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Lunde & Viker photos I have posted on the website: Photos that have my grandmother Cornelia Lunde Brees or her direct ancestors in them. Click on the link for a printable photo

Click here for photos of Percy & Cornelia & their children after their marriage

Possibly Ole Viker & Margit Onsgaard 1853 approx I like to think this may be the only surviving portrait of Ole Nilson Viker & Margit Nubsdatter Onsgaard. It was found in the attic of the home of their grandson, Peder Lunde. At the time of their marriage in 1853, Margit was 34 years old and Ole was only 23 years old. That is a somewhat unusual situation, and to me this couple looks like they could be those ages.
Peder A. Lunde 1870 approx Peder was Cornelia's paternal grandfather. I think this photo is earlier than the one below with his wife Else - his hair is longer and less gray. This photo is a xerox from a book (in Norwegian) on the Lunde family called "Lundeatten fra Aadalen".
Ole P. Lunde 1879
Ole was Cornelia's father. This was probably taken in MN. Atlanta Brees was told he was 21 years old in this photo.
Peder & Else (Gravli) Lunde 1880
Peder & Else were Ole's parents, Cornelia's grandparents. Peder died in 1891. If this was taken in 1880 he would be 60 years old in the photo. Peder & Else immigrated to the US in July 1850. They were one of the first settlers of Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN. They had two sons, Asle & Ole.
Ingeborg Viker Lunde 1889
Ingeborg was Cornelia's mother, daughter of Ole Nilson Viker & Margit Nubsdatter Onsgaard. This photo was taken in Albert Lea, MN. Rudolph was born April 7, 1888 - guessing he is close to a year old and that ages of the children in the photo are: Peder "Pete" age 7, Margaret age 6, and Rudolph age 1. To learn more about Ingeborg's siblings, click here.
Ole P. Lunde #2 1890 approx Cornelia's father, guessing early 30's?
One Room School Photo - Lunde 1895
Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN. One room school photo - abt 1895 Later married names in parenthesis for girls if known:
Back row: Teacher Mamie Hoban, Laura Quam (Stemson), Joseph Stoa, Louise Nelson, Ollie Peterson, Henry Nelson, Inger Peterson
Second row from back: Gustav Stoa, Rudolph Lunde, Caroline Nelson (Smeby), Margaret Lunde, Viola Lunde (Bagley), Elsie Lunde (Skaar), Helen Stoa
5 in lower front row: Laura Rowe, Clara Nelson (Smeby), Emma Stoa (Lunde), Nora Johnson (Long), Cornelia Lunde (Brees)
Cornelia was not supposed to be in the photo but the teacher offered to let her be in it since so many of the other Lundes were in it. ID's by Emma Stoa Lunde. Emma told Atlanta Brees Dye that the photographer came to the school and all of the children got in a hay wagon and rode over the the studio for the photo.
Additional notes for children in this photo
Viola, Atlanta & Cornelia Lunde 1896
MN. Atlanta was born July 7, 1895. Guessing she is about age 1 in this photo. If it is summer of 1896 the ages would be: Viola age 6, Cornelia age 4, and Atlanta age 1.
Moscow MN school photo 1901 approx. School photo, taken about 1901. Children in photo that I know lived in Moscow, Freeborn Co., MN at that time. Four of the children of Ole & Ingeborg (Viker) Lunde are in this photo. To see the photo with names click here. Several of the children in the 1895 Moscow school photo above are probably in this photo also.
Lunde 10 cousins 1905
Children of Asle & Ole Lunde. Asle was killed October 1891(age 46) when kicked by a horse. His wife Gunhild died 5 years later in 1896 - at the time of her death their 4 children ranged in age from 5 to 12 years old. These 4 children stayed in their home with their grandmother, Else Gravli, and spent summers, most holidays and lots of time with Ole & Ingeborg Lunde's 6 children after the death of their parents, and were referred to as "The 10 cousins". Asle's children were Elsie, Florence, Palma & Alfred. Ole's children were Pete, Margaret, Rudolph, Viola, Cornelia & Atlanta.
Cornelia Lunde HS graduation 1911 Albert Lea, MN
1911 Albert Lea HS graduating class 1911 1911 graduating class of Albert Lea High School. Of the 26 people in the photo, the ones I can ID are Lorinda Speltz, Josephine Suren, Catherine Jensen, Gertrude Todd, Cornelia Lunde, and possibly Corinne Ault. To see a copy of the photo with ID's, click here.
Cornelia Lunde at train station 1911
Percy told Atlanta Brees that Cornelia was at the train station to go to her first teaching job, probably the fall after she graduated high school.
Viola & Cornelia Lunde 1911
MN, before Cornelia went to MT. Cornelia & Viola wearing dresses made from the same pattern. Dresses made by Ingeborg or Margaret Lunde.
Viola, Atlanta & Cornelia Lunde #2 1915
MN, before Cornelia went to MT. Cornelia & Atlanta wearing dresses made from the same pattern. Dresses made by Ingeborg or Margaret Lunde.
Cornelia Lunde studio portraits #2 1916
both poses of studio sitting.
Cornelia Lunde studio portrait 1916
prob MN, same as above for date
Marie Owen & Cornelia Lunde 1916 Marie & Cornelia were second cousins - their grandmothers (Else & Ingeborg Gravli) were sisters. Marie was the second wife of Elton Kilbourn, whose son married one of Cornelia's daughters. So Marie was paternal step-grandma to Cornelia's grandchildren, although she was actually related to them by blood on their mother's side. Photo taken the summer of 1916 when Cornelia stopped in Hatton, ND on her way to MT to visit her friend Anna (Bagley) Curtis. Frank & Anna Curtis introduced Percy to Cornelia.
Ole P. Lunde & Orion 1916 Orion was the first grandchild - he was Rudolph's son.
Cornelia Lunde & friend at Priest Butte

1916 approx

Cornelia Lunde (in hat), with friend Helen Trodick. Taken about the time of her marriage to Percy Brees in 1917. Priest Butte is just south of Choteau, MT.
Cornelia Lunde wedding 1917 Cornelia Lunde married Percy Brees on July 12, 1917 in Great Falls, MT.
Ole Lunde family 1919 MN. Cornelia is wearing the blouse she wore at her marriage. Photo taken because Cornelia had traveled to MN from MT for Elwood's birth and Pete was home from the logging camps in Canada so Ole wanted a studio photo taken.
Ole & Ingeborg Lunde & Richard Moe 1923 Photo taken by Calmer Moe when he and Atlanta (Lunde) Moe visited Minnesota in 1923. Atlanta was killed on the return trip home to Montana when their car was hit by a train. Atlanta was caught on the "cowcatcher" of the train long enough to throw Richard up onto the train platform before she went under the train. Atlanta's body was put on the train and returned to Minnesota for burial.
Elsie Skaar, Ingeborg & Ole Lunde, Carl Viker 1930 approx ID's by Ingeborg Lunde Taylor, granddaughter of Ole & Ingeborg Lunde. I'm not sure when this was taken - Ole died in 1933, so maybe about 1930?
Ingeborg Viker Lunde & 5 children 1934 1934 Lunde family reunion L-R standing: Pete, Viola, Margaret, Cornelia & Rudolph.
Seated is Ingeborg (Viker) Lunde, holding Duane Brees. Duane was the youngest grandchild, placed in the picture to represent the youngest sibling, Atlanta, who was killed in a train/car accident in 1923.
Ingeborg Viker Lunde spinning 1945
Guessing taken about her 90th birthday in 1945. She died in 1948 at age 92.