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Notes for Peder Asleson Lunde

The Family of Peder Asleson Lunde & Else Olsdatter Gravli

14th child in his family.

Peder & Else Lunde emigrated with their son Asle from Norway in May 1850. Voyage took 9 weeks. Duane Brees writes that Peder and Ole Viker walked to Drammen to obtain permit to emigrate, Emma Stoa says they walked to Kristiania (Oslo) to seek permit. Written family histories by Emma and Duane state that the ship landed at Quebec, Canada, and then they traveled by canal boats through the Great Lakes and entered the USA at Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Duane wrote that Peder Lunde & Ole Viker walked to Drammen to seek permission to emigrate - Emma Stoa wrote that it was Kristiana (Oslo). Ole Viker's permission papers were dated the 6th (front side) and the 11th (back side) of May, 1850. Don't know when they got on the boat, but it landed at Quebec and the voyage took 9 weeks, so if they left May 11th they got there about July 13th or so. If they left a little later they would have gotten there a little later, but I bet it wasn't too many weeks after that. I found a website that lists ships that had Norwegian passengers in 1850, and some of them landed at Quebec. The website is at:

There is a Peder Asleson Lunde listed on a ship that sailed Drammen to New York. He is correct age and on same ship is an Else Olsdatter, Ole Wiger, Hans Wiger & Gjertrud Wiger, all correct ages. Ship was named the Bark Christiane, Captain C. Tofte. It arrived New York on July 16, 1850. I think this is the right ship. There is an Asle Asleson, age 10 - doesn't fit but probably error. Should have been Asle Pederson age 4.

There are also two ships listed that landed at Quebec that are possibilities:

Oberon (ship), Capt. Smith, Departed Christiansand, arrived Quebec on July 19, 1850.

Lyna (ship) Departed Drammen, landed Quebec. No dates, but there was an ad in the Ringerike newspaper on April 25, 1850. The Lunde & Viker farms are in Ringerike. From website: Lyna sailed from Drammen with emigrants in 1849, 1850 and 1851. Master in 1850 and 1851 was B. C. Mørck. Emigrants could sign on for the crossing, at J. M. Rømcke in Drammen, and in 1849 also at R. Wigersund's store in Modum. Newspaper announcement from "Ringeriges Ugeblad" Apr. 25, 1850

Peder & Else Lunde came into the US in 1850 they got off the ship ("Christiane"), probably at New York, went by canal boat through the Great Lakes to Milwaukee Wisconsin. From there they walked to Rock Prairie, Dane Co., Wisconsin. Peder Lunde worked for a time in a lead mine at Mineral Point, and later as a clerk in Peddler's Creek, Wisconsin in 1852. He then left Wisconsin, was in Iowa for a few years, and by 1860 they were in Hayward. Luckily for me the boat they traveled on arrived at New York so I actually have found a copy of the passenger list with their names on it. As Quebec did not keep records that early I was amazed and very happy to find it. They walked to Rock Prairie, Dane Co., WI and stayed there 2 years, working as a clerk in a grocery store in Peddler's Creek, and also in the lead mines in Mineral Point, WI. He moved to Iowa with his family by covered wagon about 1852.

1856 census Osage Twp., Mitchell Co., IA
Household #84
Levi Olson, age 31, b. Norway, In Iowa 6 years
Isabel Olson, age 20, b. Norway, In Iowa 6 years
Peter Lund, age 36, In Iowa 6 years. (Had actually been in US for 6 years, in Iowa for 4.)
Else Lund, age 35, In Iowa 6 years
Esly P. Lund, age 10, In Iowa 6 years
Household #85
Ole Nelson (Viker), age 26, b. Norway, in Iowa 2 years
Marg Nelson, age 37, b. Norway, in Iowa 2 years
Nels Julius Nelson, age 8, b. Norway, in Iowa 2 years
Nels Ole, age 2, b. IA, in Iowa 2 years
Isabel Ole, no age listed (infant), b. IA Note: This is Ingeborg Viker who later married Ole Lunde

Settled in Sec. 8 Hayward, Freeborn County, MN in July 1856 - one of two first permanent settlers to do so (other was Endre Gulbrandson). Peder was on the "Board of Supervisors" of Hayward for 31 years. The first log school house in Hayward was built on Peter's farm. Endre Gulbrandson's wife was a Gravli, related to Else Gravli Lunde.

