. All were born in 1922, guessing they were about age 13 as this is a Confirmation photo.
Lee Schultz1946 approxPalma's son Lee Schultz, guessing age 18, High School graduation.