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Notes for Palma Lunde Schultz

The Family of Asle P. Lunde & Gunhild Fredericksdatter

Lois Brees lists middle name as Aletta

1900 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN page 5B
Else Lunde, head, Jan 1821, age 79, widowed, Norway/Norway/Norway, immigrated 1851, in US 49 years
Else C., granddaughter, Jan 1884, age 16, MN/Norway/Norway
Florence, granddaughter, Mar 1886, age 14, MN/Norway/Norway, At School
Palma, granddaughter, Oct 1888, age 11, MN/Norway/Norway, At School
Alfred, grandson, May 1891, age 9, MN/Norway/Norway, At School

1910 census, Hayward Twp., Freeborn Co., MN page 7A
Else Lunde, head, age 26, MN/Norway/Norway, Housekeeper at Home
Palma, sister, age 20, MN/Norway/Norway, Teacher Public School
Alfred, brother, age 18, MN/Norway/Norway, Laborer Home Farm

1920 census Hayward Twp., Freeborn Co., MN Sheet 1A
Household #11
Alfred G. Lunde, head, age 28, MN/Norway/Norway, farmer
Florence C., sister, age 33, MN/Norway/Norway
Palma, sister, age 31, MN/Norway/Norway, teacher in Rural School

1930 census Riceland Twp., Freeborn Co., MN Page 7B
Household 143/146
Ora L. Shultz, head, age 39, age at first marriage - 32, IL/IL/IL, farmer
Palma, wife, age 41, age at first marriage - 33, MN/Norway/Norway
Virginia, daughter, age 8, IL/IL/Norway
Leonard Lee, son, age 2 and 3 months, MN/IL/Norway
Leslie Detrich, age 32, Lodger, PA/PA/PA, farm labor
Household 144/147
Carl Bagley, head, age 41, age at first marriage - 27, MN/WI/MN, farmer
Viola, wife, age 39, age at first marriage - 25, MN/MN/IA
Elsie Louise, daughter, age 11, MN/MN/MN
Dorothy Jean, daughter, age 9, MN/MN/MN
Richard Charles, son, age 8, MN/MN/MN
Harold James, son, age 1, MN/MN/MN