1857 State Census Township 102, Freeborn, Minnesota
Andrew Gulbranson, age 40, b. Norway, Farmer
Marit Gulbranson, age 42, b. Norway
Gulbran Gulbranson, age 17, b. Norway, Farmer
Gonor Gulbranson, male, age 14, b. Norway (listed as male but this is an error)
Hans Gulbranson, age 13, b. Norway
Veger Gulbranson, age 11, b. Norway
Karee Gulbranson, age 8, b. Norway (listed as male but this is an error)
Mary Gulbranson, age 5, b. Norway
Elsie Gulbranson, age 3, b. Norway
Ole Hanson, age 68, b. Norway, Farmer (Ole Hansen Rustand Haugerud)
Peter Lund, age 37, b. Norway, Farmer
Elsie Lund, age 37, b. Norway
Asle Lund, age 12, b. Norway

1860 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN, Page 82
Household #743/647
Peter Lund, age 40, b. Norway (In index as Peter Luna due to poor census handwriting)
Elsie, age 39, b. Norway
Asle, age 14, b. Norway
Ole, age 2, b. MN

1870 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN
Peter Lund, age 51, farmer, Real estate 3000, Personal Estate 900, b. Norway
Elsie, age 49, keeping house, b. Norway
Asle, age 24, b. Norway
Ole, age12, b. MN
Endre Gulbranson, age 57, farmer, Real estate 2000, Personal Estate 1000, b. Norway
Marit, age 55, keeping house, b. Norway
Gilbert, age 28, farmer, Real estate 3000, Personal Estate 300, b. Norway
Julia, age 27, lives at home, b. Norway
Hans, age 26, farmer, Real estate 1900, Personal Estate 250, b. Norway
Viger, age 23, farmer, Real estate 1900, Personal Estate 250, b. Norway
Maria, age 17, b. Wisconsin
Elsie, age 15, b. Wisconsin
Edward, age 11, b. Minnesota
Nils Gulbranson, age 42, farm laborer, Personal Estate 300, b. Norway
Gury, age 46, keeping house, b. Norway
Carrie, age 19, b. Norway
Erick, age 15, b. Norway
Gulbrand, age 12, b. Norway
Thorwald, age 8, b. Norway
Maria, age 4, b. Norway
Ole, age 1, b. Wisconsin

Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, MN March 11, 1875
The Town Elections:
The following is the result of the election in the several towns of this county, so far as returns have been made up to this office up to the hour of going to press:
Supervisors - JW Devereaux, chairman; HC Nelson, Ole Anderson
Assessor - Lars Lund
Treasurer - Peter Lund
Justice - Thos Wiley
Constable - Edward Knatvold

1880 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN page 4
Household #31/34
Peter Lund, head, age 60, Norway/Norway/Norway, farmer
Else, wife, age 59, Norway/Norway/Norway, keeping house
Asle, son, age 33, Norway/Norway/Norway, farm labor
Ole, son, age 21, MN/Norway/Norway, farm labor

From website
Kari Olsdatter HVAL
Father: Ole Andersen HVAL
Mother: Eli Knutsdatter SOMDALEN
Birth: 1774, Nordre Somdalen, Ådal
Death: 1842
Partnership with: Asle Gudbrandsen LUNDE
Marriage: 17/10-1802
Child: Maren ASLESDATTER Birth: 1804, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole ASLESEN Birth: 1804, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Maren ASLESDATTER Birth: 1806, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole ASLESEN Birth: 1808, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Maren Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 11/10-1810, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ingeborg Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 1813, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole Aslesen Lunde SKATTUM Birth: 1816, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Eli Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 01/09-1817, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Peder Aslesen LUNDE Birth: 1820, Lunde, Ådal
Notes for Kari Olsdatter HVAL
Bodde hos moren på Hval, ugift i 1801.

Freeborn Co, courthouse records
Sept 29, 1891 Hayward
Book B page 35 line 10