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Ole Nilsen Viker records:

Viker church, Norway1850These are 1999 photos of the Viker church, but wanted to put them with Ole Viker's immigration papers as this is the church where he and Peder Lunde both signed out of when they left for America. The photos also show how beautiful the area is where they came from. Photos from Don Nelson.
Ole Viker immigration papers1850I have partially translated this - email me if you want a copy of my translation.

Passenger list for ship Christiane - first page

1850Ship Lundes & Vikers came over on. Family story had been that they landed in Quebec, but this passenger list confirms that they landed in New York. Peder Asleson Lunde is passenger #3. His son Asle is #4. I belive that Margit Nubsdatter Onsgaard and her son Julius from her first marriage also traveled on the Christiane in 1852 or 1853, and that they landed in Quebec at that time. Confusion came because Ole Viker and Margit told their children that they came over "on the same ship", which it was, but not the same year.
THIS WILL TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER WEBSITE. Once there, use your "Back" button to return to this page.Complete passenger list for Christiane 1850This is a link to the passenger list of the 1850 voyage of the Christiane that is on the website "100 Years of Emigrant Ships From Norway.".This excellent website was made by Børge Solem, Trond Austheim together with Gery and Sue Swiggum, and I will always be thankful to them for posting this list where I found my Lundes and Vikers! There is a transcript and also scans of the actual list. On list is #3 Peder Lunde, #4 Asle Lunde (should be age 4), #81 Else Olsdatter (Gravli), #68 Ole Wiger (Viker) with his brother #67 Hans Viker and sister #142 Gjertrud. If the link does not work the website is at There is also a voyage account of the same ship's journey in 1851 that probably was similar to the 1850 journey in many ways.
Ole Viker & Margit Onsgaard marriage1853Beloit, Wisconsin. At the time of their marriage, Ole was age 23 and Margit was age 34.
1856 census Osage Twp., Mitchell Co., Iowa1856Household #84 includes Peder & Else Lunde and son Asle, age 10. Household #85 is Ole & Margit Viker & children Julius (Margit's son from a previous marriage), Nils & Ingeborg. Ingeborg was listed on early census records as Isabel. Also the family went by the last name Nilson or Nelson on early records. The Viker family left Iowa about 1858 and went to Brown (later Watonwan) Co., MN. The Lunde family also left IA in 1856 and settled in Freeborn Co., Minnesota.
1860 census Madelia, Brown Co., Minnesota1860Ole Viker and family should be on this census and aren't - note that Gilbert Palmeson, wife Anna and children Caroline and Betsy were counted on July 23rd as being in household #288/293, and then are RECOUNTED on July 24th as being in household #300/304 with different neighbors. Gilbert Palmeson was a friend of Ole Viker and also from Aadalen, Norway - I believe that one of those households should have been the Viker home and the census taker made an error. Ole Viker tried to convince Gilbert Palmeson and another friend, Ole Palmeson (Kjella) to leave with him in 1861, but they ignored the warning because the crops were looking promising that year. Both men were later killed in the Sioux Uprising in 1863.
Karoline Viker baptismNov 1861 Record from the Elstad Lutheran Church in Lanesboro, Fillmore Co., Minnesota. Baptism of Karoline, parents Ole Nielsen & Marit Nubsdatter. Witnesses were Jan Evenseon, Nils Torsen, Valborg Aamunsdtr & Anne Semmen. Karoline was born November 3, 1861 and baptised November 17, 1861. Record mistakenly says birthyear was 1860, but later records confirm it was 1861. Karoline, who went by Caroline on later records, was born in Highland Prairie, Fillmore, Minnesota according to a later biography. Thanks to Julie Dragvold, Elstad Lutheran Church Historian, for this record.
