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Notes for Margaret Lunde

The Family of Ole Pederson Lunde & Ingeborg Olsdatter Viker

Ashle Skaar told me Margaret was born Sept. 1883 in Thief River (Atlanta Dye) Note from Kari: Her parents Ole and Ingeborg Viker were probably there for the wedding of Ingeborg's sister Caroline in August 18813, and then stayed with Ingeborg's parents for the birth. Caroline was married in Fargo, ND - Ole N. and Margit Viker were living up near Thief River Falls, MN at the time. I did find a land patent in Ole P. Lunde's name from that area, but I haven't found any evidence that they lived up there. I think Ole P. Lunde may have gotten the land patent for his father-in-law, Ole Nilson Viker.

Mom (Cornelia Lunde) told me that Aunt Margaret had a diamond ring from a man (don't know his name), but he was an engineer (she thinks) and went on a job and didn't return. I'll have to ask some Minn. relatives.

1900 census Moscow Township, Freeborn Co., MN
Household #15/16
Ole P. Lunde, head, May 1858, age 42, MN/Norway/Norway
Ingeborg, wife, Sept 1855, age 45, IA/Norway/Norway
Peder, son, April 1882, age 18, MN/MN/IA
Margarett, daughter, Sept 1883, age 16, MN/MN/IA
Rudolph, son, April 1888, age 12, MN/MN/IA
Viola, daughter, July 1889, age 10, MN/MN/IA
Cornelia, daughter, March 1892, age 8, MN/MN/IA
Atlanta, daughter, July 1895, age 4, MN/MN/IA

1905 state census Moscow Township, Freeborn Co., MN
Ole P. Lunde, head, age 47, MN/Norway/Norway, farmer
Ingeborg, wife, age 49, IA/Norway/Norway
Peder, son, age 23, MN/MN/IA, carpenter
Margit, daughter, age 21, MN/MN/IA, dressmaker
Rudolf, son, age 17, MN/MN/IA, farm labor
Viola, son, age 14, MN/MN/IA
Cornelie, daughter, age 13, MN/MN/IA
Atlanta, daughter, age 9, MN/MN/IA
Else, mother, age 84, Norway/Norway/Norway

1910 census Moscow Twp., Freeborn Co., MN
Household #67/68
Ole Lunde, head, age 51, MN/Norway/Norway, farmer, md 26 yrs
Ingeborg, wife, age 54, IA/Norway/Norway, md 26 yrs, 6 children, 6 surviving
Peder O., son, age 28, MN/MN/IA, carpenter
Margaret E., daughter, age 26, MN/MN/IA, dressmaker
Rudolph S., son, age 22, MN/MN/IA, farm labor
Violie C., son, age 19, MN/MN/IA. teacher
Cornelia, daughter, age 18, MN/MN/IA
Atlanta, daughter, age 14, MN/MN/IA
Household #68/69
Carl O. Viker, head, age 50, MN/Norway/Norway, farmer
Ole N., father, age 80, widowed, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm. 1850, Na

1920 census - ???

In 1920, when Ole and Ingeborg Lunde retired from farming, and went to Hayward to live, Rudolph and Hattie Lunde took over the Moscow farm. Peter and Emma Lunde bought their own farm down the road. Their son, Olaf, said that for about 5 minutes Margaret owned the Moscow farm, then she signed papers (quit claim?) as the elder, and it went to Rudolph. I'm assuming that Margaret lived in Hayward with her folks, but that is something else I have to check. After Ole Lunde died, she did live in Hayward with Ingeborg (her mom). ( I saw both of them there in 1934 when I was 9 yrs old, and again in 1942 when a trip to Minn. was my graduation gift after high school. My sister, Virginia and I went back on the train, and visited all my Mom's relatives.)

1930 census Hayward Village, Freeborn co., MN Ed 24-21
Household #35, page 219, sheet 2a
Ole P. Lunde, head, age 72, age at first marriage: 25, MN/Norway/Norway
Ingebor, wife, age 74, age at first marriage: 27, WI/Norway/Norway
Margrat E., daughter, age 46, single, MN/MN/WI
Benjamin R. Alm, boarder, age 42, single, MN/Norway/Norway, truck driver, oil company
Robert M. Gulbrandson, boarder, age 42, single, MN/Norway/MN, labour, farm

MARGARET LUNDE Request Information (SS-5)
SSN 468-40-9319 Residence: 56007 Albert Lea, Freeborn, MN
Born 21 Sep 1883 Last Benefit:
Died May 1982 Issued: MN (1954)