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Photos of Atlanta N. Lunde and her family

The Family of Ole Pederson Lunde & Ingeborg Olsdatter Viker
The Family of Gulbrand "Gilbert" Fredericksen Moe & Lena Amalie Andresdatter Bye

Viola, Atlanta & Cornelia Lunde1896 approxMN. Atlanta was born July 7, 1895. Guessing she is about age 1 in this photo. If it is summer of 1896 the ages would be: Viola age 6, Cornelia age 4, and Atlanta age 1.
Atlanta & Palma Lunde shooting


This photo was most likely taken in 1912 or 1913. Alfred (Asle's son) decided to teach his sister Palma and cousin Atlanta to shoot. He told them to hold the gun loose - Cornelia said they had sore shoulders! Palma born 1888, Atlanta born 1895. An email from Lewis H. Seaton III states: "I came across the picture when looking for 1912 shooting images. The guns in the picture are Remington Model 12's (as in 1912), so the picture can be no earlier than 1912."
Atlanta N Lunde HS graduation1914HS graduation
Atlanta N Lunde studio1914

Cornelia's sister. Not sure when this was taken. Guessing about the same time her high school photo was taken at age 18. Atlanta was born July 1895.


Ole Lunde family1919MN. Cornelia is wearing the blouse she wore at her marriage. Photo taken because Cornelia had traveled to MN from MT for Elwood's birth and Pete was home from the logging camps in Canada so Ole wanted a studio photo taken.
Atlanta Lunde & Calmer Moe at Breeston Post Office1920 approxAtlanta Lunde & Calmer Moe in front of the Breeston Post Office. Breeston was only an official post office from August 27, 1919 to October 30, 1920, so assume photo was taken sometime in that period.
Atlanta Lunde & Calmer Moe wedding1921Cornelia's sister, married Calmer Moe Sept. 14, 1921
Atlanta, Richard & Calmer Moe1923Probably taken about the time of their trip from Great Falls, MT to Hayward, Minnesota. Altanta was killed on the return trip when their car was hit by a train near the Fargo, ND railroad station.
Atlanta Lunde Moe funeral1923Atlanta was buried in Hayward, MN on her 2nd wedding anniversary. The train hit on the passenger side of the car. Atlanta was thrown onto the "cowcatcher" on the train. She threw her 10 month old son Richard up onto the train platform before she went under the train. Richard was unharmed. The people on the platform picked him up and testified later that the train had been at fault; that it had come around the corner and hadn't blown it's whistle. The train people put Atlanta's body in the baggage car and took Calmer & Richard back to Hayward for her burial.
Ole & Ingeborg Lunde & Richard Moe1923Photo taken less than two weeks after their daughter Atlanta (Richard's mother) was killed in train/car accident. Calmer Moe took this photo. Richard was killed in a car accident at age 18 - he was killed one mile from the Cemetery where Atlanta is buried, and he is buried there also.
Richard & Grandpa Moe1923Richard Moe with Grandpa Moe.
Margaret Lunde & Richard Moe1923 approxCornelia's sister. Richard was Atlanta's son, probably taken about his first birthday. He lived in MN until age 5 when his father remarried. After that he came back for visits sometimes.
Richard Moe1923 approxRichard is Atlanta's son. Taken same time as studio photo with Margaret Lunde.
Richard Moe1923 approxRichard is Atlanta's son. Taken same time as studio photo with Margaret Lunde.
Richard Moe & pig1924 approxRichard Moe pulling the tail of a pig on his Uncle Carl and Aunt Viola (Lunde) Bagley's farm.
1934 trip to MN1934Richard Moe traveling from MT to MN with his Brees cousins. Writing is Atlanta Brees.
Lunde cousins 19341934Richard Moe with his Lunde, Brees & Bagley cousins on 1934 trip to MN