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PDF file of the entire book of "Lundeatten Fra Aadalen"Thanks to Vivian Gullickson White of Canada for scanning this book! This copy originally belonged to Magdalene Lunde Hove of Hayward, Freeborn Co., Minnesota. It was written by Christian Lunde and printed in 1907. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A VERY LARGE FILE - about 62 MB!
English Translation of Lundeatten Fra Aadalen!!

Vivian Gullickson White of Canada commissioned Dr. Stanley Nuland to translate Lundeaaten Fra Aadalen into English. This is wonderful, because parts of the book are written in old Norwegian, which very few Norwegians are able to read now. The translation is excellent, and you can purchase it for $20 at:

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Lunde book PederActual scan of page 61 of book, family info on Peder Asleson Lunde and his son Asle. Photo of Peder.
Lunde book Alse & OleActual scan of page 62 of book, family info on Peder's son Ole. Photo of Peder's son Asle.
Translation 1Some English translation and summary of the preface. For more detailed translation of the preface, see page 3-8 in Duane's Red Book, below.
Translation 2English translation and/or summary of the preface continued, and of pages 1-16
Translation 3English translation and/or summary of pages 16-18 and 19-27.
Translation 4English translation and/or summary of pages 19-27 continued and of 29-31.
Translation 5English translation and/or summary of 29-31 continued and of 48-49
Translation 6English translation and/or summary of some family info from the remainder of the book. Includes the family info for Peder Lunde and sons.
Translation 7English translation and/or summary of the two Lunde branches in America.
 Duane's Red BookDuane has most of the information from the preface of Lundeaaten Fra Aadalen in his paper - I'm not sure if it is an exact translation, but as far as I can tell it is the same information, with some comments from Duane. The pages in the Red Book that contain the info from the Lunde book are pages 3 through 8.