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Notes for Nub Nilsen Viker

The Families of Nils Hansen Rustand Viker

!Birth: film #124056 page 204 #32.
!Baptism: film #124056 page 204 #32.
!Emigrated: Film: 124058 on Mar 25, 1851. Page 417. To America.

1857 state census Township 101, Fillmore, Minnesota
Nube Nelson, age 33, b. Norway
Live Nelson, age 34, b. Norway
Nels Nelson, age 5, b. Wisconsin
Julia Nelson, age 2, b. Min Ter.
Knud Knudson, age 50, b. Norway
Christie Knudson, age 55, b. Norway
Ole Knudson, age 10, b. Norway
Caroline Knudson, age 15, b. Norway

I think this is them - wrong names but ages are generally correct for children
1860 census Preble, Fillmore, Minnesota
Nub Nelson, age 40, farmer, b. Norway
Anna, age 38, keeping house, b. Norway
Andrew, age 19, b. Norway
Peter, age 6, b. Norway
Jule, male, age 4, b. Minnesota
Ingeborg, age 2, b. Minnesota
Else, female, age 1, b. Minnesota

1870 census Preble, Fillmore Co., MN page 471 June 21, 1870
Nub Nelson, age 48, farmer, b. Norway
Livia, age 49, keeping house, b. Norway
Nelson, age 17, b. Wisconsin
Joseph, age 15, b. Wisconsin
Julia, age 14, b. Minnesota
Toner, age 7, b. Minnesota
Erick, age 4, b. Minnesota

1880 Atlanta, Becker, Minnesota
Nub Wilson, age 56, farmer, Norway/Norway/Norway
Live, age 56, wife, Norway/Norway/Norway
Tideman, age 17, son, Minnesota/Norway/Norway
Erik, age 13, son, Minnesota/Norway/Norway
Guri Helgeson, age 85, Norway/Norway/Norway

Died December 06, 1894 in Hitterdal, Clay Co., MN

From: Harris Viker
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2014 10:51 PM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Re: Viker emails

Regarding the request from Dick Paulson I found the following: (I had copied an article many years ago from the 1985 Ulen Blue Book.)

Nub N. & Live Wiger: This history is written by a great grandson of an early settler in the Hitterdal area. Nub N. Wiger was born on Feb. 7, 1823, was married to Live Ericdatter Holte on May 19, 1851 and they were situated near Hitterdal in the early 1870’s.

Nub and his wife had 4 children. They were Erick, Nils, Theman & Guri. Nub N. Wiger died in 1894. His widow died in 1915. They are buried in the north cemetery of Ulen. Nub Wiger was listed as a charter member of a Hitterdal church.

Two of Nub’s sons established farming operations near Ulen. Nils homesteaded northwest of Ulen and Theman Wiger purchased railroad land north of Ulen. Early considerations for homesteaders were wood for fuel and water for livestock. These were an abundant supply where Nils and Theman had their operation. Both Nils and Theman prospered in the Ulen area.

Nils married Anne Skalet, daughter of Knut and Helga Skalet on Dec. 2, 1879. They made their home in a log cabin on his homestead land. They developed extensive farming operations in Ulen and Goose Prairie Township and had a family consisting of 11 children. They are Lina, Helen, Clara, Natelia, Hannah, Emma, Carl, Albert, Alfred, Ned, Oliver, and Alice (in order of appearance.)

Hannah, Ned and Alice are still living and are residents of Clay Co.( l985) Alice married Henry Fuglie and they have spent all but two years on their farm in Goose Prairie Township.

The article continues with names of Alice and Henry Fuglie’s children, etc etc. The reason I gave you more info than asked for is to establish if it is the correct person. If Dick wants a further part of the article, I would be happy to copy it and mail it to him. It is quite long and I didn’t want to type the whole thing. Note that Ulen is in Northern Minnesota. Donna

bio of son Erik:
Erick N. Wiger was born 28 Jun 1866 in Fillmore Co. Came to Becker Co. with his parents, Nub and Liva Wiger in 1872. He married Miss Emma Nelson and after farming a few years came to Ulen and opened a Shoe Store. After a period, he sold out his stock and built a Cafe (the present Knutson Shoe Shop). In 1902 he homesteaded near Plummer, and later moved to the Peace River area, Canada, where he farmed until his passing in 1956.

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Birth: 08 FEB 1824

Christening: 01 MAR 1824 Lunder, Buskerud, Norway


Father: NIELS HANSEN Family

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Male Family


Father: NIELS HANSEN Family

Spouse: LIVE ERIKSDR Family
Marriage: 20 MAY 1851 Norderhov, Buskerud, Norway

Husband Age at Marriage: 27
Wife Age at Marriage: 28