Letter from the Office of the Sioux Commissioners1863Answer (I assume) to letter sent on behalf of Ole Viker and others requesting some recompense for the land and belongings he left behind when he fled Brown County after being warned of the upcoming Sioux uprising. The letter states that "it is the opinion of our Commission, we cannot take cognizance of any claims for depredations committed by the Sioux or other Indians, after the passage of the Act under which we were appointed and are acting - Nor for any committed prior to the 17th of August 1862." Ole Viker and family fled in the summer of 1861. The actual uprising occurred in April 1863. The letter did add "The cases you mention are particularly hard ones and ought to be entitled to relief from some quarter, but I do not see that we can do it." The letter is dated September 14, 1863.
Death of son Nils Olsen VikerJuly 1865 Record from the Elstad Lutheran Church in Lanesboro, Fillmore Co., Minnesota. His sister Ingeborg later told her daughter Cornelia that her brother Julius killed Nils in a farming accident - Julius (age 18) was cutting wheat with a scythe, and didn't see Nils (age 11) in the tall wheat. Julius hit Nils with the scythe in the stomach, and he was not able to be saved. I originally thought that this accident happened when Nils was a toddler in Iowa, but now am sure that this Nils is Ole & Margit Viker's son. Death of Nils Olsen Viger on July 25, 1865. Thanks to Julie Dragvold, Elstad Lutheran Church Historian, for this record.
1865 census Holt Twp., Fillmore Co., MN18651865 census for Holt Twp, Fillmore Co., MN, household #61 includes: Ole Nelson, M(Margit), Julius, Theodore, Charl, Ingebor, Caroline. The census is not dated, but was probably taken in late July or early August after the harvest. This is when the 1860 & 1870 censuses were all taken in this same area. Son Nils is not listed because he had been killed July 25th during harvest.
1870 census Holt, Fillmore Co., MN18701870 census Holt, Fillmore Co. MN - Ole Nelson, age 40, Margaret (56), Isabel (15),Theodore (13), Carl (10) & Caroline (9). Julius not living with them, or the census taker missed him. The family lived in Fillmore Co., MN from 1861 to about 1872, when they moved to Mower Co., Minnesota.
1874 Atlas Mower Co., MN1874Ole & Margit Viker lived in Mower Co., MN from 1872 to 1883. They are listed on the 1875 and 1880 censuses in Frankford, Mower Co., MN. In a newspaper article written about their daughter Ingeborg's 90th birthday, it states "Her girlhood years were spent in Grand Meadow until her marriage when she came to Freeborn County." Ingeborg was about 16 when her family moved to Mower Co. She married Ole P. Lunde in 1881 at age 25.
1875 census Frankford, Mower Co., MN18751875 census Frankford, Mower Co. MN: Ole Nelson (42), M.(f)Margit)(57),J.(m)(Julius)(28),I.(f)(Ingeborg or Isabel)(19),T.(m)(Theodore)(18), C.(m)(Carl)(16),C.(f)(Caroline)(14) Family next door also listed as Nelson, all initials, all born Norway. Family next door is probably Ole's brother Hans Nilson Viker - ages are not correct for Hans and second wife Maren, but ages and sexes for the children match except there should be one more son about age 14.
B. J. Stoa to Ole N. Viker1894August 13, 1894 - Quitclaim from Berthol J. Stoa & wife to "Ole N. Wiker" (Ole Nilsen Viker) for a strip of land 1 rod wide and 80 rods long. Land located on the East side of the Southwest quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 8 in Township 103, Range 19 (Moscow). Filed with the Freeborn Co., Courthouse on November 9, 1896.
Agricultural College Lands to Carl Olsen Viker1902May 31, 1902 - final payment was made by "Carl O. Wiger" for the East half of the Northwest quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 8 in Township 103, Range 19 (Moscow). Land was purchased from the State of Minnesota. Total purchase was for 20 acres. The state of Minnesota reserved Mineral rights to the land. Carl was the son of Ole Nilsen Viker.
Carl Viker to Rudolph Lunde1911February 27, 1911 - Sale from Carl Viker to Rudolph Lunde for $1 and agreement that Rudolph will "clothe, board and furnish needed treatment and $20 per year" to Carl for and during his natural life. Deed to be void if the above is not provided. Carl never married or had children, and Rudolph was Carl's nephew, the son of Ole P. & Ingeborg (Viker) Lunde. Land in this transaction was the East half of the Southwest quarter of the Northeast quarter and the East half of the Northwest quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 8 in Township 103, Range 19 (Moscow). As of 2004, descendants of Rudolph Lunde still own this land.