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Notes for Ole Gilbertson

The Family of Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Lunde & Anne Andersdatter Putten

1865 State census Newburg Twp, Fillmore Co., Minnesota (lists only names and sex)
Gilbert Gilbertson -male
Ann -female
Gilbert -male
Andrew -male
Ole -male
Ellin -male
Caroline -female
Ann -female
Elizabeth -female

1870 census Preble, Fillmore Co., Minnesota
Gilbert Gilbertson, age 55, farmer, b. Norway
Ann, age 48, keeping house, b. Norway
Andrew, age 18, b. Norway
Ole, age 16, b. Norway
Ellen, female, age 15, b. Norway (error, should be Elling, male, age 9)
Isabel, age 13, b. Norway (error, should be age 6 if it is Ingeborg. )
Ann, age 12, b. Norway
Mary, age 7, b. Minnesota (Is this Ingeborg or another daughter who died young???)
Matilda, age 3, b. Minnesota

1876 or 1878 - Gilbert died in Black Hammer, Houston Co., Minnesota

1880 census Black Hammer, Houston Co., Minnesota
Ole Gilbertson, age 35, head, farmer, Norway/Norway/Norway
Anne, age 24, wife, keeping house, Norway/Norway/Norway
Anne A., age 58, mother, Norway/Norway/Norway
Tilla C., age 12, sister, at school, Minnesota/Norway/Norway

1900 census Twp 156 R. 76, McHenry Co., North Dakota
Ole Gilbertson, head, Oct 1854, age 45, md 20 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1860, in US 40 yrs, Farmer
A. K., wife, Oct 1855, age 44, md 20 yrs, 8 births, 6 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1864, in US 36 yrs
C.. G., son, Jan 1882, age 18, Iowa/Norway/Norway
A. G., daughter, Oct 1883, age 16, Minnesota/Norway/Norway
Clarence, son, Feb 1886, age 14, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
Effie, daughter, Dec 1888, age 11, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
Raymond, son, Aug 1891, age 8, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
Sherman, son, May 1895, age 5, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
A., mother, Sept 1836, age 76, widowed, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1860, in US 40 yrs

1910 census Twp 156 R. 76, McHenry Co., North Dakota
Ole Gilbertson, head, age 55, md 30 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1865, Farmer
Annie, wife, age 54, md 30 yrs, 7 births, 6 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway, House Keeper
Allis G., daughter, age 26, Minnesota/Norway/Norway, Post Mistress
Effie A., daughter, age 21, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
Ramond, son, age 18, North Dakota/Norway/Norway, Book Keeper
Sherman J., son, age 15, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
Mary Soulberge, servant, age 24, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1908, Servant

1920 census Newport, McHenry Co., North Dakota
Ole Gilbertson, head, age 65, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1861, naturalized 1888, Farmer, General Farm
Ann A., wife, age 64, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1861, naturalized 1888

1920-1930 - Ole died

1930 census Billings, Yellowstone Co., MT
Eugene W. Lansing, head, age 46, age at first marriage - 38, MT/NY/MO
Alice G., wife, age 47, age at first marriage - 39, Minnesota/Norway/Norway
William L., father, age 84, widowed, age at first marriage - 33, NY/NY/NY
Anne Gilbertson, mother-in-law, age 75, widowed, age at first marriage - 26, Norway/Norway/Norway

Anna K. Gilbertson, age 95 died on May 26, 1951 in Billings, MT and is buried in Towner Union cemetery in Towner, North Dakota.

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Here's an article on Lewis Lohn (Anna's brother) which also tells a little more of Anna. She was a Vossing and I have have spent many years researching Voss folks so was quite excited when I found the information that connected her with my Voss family. So Ole was my uncle and Anna was my 3rd cousin, 4 times removed.

The article below was published in Vossingen, 10th year, Issue No. 28, 1928 and appears on page 15, 16 of that issue. It is online and you can find it here:

Stanley is such a nice man and has done such wonderful work for Vosselag. I'm also attaching an ancestor report for Anna.

