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Eli Olsdatter Haukedalen was born in May 1821 in Norway. She was the daughter of Ole Hansen Haukedalen & Barbro Olsdatter Hval.
Frederik Jorgensen Omoen was born about 1815 in Norway. He was the son of Jorgen Omoen & unknown


Frederik Jorgensen Omoen & Eli Olsdatter HaukedalenFrederik Jorgensen Oimoen & Eli Olsdatter Haukedalen were married about 1845 in Norway, and they had at least 4 children born between 1846 to 1858. Family story is that Eli's father disinherited her when she married Frederik. Frederik & Eli are listed on the 1865 census of the Oimoen farm, Ness, Aadalen, Norway with 4 of their children still at home. At that time Frederik was age 50 and Eli was age 45. Frederik & Eli both died sometime after 1865, but I don't know where or when. There are several ties between Eli's descendants and the descendants of her first cousin Peder Lunde. Frederik & Eli's daughter Gunhild married Asle Pedersen Lunde, who was Peder's son. Fredrik & Eli's son Gilbert (Gulbrand) also had a son named Calmer who married Atlanta Lunde, who was a daughter of Ole Lunde & Ingeborg Viker and one of Peder's granddaughters.
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The children of Frederik Jorgensen Omoen & Eli Olsdatter Haukedalen

Jorgen FredericksonJorgen Frederickson was born in 1846 in Norway. He is listed at age 20 with his parents on the 1865 census of the Oimoen farm in Ness, Aadalen, Norway.
Ole FredricksonOle Fredrickson was born in 1847 in Norway. He is listed at age 18 with his parents on the 1865 census of the Oimoen farm in Ness, Aadalen, Norway.
Gunhild FredricksdatterGunhild Fredricksdatter was born in 1849 in Norway. She is listed at age 15 with her parents on the 1865 census of the Oimoen farm in Ness, Aadalen, Norway. According to her grandson, Ashle Skaar, Gunhild emigrated to America in 1881. At that time she was about age 32. Gunhild married Asle Pedersen Lunde on May 15, 1883 in Freeborn Co., MN. and they had 4 children. Asle was son of Peder Lunde & Else Gravli. Asle & Gunhild were second cousins - their grandmothers Kari & Barbro Hval were sisters. On March 25, 1891, Peder Lunde sold the part of his land with his original homestead to Asle for $1. On September 2, 1891, Peder & Elsie made a legal contract with their sons Asle & Ole that included sale of some of their land in Hayward to each son, and also stipulated that Asle & Ole care for Peder & Else in their old age. Peder Lunde died soon after on September 29, 1891, and his son Asle died the next year. Asle died in November 5, 1892 in Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN from injuries received when he was kicked by a horse. At the time of his death, his children were age 1 to 8. The photo of Gunhild and the children was probably taken about 1895. Children oldest to youngest were Elsie, Florence, Palma & Alfred. Gunhild died on October 22, 1896 in Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN. Gunhild died without a will, and on July 1, 1922 the Lunde land in Hayward (which Gunhild inherited when Asle died), was given by the courts in equal parts to all of the four children. On July 24, 1922, the three sisters sold it for "$1 and love and affection" to their younger brother Alfred, who by Norwegian custom would have been the legal heir as the oldest son.
The Family of Asle Pedersen Lunde & Gunhild Fredricksdatter
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Lunde Land Records - Hayward
Gilbert Frederickson MoeGulbrand "Gilbert" Frederickson Moe was born on August 8, 1858 in Norway. He is listed with his parents at age 8 on the 1865 census of the Oimoen farm in Ness, Aadalen, Norway. Gulbrand "Gilbert" Fredericksen Moe married Karoline "Lena" Amalie Andresdatter on January 1, 1885 in Portland, North Dakota, and they had 3 children. Gilbert had emigrated in 1880 to Albert Lea,MN, then to ND where he met and married Lena.. He farmed in Traill Co, ND, and they had a child born there in 1885. Then they homesteaded near Rugby, ND. The family moved to Great Falls, Montana by 1892. Lena's brother, Marcus Anderson, was a policeman in Great Falls at the time, eventually becoming a Chief of Police. Gilbert & Lena are listed with their family on the 1900 & 1910 censuses of Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT. In 1900 & 1910 Gilbert was working in a Grocery Store. Lena died April 4, 1918 in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT, and Gilbert is listed at single, age 59, with his sons on the 1920 census of Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT. Gilbert is listed at widowed, age 70 in the household of his married son Calmer on the 1930 census of Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT. He was known as "Grandpa Moe" to the children of Percy & Cornelia Brees, and their daughter Atlanta has early childhood memories of him giving her sugar lumps and nickels, and says that he was a very kind man. Gilbert Fredericksen Moe died on June 15, 1933 in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT.
The Family of Gilbert Fredericksen Moe & Lena
Notes for Gulbrand "Gilbert" Fredericksen Moe