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This is a list of people who emigrated to America from Ringerike in the years from 1839 to 1852. There are also figures of numbers of people who emigrated from 1839 to 1878, but if there are additional pages with names through 1878 I don't have a copy of them. The areas in Ringerike listed are Norderhov, Hole and Aadalen. From 1839 to 1860 Aadalen is included as part of Norderhov. The Lundes and Vikers were from Aadalen.

The column on the left is the date the person signed out of their local church. For example Ole Viker is listed under May 6th and Peder Lunde is listed under May 10th, but they both sailed on the same ship to America - from a date on the back of Ole Viker's immigration papers I believe it may have sailed on May 11th.

Definition of some of the words in the second column:
Gaardmand - farmer
Hans hustru - his wife
Deres barn - their child
Ungkarl - bachelor
Pige - young unmarried woman
Husmand - cotter
Og hustru - and wife

Far right column is either the person's birthdate or the age they are in years (ar)

Page 1Introduction, numbers of persons who emigrated to America from 1839 to 1878
Page 2Names of those emigrating in 1839, 1843, 1846 and 1848
Page 3Names of those emigrating in 1849 and 1850. List of 1850 includes Ole, Hans and Gjertrud Viker and also Peder, Else and Asle Lunde. Dates listed are when they signed out of the Viker Church. I believe their ship sailed on May 11, 1850 from a note on the back of Ole Viker's emigration papers.
Page 4Names of those emigrating in 1850 & 1851. List includes Ole Nilson Viker's brothers Nub and Ole the younger (there were two Oles in the family, one born in 1831 and one born in 1834. Also on the list are three of Ole Viker's cousins (sons of Ole Hanson Rustand Haugerud) Erik, Ole the Elder and Ole the younger (also two Oles in this family)
Page 5Names of those emigrating in 1851 continued
Page 6Names of those emigrating in 1852. On list is Endre Gulbrandson with wife Marit (Gravli) and children. This family would later settle in Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN with Peder & Else Lunde. Marit and Else were first cousins, and Marit was raised with Else. Peder & Endre share Lunde roots.
Page 7Names of those emigrating in 1852 continued. On list is Ole N. Viker's sister Gunhild Maria and her husband Elling Knudsen Haugen. Also on the list is Ole's uncle Ole Hanson (Rustand) Haugerud with Ole, Berit & Berte Rodningsand and Berit's daughter Kirsti. Ole Hanson Haugerud married Berit Rodningsand in America sometime between 1852 and his death in 1861.