Lewis Lohn, well-known banker in Fosston, MN, died Wednesday morning December 21, 1927 and was buried from Poplar River Lutheran Church the 23rd. He died from stomach cancer. Lewis Lohn was a highly respected man, which was demonstrated at the funeral, when relatives and friends crowded round the casket and the church was crowded for the Memorial service. Lewis Lohn was born at Jefferson Prairie, Boone County, Illinois on September 25, 1857. his father, Knut Larson Løen, was born June 14, 1824 at the Bære i Raundalen farm at Voss. At a young age, he and his parents, Lars Bære and wife, moved to a part of a farm at Løen, Vossestranden, where he grew up. He also married there to Synva Løen, who was born at Løen December 11, 1827. He went to America in 1856 with his wife and year-old daughter, now Mrs. Ole Gilbertson, Towner, ND, born October 8, 1855. Sjur K. Kvarme from Jefferson Prairie married to Synva's aunt was there that year on a visit to his birthplace, and in company they sailed in a sailship over the Atlantic Ocean. For two years they stayed at Jefferson Prairie and earned enough to buy a pair of oxen and a timber wagon. They left in 1858, suffering many difficulties, to St. Ansgar, Iowa. The family had, by then, increased by one son, Lars, whose death is announced here. Knut and Synva remained there until the end of the Civil War, when they bought land 4 miles south of St. Ansgar, and remained the rest of their days. Synva died May 23, 1895 and Knut February 1, 1896. Lars Lohn went to common school, was confirmed and went to Cedar Valley Seminary for a while. During vacations, he worked on the farm until he was 20. then he went to Caledonia, Traill County, ND and took a "homestead". He was voted "register of deeds, a position he suited conscientiously. In 1887, he moved to Fosston, MN and ran a hardware store for some years. Then he became the treasurer of the town's first bank. Later, he, with others bought the First National Bank of Fosston. He was the leader of this until his death and he performed a serviceable carreer. The pioneers in the area needed money and were often hard pressed. If they came to Lohn, they got help, as long as he felt they were honorable and upright people. Lohn believed in the Republican Party and was a good friend of Knute Nelson. When McKinley was elected president, he was a member of the Electoral College. Lewis Lohn was twice married, first in 1885 to Francis T. Houghton in North Dakota. Five sons were born to this union. She died in 1895. In 1910, he entered into matrimony with Gertrude Haughtaling, who survives him. His oldest son has taken over the father's position at the bank. The youngest died a few years ago. Of other relatives, there are three brothers living; Herman, John and Charles, as well as two sisters. On his 70th birthday last September 25th, a party was held for him in the social rooms of the church. He was given a handsome gift and there were speeches and songs in his praise.

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A copy of an email from Dennis Spande.

Martin Ulvestad collected data on Norwegians in the U.S. and Canada in the 1890s-1900s. He published two large volumes in 1907 and 1913. The original was printed in Norwegian using Gothic script. A new edition appeared later, again in Norwegian but with the script we use today. The first volume is partially geographic, and notes the earliest settlers in the area, it also lists office holders, war veterns, etc., and covers churches, newspapers, etc. The second volume is a biographical dictionary with notation of if and where they are found in volume one.

Ulvestad, Martin. Nordmaende i Amerika, deres Historic og Rekord, vol 2.
Minneapolis, 1913, page 642:

"Gulbrandsen, +Gulbrand, emigrated from the Lunde farm, Aadelen, Ringerike, 1861; farmer near Riceford, Wis. [sic]. His son, Ole Gilbertson, pioneer-farmer near Towner, N.Dak., from 1884; also a business man; one of the organizers of McHenry Co., N.Dak., 1885; County commissioner 1885-1891; County cashier for four years; member of State legislature 1899-1900. Another son Andrew Gilbertson, banker in Towner, N. Dak."
-[my translation]

The cross after Gulbrand's name signifies he was deceased before publication. Ringerike was an area in Buskerud; the early settlers often gave their birth place this way. The Riceford, Wis., should have said Riceford, Minn. On census reports the children most often gave 1862 as the year of immigration. It could have been either year. The information most ikely was provided by Ole.